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Uncorrected Proofs in our giveawaysPerry7/22
Tracker: Chapter Two-Part Six *My KP Story* *IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT*The Queen Alice7/29Fantasy
KP STORY Chapter 1: Parts 1 to 3 of ? (Katelyn, Leslie, and Jemima)Silent Witness (Meera)7/29Story
for rain's poetry contest//ellie7/29Poetry
The War of Fairytale ~*Cowrite Contest*~Artyc Flaeme Enfulgai [Sam]7/29Fantasy
Agency KP: A KidPub Story | Chapter ThreeJules [Julia]7/29Story
Bridget Daw's Twisted Tale| Charactar Contest Winners!Pacifica7/29Fantasy
The S.A.S Chapter 16 (THE SUSPENSE!!!!!!)Flaming Phoenix (Nisha)7/29Action / Adventure
KIDPUB STORY!: We Are The Number Ones: Meera's POV: Ch. 20 TheHipsterOnUrBlock (Ellie)7/29Action / Adventure
video + poemKaley7/29Video
The War of Fairytale ~*Character Contest*~Artyc Flaeme Enfulgai [Sam]7/29Fantasy
The S.A.S Chapter 15 (is anyone reading these?)Flaming Phoenix (Nisha)7/29Action / Adventure
Pomegranate Suckers ch.1 pg2 PLEASE read and CC!!Alicia7/29General Fiction
Tangible Chapter Twenty-ThreeAugusta7/29Realistic Fiction
Agency KP: A KidPub Story | Chapter TwoJules [Julia]7/29Story
Tangible Chapter Twenty-TwoAugusta7/29Realistic Fiction
Doubt Thou: A Futuristic Tragedy - Prologue-Salt-n-Pepper-(AA)-7/29SciFi
My KP Story Lauren 7/29Story
My best character contest yet. PLZ JOIN!Re-Writer(Renee)7/29Poll
Agency KP: A KidPub Story | Chapter OneJules [Julia]7/29Story
KP Story UpdateSilent Witness (Meera)7/29True story
Kidpub Family Picture 2014 Signup!The Raconteur7/29True story
if i diephan7/29Poetry
Agency KP: A KidPub Story | Prolouge Jules [Julia]7/29Story
the sweet scent of joy (Comment?)The Raconteur7/29Poetry
Agency KP: A KidPub Story | Character Contest!Jules [Julia]7/29Story
• h e a r t b r e a k e r • (ch 2)•simply flustered•7/29Romance
Update on Secret Escapes, Repeated Mistakes and Dangerous. Please read if you follow. I dunno if anyone does anymoreRuby7/29True story
this year is no different (for jojo's contest)Silent Witness (Meera)7/29Poetry
Three Words Mean Everything Chapter 19Travis Shadowheart 7/28Romance
Pomegranate Suckers Chap.1 pg1. Please read and CC!!Alicia7/28General Fiction
Special K Chapter 23-KamrynReign of Bitter Treats (Klare)7/28General Fiction
Any Girl in a hard situation: READ.Erin7/28True story
Hey everyone I'm back! Please readAlicia7/28True story
Pair Ten ~ Chapter 21Wind Surfer [Alexis]7/28Romance
because Cupid probably hates me (For Jojo's contest)layn7/28Poetry
Fandoms Chapter 6 Part 1Frost Bitten Kitten (NBays)7/28Fan Fiction
KIDPUB STORY!: We Are The Number Ones: Maiven's POV: Ch. 19: (THE ESCAPE)TheHipsterOnUrBlock (Ellie)7/28Action / Adventure
If I DieArtyc Flaeme Enfulgai [Sam]7/28Song / Lyrics
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