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L.M. KidPub Times || BREAKING NEWS: I AM BACK || Feb 9th 2016Lavinia2/9True story
Yum haikus Part of my NEW haiku writing series, Poems are prettyAnna2/9Poetry
Reading Picture Books on a Tuesday NightJulia2/9Poetry
Remember that one naming contest that happened last year? *Results*Dormouse Re2/9True story
The Utopia isn't perfect for Me((*Lauren*))2/9SciFi
Gone Ch. 3Scout2/8Action / Adventure
SEA~stupid little fluff thing that i wrote because i hate myself..........tooodaloooooooarmonia (scarface)2/8Romance
Grace: Part 3Scout2/8Realistic Fiction
Unicorn land tales of meKrystal2/8Fantasy
The Hospital Repost Updated and CC wanted! Lavinia2/8Horror
Grace: Part 2Scout2/8Realistic Fiction
kellinmadelyn is a dreamer2/8Horror
Black Coffee, Extra Cream Julia2/8Story
Neverland Chapter 3/15Anna2/8Action / Adventure
Lord of Night | Part One: Chapter 1 (Unmasked's POV) (You guys have no idea what's waiting in this book >:)Scream Queen (Max)2/8Fantasy
Grace: Part 1Scout2/8Realistic Fiction
Deep and Down, in a Swirl of Blue (Just came out of my fingers while I wrote)Meowing (Emily)2/7Poetry
Hanna's Revenge Chapter 1Scout2/7Fantasy
The Hat Song*Snow* doorkeeper2/7Fan Fiction
Remember Scout2/7Poetry
Cade: Prologue (This was originally just a snippet. But it's multiplying! ;D)TheColorofBoom{HawkEye}2/7Realistic Fiction
Neverland Chapter 2\15 Don Don Duh!Anna2/7Action / Adventure
Troubled - Chapter 1William2/7Fantasy
Neverland Chapter 1\15 (Introduction)Anna2/7Action / Adventure
Hanna's Revenge (Should I continue?)Scout2/7Fantasy
devoid//Chapter One//*I would super duper appreciate feedback on this story*armonia (scarface)2/7Action / Adventure
Fairy Tale FlipElla2/7Fantasy
lifeElla2/7Song / Lyrics
The Icarus Prophecy {Pilgrims of Moradaan, Book One} Prologue ;; part i (cc would be nice)madelyn is a dreamer2/7Fantasy
Remember me?Shelby2/6Poetry
KIDPUB NEWSLETTER || Issue 2 || 7/01/16 || CC Appreciated :)Alexithymia (Ruby)2/6True story
The Girl† Chapter: 17; WHY?Lelin Da Flame†2/6Action / Adventure
move onBriana2/6Poetry
Eagle Girl chp. 1Glitter2/6Action / Adventure
dance of deathBriana2/6Poetry
Horrelton StablesGlitter2/6Action / Adventure
I don't have a name:-(Glitter2/6Action / Adventure
mystery of the missing zebra chap.7Jonathan2/6Mystery
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