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mindless (dedicated to jojo)rain7/24Poetry
Forgive {dedicated to all my friends} (PLEASE READ!!!)Jojo7/24Song / Lyrics
Another SNEAK PEEK of my ongoing novel, Crescent - CC needed! Please comment! Wolfstar (Niamh)7/24True story
used shoesellie7/23Poetry
Tears (dedicated to Jojo)Swallowtail7/23Poetry
Tracker: Chapter Two-Part Two *My KP Story*Maleficent [Alice]7/23Fantasy
SECRET: a STEPS novel CHAPTER FOUR!!Lauren 7/23General Fiction
The Mysterious and Nameless Book... CHAPTER TWENTY THREE :D :D :D Spontaneous Combustion (Meera)7/23Fantasy
It's OverJojo7/23Song / Lyrics
A Tear a Day #8 (dedicated to Julia)Jojo7/23Poetry
Untitled~ Chapter 1~ Adelyn's POVKaley7/23Romance
An excerpt (I think I spelled that right :3) from the rewritten Otherworld that I need CC on. So, yeah, please please please CC!November Sparrow7/23Fantasy
what if john nestle (clay)7/23Poetry
Secret Escapes: Chapter 4Ruby7/22Fantasy
Why My Love Cute_owl7/22Poetry
a series of red i-v [dedicated to the poets of KP]amicitia7/22Poetry
Winners of my character contest!Pandora's Locket7/22True story
Drop ZoneGenny7/22Action / Adventure
Rose: Part 2 of Chapter 2Pandora's Locket7/22General Fiction
Remember Me? (Dedicated to Creative Consultant *Grace*)TheHipsterOnUrBlock (Ellie)7/22Poetry
Just a FoolArtyc Flaeme Enfulgai [Sam]7/22Song / Lyrics
The Theories and Opinions of Cecelia Brown, Creative Consultant, and 3rd Official Member of the Misfit Club January 26Creative Consultant (Grace)7/22Realistic Fiction
Ever had that feelingJojo7/22Poetry
A Tear a Day #7 (dedicated to Ellie)Jojo7/22Poetry
KIDPUB STORY!: We Are The Number Ones: Niamh's POV Ch. 15 (TELEPHONE BOX TRIP)TheHipsterOnUrBlock (Ellie)7/22Action / Adventure
Tracker: Chapter Two-Part One *My KP Story*Maleficent [Alice]7/22Fantasy
My KidPub Story Part Seven!!!Jules [Julia]7/22Story
Four Prompt Writing Contest Results!!!!Bob7/22Story
GrenadeTravis Shadowheart 7/22Poetry
The Sinking of Miss Beth GrayBob7/22Poetry
A Flower that doesn't Grow in Everyone's GardenTravis Shadowheart 7/22Poetry
Shadow Cat; Chapter FiveElfstar7/22Action / Adventure
Chapter Four~KidPub story collabBob7/22Story
blithe (dedicated to cami)rain7/22Poetry
A Blackened BookFairytale (Venika)7/22Poetry
--drunken euphoria--Fairytale (Venika)7/22Poetry
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