I have the sweetest dogs...

I have the sweetest dogs...

Posted March 6th, 2013 by wildheartexplorer

by Infinity
in the world, just trying to get by :)

I have the sweetest dogs, especially our beagle, i just left to take a bike ride, and the moment i came through the door, Leo(our beagle) came running up to me and started bouncing all over me. (:

I heard that when a dog sees it's owner they have the same feeling as people do when they are in love. I find his loyalty so sweet. Nala, our pom, on the other hand, can be a little snot at times, but i still love her just as much, and still think shes cute. What are your dogs like? JUST DON'T HUG HER!!!

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Every time i hug nala,

Every time i hug nala, you'll here a little "grrr" heartso cute! heart





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