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Do you want to be a Jedi--also titled the Darth Vader Song--the Star Wars Parody to Frozen's Do you want to build a Snowman?Elfstar7/27Song / Lyrics
Update on Summer Sorrows and Special Contest! (You don't need to read Summer Sorrows to enter the contest!)Yasmin7/27Story
~ A Little Bit Twisted ~ Chapter One ~ REWRITTENlena7/27Action / Adventure
Tracker: Chapter Two-Part Five *My KP Story*The Queen Alice7/27Fantasy
come backlaurel7/27Poetry
Hollow Creek | Chapter Ten Jules [Julia]7/27Realistic Fiction
Hollow Creak | Chapter NineJules [Julia]7/27Realistic Fiction
{~Hey Brother~} A Character Contest, along with summery for a story.Reality Rainchecker {Madelyn}7/27True story
Tangible Chapter NinteenAugusta7/27Realistic Fiction
*Rebellion*Fairytale (Venika)7/27Poetry
Tangible Chapter Eighteen Augusta7/27Realistic Fiction
The Two Sides of Me Chapter 6Pandora's Locket7/27Realistic Fiction
Tangible Chapter SeventeenAugusta7/27Realistic Fiction
KIDPUB STORY!: We Are The Number Ones: Charlie's POV: Ch. 18: (THE FIGHT)TheHipsterOnUrBlock (Ellie)7/27Action / Adventure
A Tear a Day #12 (dedicated to Augusta)Jojo7/27Poetry
For Jojo's contestYasmin7/27Poetry
Glass HeartsEileen7/27Poetry
Help Me NowJojo7/27Song / Lyrics
Untitled PoemEileen7/27Poetry
IM BACK! Update on my stories!~{gem}~7/27True story
The S.A.S Chapter 14Dragonflower (Nisha)7/27Action / Adventure
Ashamed Artyc Flaeme Enfulgai [Sam]7/27Song / Lyrics
Hollow Creak | Chapter EightJules [Julia]7/27Realistic Fiction
Gold Is A Boy's Best FriendArtyc Flaeme Enfulgai [Sam]7/27Song / Lyrics
round one for jojo's contestrain7/27Poetry
The Mysterious + Nameless Book CHAPTER 26 Meera7/27Fantasy
Tracker: Chapter Two-Part Four *My KP Story*The Queen Alice7/26Fantasy
Just Another KP Story!Meera7/26True story
Pair Ten ~ Chapter 20Wind Surfer [Alexis]7/26Fantasy
Untitled /// Prologue (i srsly have no idea what i'm writing anymore)Joffrey, No (Max)7/26Fantasy
Hollow Creak | Chapter SevenJules [Julia]7/26Realistic Fiction
I Have Been Here For Three Years? What Do I Call ThisyobretseJ7/26True story
*KidPub's Institute for The Young and Gifted* Chapter Two Part One Sorry it took so long guys!!!Maiven7/26Action / Adventure
Chronicles of the Powered Chapter One part 2 of ?Jacks-in-the-boxes(i&i)7/26Fantasy
I'm a Girl (PLEASE READ AND COMMENT!)Jojo7/26Song / Lyrics
lolbwas7/26True story
Dog tagsSour Candy7/26General Fiction
Tangible Chapter Sixteen Augusta7/26Realistic Fiction
The Greenfields and the Porters (Rewrite)Creative Consultant (Grace)7/26Realistic Fiction
~Crossroads~ Chapters 14-16The Raconteur7/26Realistic Fiction
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