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Dear Carter <2>eiggaM9/13Non-fiction
Untitled- chapter oneIsabelle9/13Fantasy
Life is an Egg. Scrambled.Lauren9/13Action / Adventure
Melt | For Eileen's contest :]Ink9/13Poetry
Tattoos (more depressing poetry. Don't you just love the cheerfulness in my writing?)Blue Snowflake9/13Poetry
Everything Beautiful - Chapter one (pleasepleaseplease cc)Isabelle9/13Historical Fiction
9-11Wholock (Niamh)9/13Poetry
Broken AngelBlue Snowflake9/13Poetry
9-11mabes ~9/13Poetry
cacophony (dedicated to cherry)alaska9/13Poetry
Being Bullied PoemLauren9/13True story
Dear Carter <1> eiggaM9/13Non-fiction
Three Words Mean Everything Chapter 32Travis Shadowheart9/13Romance
Future Wars—Book Four: Obedient Hearts {CHAPTER 2} (No Spoilers Of Any Of The Books!)Flix Newborn (Max)9/13SciFi
Coralberry {6}: Obnoxiousnight night night right amiright9/13Poetry
Burst #33: Darknessnight night night right amiright9/12General Fiction
Crossed - ProloguePanthress [Alexis]9/12Fantasy
Daydream for duh contestTravis Shadowheart9/12Poetry
Vampire Struck Chapter 6Rosepetals(Renee)9/12Action / Adventure
If your reading the Crime Scene, I've got some news for you!!!Dragonflower (Nisha)9/12Horror
My bio! IndytheLightningGod {Ian} 9/12Humor
Madelyn's Book Nook | Episode One |Ink9/12Humor
The Worst Nightmare Ever for Ellieen's contestJoy 2 Live9/12Poetry
for eileen's contestalaska9/12Poetry
Lucid Dreams: Chapter oneIndytheLightningGod {Ian} 9/12Fantasy
Among the living (working title) previewIndytheLightningGod {Ian} 9/12SciFi
The ViolinAlannah9/12Poetry
Tales of an Eighth Grade Nomad CHAPTER XXXIX (Interesting chapter!!) IndytheLightningGod {Ian} 9/12True story
nightmare - for eileen's contestWholock (Niamh)9/12Poetry
Just Hope (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE READ!!!!)Joy 2 Live9/12General Fiction
The List - Chapter 4Puppy9/11General Fiction
The Offering(chapter1)MiantaoYitao9/6Action / Adventure
Vampire Struck Chapter 5Rosepetals(Renee)8/10Action / Adventure
a poem for any past, present or future loverPokey7/11Poetry
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