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A Tear a Day #6 (DEDICATED TO Alice)Jojo7/21Poetry
Tracker: Chapter One-Part Seven *My KP Story*Maleficent [Alice]7/21Fantasy
Chapter Two | Kidpub Story Collab!The Raconteur7/21Realistic Fiction
The S.A.S (for any of you that didn't know, secret animal society) chapter 12Dragonflower (Nisha)7/21Action / Adventure
Times Two ~ Chapter 1Wind Surfer [Alexis]7/21Fantasy
for the slightly strange contestFairytale (Venika)7/21Poetry
Invincible-Larry Peterson Book Three-THE ATTACKLarry Peterson7/21SciFi
The Mysterious and Nameless Book, Chapter TWENTY ONE c:Spontaneous Combustion (Meera)7/21Fantasy
Finally Over *My entry for Meera's slightly strange contest*Jojo7/21Poetry
she's gone insane... | For Meera's Slightly Strange ContestKaley7/21Poetry
Tangible Chapter Eleven (So much action in this scene WOOHOO!) Augusta7/21Realistic Fiction
Pair Ten ~ Chapter 19Wind Surfer [Alexis]7/21Fantasy
D.P.K. Disney Princess Kidnapping (Chapter 5 - Thistle) Also, in this chapter the winners to the contest are announced!YoungAuthor7/21Fan Fiction
watermelon popsicles~Dedicated to the guests on kidpub!The Raconteur7/21Poetry
Aunt Clane (Chapter one - Graduation Day) YoungAuthor7/21Fantasy
Times Two ~ PrologueWind Surfer [Alexis]7/21Fantasy
my entry for the slightly strange contestclay7/21Poetry
PLEASE READ! I need reviewers! Pandora's Locket7/21True story
Three Words Mean Everything Chapter 15Travis Shadowheart 7/20Romance
Shadow Cat; Chapter Four (CC needed)Elfstar7/20Action / Adventure
The Black Claws Saga, Book 1: Shadows in the night PROLOGUE AND CHAPTER 1 EDITED (Again)Panthera Tigris Tigris (Grace)7/20Fantasy
Suicide Shoot | For the Four Prompt Writing ContestKaley7/20General Fiction
A letter to my friends that I'll never showJojo7/20True story
A Sky of Violent Gray~For Bob's (FlyingPig) Four a Prompt Writing ContestThe Raconteur7/20General Fiction
Shadow Cat; Chapter Three CC needed! (characters in this chapter from character contest from first time writing this)Elfstar7/20Action / Adventure
i'm still here (dedicated to WolfWriter) (also kind of ventish) (and depressing)gone forever7/20Poetry
LOIK: Falling Behind *Chapter 5*Jojo7/20Action / Adventure
KIDPUB STORY!: We Are The Number Ones: Charlie's POV: Ch. 13 (PLOT TWIST)TheHipsterOnUrBlock (Ellie)7/20Action / Adventure
Chapter Book Contest! Please Enter!Yasmin7/20Story
A Tear a Day #5 (dedicated to Cody)Jojo7/20Poetry
The S.A.S Chapter 11Dragonflower (Nisha)7/20Action / Adventure
Tracker: Chapter One-Part Six *My KP Story*Maleficent [Alice]7/20Fantasy
Among Ghosts~ Chapter Three-Part Two. Dedicated to Nisha. CC at your own risk.Bob7/20Fantasy
so what? - a vent (mature language warning)nothing-personal7/20Poetry
The S.A.S Chapter 10Dragonflower (Nisha)7/20Action / Adventure
Elemental Battles Chapter one(By the way this is kind of like a Fictional Reality Tv Show with hidden cameras.) Enjoy! YoungAuthor7/20Fantasy
entry for meera's slightly strange contestnothing-personal7/20Poetry
The Second KidPub Character Awards *The Results Are In And The New Polls Are Going Up Soon!*Artyc Flaeme Enfulgai [Sam]7/20True story
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