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rain haikuWilliam5/22Poetry
//doesn't make sense//wisteria5/22Poetry
Take Fivejune haverly (niamh)5/22Poetry
One Hell of a Joyride (sequel to Jo) chapter 6Asher5/22Romance
Animals Emily5/22Non-fiction
Golden StatueLauren5/22Poetry
Silver RainLauren5/22Poetry
The MotherlandMr. Top Hat {Ian}5/21SciFi
TALES OF AN EIGHTH GRADE NOMAD CHAPTER LV: What should I talk about? Mr. Top Hat {Ian}5/21True story
A Bit of a Story I Randomly Came Up WithWordSmith(Emma)5/21Story
Confessions of a Backstabber (or: You)WordSmith(Emma)5/21Poetry
My Austen Adventure Chapter 15TARDISBlogger5/21Romance
KP Gazette, Volume 1 Issue 4Lauren5/21True story
LAST CHANCE TO ENTER MY KIDPUB STORY!!!The Hound (Izzy)5/21True story
Hey guys, remember me? It's my third Yearaversary :)Tygerblossum5/21True story
Life as I Know it: Adira Doyle Chapter 3Camille5/20General Fiction
My Austen Adventure Chapter 14TARDISBlogger5/20Romance
The Girlflower*Snow* Pertinacious in the Light5/20Fantasy
KP Gazette, Volume 1 Issue 3Lauren5/20True story
My Austen Adventure Chapter 13TARDISBlogger5/20Romance
Tales of an Eighth Grade Nomad CHAPTER LIV: More problems? You bet.Mr. Top Hat {Ian}5/20True story
KP Gazette, Volume 1 Issue 2Lauren5/20True story
The Illusionist -Chapter 7Just a Friend5/20Action / Adventure
inexplicable, the ~ chapter 1cali x5/19General Fiction
// can i //wisteria5/19Poetry
Welcome Ethan to Kidpub!The Hound (Izzy)5/19True story
Interesting facts about SwallowKrystal5/19True story
Courage The Last Shadow {Sarah}5/18Poetry
KP Gazette, Volume 1 Issue 1Lauren5/18True story
Another KP StoryLauren5/17Realistic Fiction
Interesting facts about ME!Krystal5/16True story
KIDPUB STORY SIGN-UP!The Hound (Izzy)5/15True story
A Patchwork Summer (Chapter 3) The Last Shadow {Sarah}5/14General Fiction
Bluestar The Last Shadow {Sarah}5/10Fan Fiction
The Boy I Found on the Street Chapter 1: The Broken Boy Tsunami (Madelyn)4/5General Fiction
Short Story Part Three ;D (Finale)Garrett :D12/4Story
Tales of an Eighth Grade Nomad CHAPTER XLVI: My brother cracks his head open. Also, Time travel! :D Mr. Top Hat {Ian}10/26True story
Freeyna the Wha-gha.Emily2/20Fantasy
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