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Colleen/Firsthead*Snow* doorkeeper1/27SciFi
Erm.. Plz read. Speech for school.((*Lauren*))1/27Non-fiction
emotional messJulia (the original)1/27Poetry
Purple Rain - for color outside the lines contestGolden Pen1/27Poetry
20 Cool girl namesGolden Pen1/27Story
Island dream come true// I always love comments(AnnaG) Sugar and Spice 1/27Story
Blue means the world to me (my entry for Color Outside the Lines)Scout1/27Poetry
*UNTITLED* part three //// chapter twenty eight | (THE FINAL CHAPTER T_T DEDICATIONS TOO)Garrett, child of Dorian and Manon1/26Fantasy
Stand Alone: Part 13Scout1/26Action / Adventure
Channels*Snow* doorkeeper1/26SciFi
Best excuse note ever// I always appreicate comments (AnnaG) Sugar and Spice 1/26Story
CALLING ALL WRITERS!!! (repost)Mistystar {Renee}1/26True story
Heartbroken Scout1/25Poetry
*UNTITLED* part three //// chapter twenty seven | Eileen's POV (ONLY ONE MORE CHAPTER 0_0)Garrett, child of Dorian and Manon1/25Fantasy
Drabble SeriesASkyFullofStars (*~Athena~*)1/23Story
Just like youScout1/22Poetry
I always thought (the other side)Scout1/21Poetry
CALLING ALL WRITERS!!!Mistystar {Renee}1/21True story
Demiblog—Kieran Goldberg—Home Sravani1/20Fan Fiction
Demiblog -- Sierra Jared -- HomeASkyFullofStars (*~Athena~*)1/18Fan Fiction
Demiblog | Mora Knotts | HomeJulia (the original)1/17Fan Fiction
DemiBlog--Owen Jones--Homeamore {luna}1/16Fan Fiction
Demiblog: Anya's Page*Snow* doorkeeper1/16Fan Fiction
DemiBlog--Alice Bender--Homeamore {luna}1/16Fan Fiction
DEMIBLOG Reboot! Sign Up Here!The Hiraeth Epoch (Ena)1/15Fan Fiction
Lord of Night | Introduction (Betrayer of Men's POV) (SEQUEL TO THE DAGGER'S WRATH)Scream Queen (Max)1/6Fantasy
untitled paragraph two Mya12/7Story
THE GIRL† Chapter: 1Lelin Da Flame†11/21Action / Adventure
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