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glass heartsalaska10/15Poetry
J.I.L.B. Chronicles Forward & Chapter 1: Attack in the SnowAgent Jack10/15Action / Adventure
Monster Fighters Chapter 36: GuardiansAgent Jack10/15Action / Adventure
The Candy TheifGraystorm10/15Poetry
Under the Weather ~ for Alaska's ContestTrick-or-Shadowheart10/14Poetry
Out There ~ Chapter Two Part Two Jules ^-^10/4Fantasy
Out There ~ Chapter Two Part OneJules ^-^10/3Fantasy
Fandoms Chapter 10: 'Tis A Very Special Chappie, Peeps!FrostyKittenTheOtaku9/30Fan Fiction
Out There ~ Chapter One Part TwoJules ^-^9/29Fantasy
Repeated mistakes chapter 12Ruby11/29Action / Adventure
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