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The S.AS Chapter 7Dragonflower (Nisha)7/18Action / Adventure
Please Welcome LaynChesire to KidPubTravis Shadowheart 7/18True story
The Fatal Error: Part 1 of Chapter 3Pandora's Locket7/18Action / Adventure
D.P.K. Disney Princess Kidnapping (Chapter 4 - No Escape 2) Plus ANOTHER character that there will be a contest for soon!YoungAuthor7/18Fan Fiction
Hide it Behind a Smile Chapter 1Jacks-in-the-boxes(i&i)7/18Realistic Fiction
Blooming-Chapter FourJules [Julia]7/18Realistic Fiction
Hide it Behind a Smile prolouge(possibly needs new name)Jacks-in-the-boxes(i&i)7/18Realistic Fiction
The Appalachian Paradox (PLEASE COMMENT) PrologueTushar7/18Action / Adventure
-Angel- Then I run *dedicated to Clay*Starlit Nightmares (*Jill*)7/18Poetry
If you follow Repeated Mistakes, Dangerous or Secret Escapes I have some plot ideas and updates here and suggestions are great!Ruby7/18True story
i tried // destiny and i are TAKING OVER KIDPUB HELL YEAHclay7/18General Fiction
[G REYSCAL E] amicitia7/18Poetry
where can i get some peace // what??!??!?clay7/18General Fiction
KIDPUB STORY!: We Are The Number Ones: Sam's POV: Ch. 12 (MENTAL BREAKDOWN SCENE)TheHipsterOnUrBlock (Ellie)7/18Action / Adventure
Shadow Cat; Chapter TwoElfstar7/18Action / Adventure
The Mysterious and Nameless Book CHAPTER NINETEEN!Spontaneous Combustion (Meera)7/17Fantasy
iNsAnItY =Chapter 1= //Aira's POV\\rin likes oranges \\Luna\\7/17SciFi
Tangible Chapter TenAugusta7/17Realistic Fiction
Never the Same *Chapter 2*Ally7/17Non-fiction
New KP story idea!! Please enter!!!! :)rin likes oranges \\Luna\\7/17True story
The Little Blue Door Chapter 6Dragonflower (Nisha)7/17Fantasy
~~It Would Be a Lie to Say I've Missed It~~~~Calla~~7/17Poetry
Awkward (dedicated to Sam/Alice)Jojo7/17Song / Lyrics
Forever Yours (Dedicated to Arin/Alice)Artyc Flaeme Enfulgai [Sam]7/17Song / Lyrics
LOIK: Falling Behind *Chapter 3*Jojo7/17Action / Adventure
Writing Prompts // Part OneyobretseJ7/17Story
Tracker: Chapter One-Part Four *My KP Story*Maleficent [Alice]7/17Fantasy
Do you want more CC? Dragonflower (Nisha)7/17Poll
SECRET: a STEPS novel- Chapter 1 (no prologue!) Lauren 7/17General Fiction
A Tear a Day #2 (dedicated to Mathilda)Jojo7/17Poetry
love sucks (dedicated to Cami/Nikki)gone forever7/17Poetry
Goodbye Ms. Gingertaur!! ),:Dragonflower (Nisha)7/17Story
Character Contest for D.P.K. (Disney Princess Kidnapping) The contest is going for three days. ENDS THE 20TH PLEASE ENTER!YoungAuthor7/17True story
Tangible Chapter NineAugusta7/17Realistic Fiction
I'm leaving. Yep. Some (Most?) won't care. Little miss boredom {Ms. GingerTaur}7/17True story
Write Me a Tragedy chapter 7 *PLOT TWIST*Catherine Lockheart7/17Realistic Fiction
Pair Ten ~ Chapter 17Wind Surfer [Alexis]7/17Fantasy
Some Random Four Swords Stuff That Could Be Mistaken For Comedy!!Frost Bitten Kitten (NBays)7/17Humor
Character Last Name Generator! Dragonflower (Nisha)7/17Story
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