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RunningBo10/25Action / Adventure
cloudspotting and polaroid photographs : for alaska's contest pumpkin munchkin10/25Poetry
The Trifecta ~ Cowrite with Travis Shadowheart and Lena ~ Chapter FiveGhastly Luna10/25Action / Adventure
Calling the followers of my story, The Lost Song of the Wolf!!!!! Also includes tiny spoilers...Be-witch-ing Madelyn LOLOL10/25True story
Hunger Games RewriteTushar10/25Fan Fiction
Legacy PrologueTushar10/25Action / Adventure
Monster Fighters Chapter 45: DefendersAgent Jack10/25Action / Adventure
Monster Fighters Chapter 44: Falling ApartAgent Jack10/25Action / Adventure
Ex's- Part 2 Cerys10/25Mystery
* Tattooed Era * Chapter Two*SpookyLena10/24SciFi
Lessons for Life: 1-11 (think this is sort of humor, I guess)TimberWolf10/24Humor
Angel: Excerpt from Chapter 1 (Please read this to see if I should I could continue or not)ExtraordinaryandEvidentlyExtravagant.10/24Romance
Untitled || Chapter TwoJules ^-^10/24Romance
In a Crooked Little Town...for alaska's contest round 2Be-witch-ing Madelyn LOLOL10/24Poetry
The Trifecta ~ Chapter Four ~ Co-Write with Lena and Luna Eclipse ~ Mature Content WarningTrick-or-Shadowheart10/24Action / Adventure
AloneGhastly Luna10/24Poetry
Sky (for alaska's contest)Ghastly Luna10/24Poetry
Monster Fighters Chapter 43: LegendAgent Jack10/24Action / Adventure
Tales of an Eighth Grade Nomad CHAPTER XLV: Deep thoughtsianisbored10/24True story
WC: Detoriate (Thanks for the prompt, Jesse! :c)Ratatoskr10/24General Fiction
Clouds- for Alaska's poem contest round 2Graystorm10/24Poetry
Monster Fighters Chapter 42: Crashing DownAgent Jack10/24Action / Adventure
Oh, Marissa, Dear?Kaelwin {Max}10/24Horror
Smile Widely, Dear. A short horror story. Installment 1.1ExtraordinaryandEvidentlyExtravagant.10/23Horror
for alaska's poetry contest round 2: the skylaurel10/23Poetry
The End (My KP Story) announcements. (Anyone that considers themselves a friend of mine on here, kindly read)Lauren <310/23General Fiction
Life in BlossomClan chapter fourEmalene10/23Action / Adventure
The Fallen and The ForgivenEmily10/23Realistic Fiction
2nd kp birthdaysidewalk (arin)10/23True story
The F.F.N.B. Club Chapter 2Sarah10/23Realistic Fiction
What We See - Chapter twoIsabelle10/23Historical Fiction
Irish-style poetry thingimplexus (niamh)10/23Poetry
Monster Fighters Chapter 41: Something LurkingAgent Jack10/23Action / Adventure
-12: burnRatatoskr10/23Poetry
The F.F.N.B. Club Chapter 1 Sarah10/23Realistic Fiction
The Unexpected- Chapter 1Graystorm10/23Fan Fiction
--pumpkin munchkin10/23Poetry
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