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The Wanderers: Chapter 2: Part 2 of ?Third-Rate First-Rater *Snow*8/22General Fiction
FlyawayAlice Way8/22
The End (My KP Story) Chapter Eight part ONE, and I'M BAAACK!!!!Lauren 8/22General Fiction
Welcome Izzy B!Blue Snowflake8/22True story
The Crime Scene Chapter 10Dragonflower (Nisha)8/22Action / Adventure
Title S.O.S!!!!!!!!!!!Epic Chaotic Oblivion {Madelyn}8/22Action / Adventure
Character Couple Therapy PLEASE CLICK!!!!!!!!!!Epic Chaotic Oblivion {Madelyn}8/22Humor
The Otherworld REVIEWWolfrunner8/22
KIDPUB STORY!: We Are The Number Ones: Niamh's POV: Ch. 31The XX *Ellie*8/22Action / Adventure
POETRY BUNDLE - Forgotten Wolves - from CRESCENTWolfrunner8/22Poetry
Heartbreak 101 {Second Lesson} Heart Broken8/22Humor
The OtherworldAcinonyx jubatus (Tygress)8/22
Cross My Heart (dedicated to my family)Blue Snowflake8/22Poetry
A non-linear, Wibbly wobbly poem Vashtra and Jenny (i&i)8/22Poetry
Stranger {Dedicated to Sravani, but meant for everyone.}Third-Rate First-Rater *Snow*8/22Song / Lyrics
Amazing MalaysiaJasmine8/22Non-fiction
tornjohn nestle (clay)8/22Poetry
*KidPub's Institute for The Young and Gifted* Chapter Two Part Two (KidPub Story authors asked to enter xP)Maiven8/21Action / Adventure
*Untitled* An Austin and Ally (Auslly) Fanfic Chapter 1Yasmin8/21Fan Fiction
Untitled Romance . . . . . Chapter OneMe Epic8/21Romance
The Purple Swan~Chapter 5Alice Way8/21Realistic Fiction
music (dedicated to Autumn/Lena)Snowy Peaches {Sravani}8/21Poetry
BittersweetBlue Snowflake8/21Poetry
I don't want to grow up (A doctor who fan fic short story)Moonstruck Minds8/21Fan Fiction
Hollow Creekers Episode 1 (Just a little show thing that I might continue!)Me Epic8/21Story
Heartbreak 101 {First Lesson} (PLEASE READ FOR HUMOR!!!)Heart Broken8/21Romance
POETRY BUNDLE - angelWolfrunner8/21Poetry
underground (dedicated to silent)alaska8/21Poetry
Hollow Creak REVIEWWolfrunner8/21
The Right WordsPaige(Floofy)8/20Poetry
Under the sea (part one)Baby blue8/20Fantasy
LumièreAlice Way8/20Poetry
Walls Falling Down (USA Apocalyptic Poem) comments please!!!!Luc8/20Poetry
Tracker: Chapter Four-Part ThreeAlice Way8/20Fantasy
The End (My KP Story) Chapter SEVEN!! (It is recommended that Charlie scan this over...no pressure! )Lauren 8/20General Fiction
Three Words Mean Everything Chapter 25Travis Shadowheart8/20Romance
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