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NEW KIDPUB STORY SIGNUP SHEET!ScarySwallow>:D10/31True story
Demonica (chapter five. Puppets on strings. PG-13. CC appreciated)Acinonyx jubatus (Tygress)10/31Fantasy
heart - dedicated to niamh/sravanialaska10/31Poetry
Stupid 'Lil Blurbs #1The Raven's Call (Panda)10/30Story
The Journey HomeEmily10/30SciFi
-5: turning over and turning over againRatatoskrawr10/30Poetry
Updates!!!Freddy Tiger [Alexis]10/30True story
Here's to the Broken Kids: Chapter FiveSugar Skull10/30General Fiction
-6: inevitableRatatoskrawr10/30Poetry
Squad 48 Chapter 4(Last Chapter)Jack10/30SciFi
Squad 48 Chapter 3Jack10/30SciFi
Squad 48 Chapter 2Jack10/30SciFi
Squad 48Jack10/30SciFi
"Nothing Adds Up" | My Attempt at PoetryBlue Phoenix10/30Poetry
Monster Fighters Book 2: Into the Shadows Chapter 2: SuspicionsJack-O-Lantern10/30Action / Adventure
Monster Fighters Book 2: Into the Shadows Chapter 1: AlphaJack-O-Lantern10/30Action / Adventure
constellations - dedicated to emberalaska10/30Poetry
i've locked myself away in the bathroom stalls and your pleads for me to come out are plasticalaska10/30Poetry
The Dagger's Wrath | Part One: Prologue | Devario's POVBOO! BOO! {Max}10/30Fantasy
Cowrite Competition Resultsember10/30Story
Writing, Not Talking (a poem I wrote for my friend; if you read I will be VERY happy!)Tumbling Rainbow (Grace)10/29Poetry
-7: Letters of All Sorts |Dedicated to Swallowtail/Sravani/Phan/Elizabeth|Ratatoskrawr10/29Poetry
Character contest!! YEAH I'M WRITING ANOTHER STORY!!}~gem*stone~{10/29Action / Adventure
Character contest. . . YAYYAY!Graystorm10/29Realistic Fiction
Monster Fighters Chapter 51: Just the Beginning (THE LAST CHAPTER, WATCH FOR THE SECOND BOOK!!Jack-O-Lantern10/29Action / Adventure
plastic flowers - for alaska's contest round three boo (niamh)10/29Poetry
diamonds and why men buy them chapter 2alaska10/29General Fiction
diamonds and why men buy them chapter 1 (majorly edited i guess)alaska10/29General Fiction
poetry contest round 2 resultsalaska10/29Poetry
Saving lives 2 Cerys10/29Action / Adventure
like daisy stemsvanilla spice {mabes}10/28Poetry
Love is Dumb and Stupid and a PoopheadTrick-or-Shadowheart10/28Poetry
The Crime Scene Chapter 13Pumpkaboo! (Nisha)10/28Action / Adventure
Painted: Chapter 1 Excerpt. (Please read to see if I should continue or not)ExtraordinaryandEvidentlyExtravagant.10/28Action / Adventure
Doctor Who Fanfiction Chapter One (idek) November Sparrow10/28Fan Fiction
Monster Fighters Chapter 50: A Final BattleJack-O-Lantern10/28Action / Adventure
-8: dead dreamsRatatoskrawr10/28Poetry
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