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New book: Presto! Rainforesto! by Jishnu VenkataramanPerry9/2
New Book: The Grim 5 by Jackson KuwataPerry9/1
Winner announced: Uncorrected proof copy of Holly Black and Cassandra Clare's new bookPerry8/21
~Crossroads~ Chapters 20-23 (Extra chapter :))Erry9/1Realistic Fiction
Please. Help me. I need someone to comfort me.Epic Chaotic Oblivion {Madelyn}9/1True story
What I Did This Summer—a piece i wrote for school cx cc would be appreciated!! Snowy Peaches {Sravani}9/1True story
Tangible Chapter Thirty-OneAugusta9/1Realistic Fiction
Tangible Chapter Thirty Augusta9/1Realistic Fiction
Tangible Chapter Twenty-NineAugusta9/1Realistic Fiction
Letter Love . . . . . Chapter Seven Me Epic9/1Romance
I am Moon #2 No.The Age of Goats (Mathilda)9/1Poetry
Pam and her Magic Crayons *special edition to Lila's adventures!*Joy 2 Live9/1Poetry
My Older Sister *dedicated to younger siblings*Joy 2 Live9/1Poetry
My previously untitled story, The Oddities' Rise ~ Part Two of Two (and Meera's cover for it.)The Age of Goats (Mathilda)9/1Fantasy
Tangible Chapter Twenty-EightAugusta9/1Realistic Fiction
Hear Me Out {You're Amazing} Dedicated to an anonymous KPer ;)Epic Chaotic Oblivion {Madelyn}9/1Poetry
Tales of an Eighth Grade Nomad CHAPTER XXXVISuperSonicTurtle9/1True story
Letter Love . . . . . Chapter SixMe Epic9/1Romance
Tangible Chapter Twenty-Seven Augusta9/1Realistic Fiction
TangibleMe Epic9/1
Tangible Chapter Twenty-SixAugusta9/1Realistic Fiction
~Caramel Violet~ Chapter 1reign of bitter treats9/1Realistic Fiction
tears (dedicated to cherry)alaska9/1Poetry
Tangible Chapter Twenty-FiveAugusta9/1Realistic Fiction
The New Magic School NESJafar's Parade [Sam]9/1Fantasy
It's my yeariversary! (AKA I've been on KP for two years now)Panthera Tigris Tigris (Grace)9/1True story
Update on NEW KIDPUB STORY: Take a deep breath ( and a my other stories)Ruby9/1True story
The Rise and Fall of an Amnesiac {Prologue} Snowy Peaches {Sravani}8/31Mystery
Not sure what to call this :) Chapter One: ExtraordinaryandEvidentlyExtravagant.8/31Action / Adventure
|~Shadow Riders~| **Prologue** {i would really appreciate it if you would click this}mabes8/31Fantasy
~Crossroads~ Chapters 17-19Erry8/31Realistic Fiction
The End (SHORTS) and Contest! Lauren 8/31General Fiction
Letter Love . . . . . Chapter FiveMe Epic8/31Romance
little master chef *dedicated to those who love cooking*Joy 2 Live8/31Poetry
try again *dedicated to those who feel lost*Joy 2 Live8/31Poetry
What NOT to do While Wearing 100$ PantsVashtra and Jenny (i&i)8/31Humor
I am Moon #1The Age of Goats (Mathilda)8/31Poetry
Letter Love . . . . . Chapter FourMe Epic8/31Romance
the flow of wordsUnknown Quantity (TDC & Turtle)8/31Poetry
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