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Publishing your book? Last week to get ten free copies!Perry8/25
New Book: Isabelle of Cerebellum by Mariel OrtegaPerry8/22
Win an uncorrected proof copy of Holly Black and Cassandra Clare's new bookPerry8/21
tired *dedicated to ember*halfway {mabes}8/27Poetry
enduring the death penaltyamicitia8/27Poetry
God's Not Dead *PLEASE READ AND COMMENT*Panthera Tigris Tigris (Grace)8/27
Blue (Chapter Three)Luna Eclipse8/27Romance
Thor, emoticons, and Clintasha!kindleclever (Ella)8/27Humor
Goodbye-but-not-goodbye. (It will make sense if you read.)Me Epic8/27True story
This is Drama[The Amazing] Spider-Nargle8/27Realistic Fiction
Secret Keeper (Songs for my names)Heart Broken8/27Song / Lyrics
shadow clan character competition Alannah8/27Fantasy
Untitled book chapter three. Any title suggestions?Swallowtail8/27Fantasy
FragileHeart Broken8/27Poetry
POETRY BUNDLE - old man tomsonWolfrunner8/27Poetry
Why I Love FearPokerHeart(Ru)8/27Poetry
north by northalaska8/27Poetry
A vent~ mY wAY.Lauren 8/27Story
The End (My KP Story) Chapter TEN part TWOLauren 8/27General Fiction
Three Words Mean Everything Chapter 27Travis Shadowheart8/27Romance
here, take my sweater (dedicated to clay)alaska8/27Poetry
au revoir, for nowjohn nestle (clay)8/27True story
Locked (a sort of ventish poem)Blue Snowflake8/26Poetry
Blue (Chapter Two)Luna Eclipse8/26Romance
All in My Head {Character contest!!!}Epic Chaotic Oblivion {Madelyn}8/26Romance
In the mood for exploding from cuteness? Clickidy here~ ;3FrostyKittenTheOtaku8/26True story
She's Dead Inside (Trying my hand at songwriting! ^^)Epic Chaotic Oblivion {Madelyn}8/26Song / Lyrics
I'm BACK!!! Didja Miss Me? Plus News, Questions, and a Sneak Peek At My New Story![The Amazing] Spider-Nargle8/26True story
Why oh WhyHeart Broken8/26Song / Lyrics
Lose ItJafar's Parade [Sam]8/26Song / Lyrics
Update on all my stories! For anyone who reads my stuff!Lauren 8/26General Fiction
Anyone who reads my stuff, please come hitherTravis Shadowheart8/26True story
Brady is Not a Star, Chapter One (some language... I guess.)Gummy bears ate me8/26Humor
six word story contestalaska8/26Story
The Cutest Couples on KP, PLUS! Some new ideas for ships *wiggles eyebrows*Epic Chaotic Oblivion {Madelyn}8/26Humor
Writing Contest!Third-Rate First-Rater *Snow*8/26True story
Untitled book chapter two. Please give title suggestions!Swallowtail8/26Fantasy
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