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Future Mya6/27Fan Fiction
Is this good? I wrote it a while agoMya6/27Action / Adventure
MontereyElysia6/27Song / Lyrics
The Eldest Star (Prologue: A Flaming Encounter) A little bit of violence.The Eldest Star (Shaelynn)6/26Fantasy
5 Reasons Why I FAIL At LifeFrostyKittenTheOtaku6/26True story
VeinsImperfect Stars 6/26Poetry
The Boundaries *yet another rewrite* Prologuetrying to write (grace)6/26General Fiction
Demigod: chapter2MiantaoYitao6/24Action / Adventure
Demigod: chapter1MiantaoYitao6/23Action / Adventure
A Life of Something Strange, Sad and Shameful Chapter#7 A Dirty Little LieEmily6/20Fantasy
A Life of Something Strange, Sad and Shameful Chapter#6 Recess Should Be FunEmily6/20Fantasy
A Life of Something Strange, Sad and Shameful Chapter#5 The BoyEmily6/19Fan Fiction
5th Grade Camp Emily6/17True story
A Life of Something Strange, Sad and Shameful chapter#4 The Loner, The Fool, The AngerEmily6/16Fantasy
Something Stange, Sad and Shameful Chapter#3 An Emotion Never Felt beforeEmily6/15Fantasy
Somthing Strange, Sad and Shameful Chapter#2 Hailey's HouseEmily6/13Fantasy
Poundreaon (chapter#1 version 3)Emily6/12Fantasy
Something Strange, Sad and Shameful Chapter#1 The End of Spaz, The Start of SchoolEmily6/2Fantasy
Blurb for A Life of Something Sad, Strange and ShamefulEmily5/31Fantasy
Dark Magick Chapter #1 Greetings MasterEmily5/30Fantasy
PIN BlurbEmily2/16Fantasy
Here's something educational you might wanna learn of...GMO (genetically modified organisms)Random! :D & Keyboard-chan9/15True story
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