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The Rays of The SunZhaomeng4/26Poetry
Crash Landing Part 1Zhaomeng4/26Mystery
Pack Life, Alpha's Tale: Prologue Lauren4/25Fan Fiction
Seventh Memory chapter 1 (a co-write with my awesome friend)Tumbling Rainbow (Grace)4/25Fantasy
Darkness is Beautiful Too Tenaya 4/25Poetry
Tears, Laughter, and Tears*Snow* Discipula Logos4/25Fantasy
Sunset and Song*Snow* Discipula Logos4/25Fantasy
On Rainy Days, Ijune haverly (niamh)4/25Poetry
pt 2 to my untitled book cali x4/17General Fiction
Warrior Fan Fiction Contest!!!!! (By Bilbo Baggins!!!! No, just kidding...)Sarah4/17Fan Fiction
OF CROW AND CLAW // Chapter Two: Joking With FriendsJesterboy4/15Realistic Fiction
Ashen WindSarah4/7Poetry
Here's to the Broken Kids: Chapter TwoBasement Troll10/13General Fiction
Here's to the Broken Kids: Chapter OneBasement Troll10/13General Fiction
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