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Oliver Times Two: Chapter Two Part Onecotton candy (~luna~)9/28Realistic Fiction
Dead Mary (for a contest and I would really like CC :D)Garrett, child of Dorian and Manon9/28Historical Fiction
KidPub Art cotton candy (~luna~)9/28True story
The Icarus Omen (The Pilgrims of Canineshale, Book one) || Chapter One: Oppression, Part II Nothing will be the same again...beatrice (madie)9/28Fantasy
Mia's Diary Chapter 1Julia9/28Realistic Fiction
Our Goldsword*Snow* Parchment Ears9/27Story
Ultimate Fan Fiction Chapter 1: The Introduction (Percy Jackson's POV) *sorry it's so short! ^o^ * William9/27Fan Fiction
*Untitled* part two //// chapter fourteen | Eileen's POV | (please comment - I really love this chapter!)Garrett, child of Dorian and Manon9/27Fantasy
RuinLauren9/27True story
C6-097 Virus Larry Peterson9/27SciFi
Ice ColdMichael9/27Action / Adventure
My Publishing Experience with KidPub.comScream Queen (Max)9/27True story
Screams (Chapter 3)Jacqueline9/27Mystery
Death and Angel Chapter 11: Times Change and the World has Gone Upside down!Lavinia9/26Story
The Land of Shoom (Book One // The Breach in Peace) - Introduction: Part OneScream Queen (Max)9/26Fantasy
In Which Mill Has No Idea What the Stop Button Is and Snow Is Lazy*Snow* Parchment Ears9/25Humor
Saving KidPub ~~ NEW KP STORY ~~ Character EntryViridi (Hazel)9/25Fantasy
Vampire Struck Chp. OneCrystalWaters{Renee}9/24Action / Adventure
Screams (Chapter 2)Jacqueline9/24Mystery
Screams (Chapter 1)Jacqueline9/23Mystery
Pages you can't colour chap4Anita9/17Action / Adventure
Under the Veil (Prologue + Chapter 1, please comment and CC!)Scream Queen (Max)8/17Mystery
*Untitled * //// chapter two {a high fantasy story about witches and magic} - - - CC greatly appreciatedGarrett, child of Dorian and Manon7/30Fantasy
*Untitled* //// chapter one {a story about witches and magic and elements :D - - - CC greatly appreciated Garrett, child of Dorian and Manon7/29Fantasy
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