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Old 12-06-2011, 12:53 AM
TheMoonWakedWolf TheMoonWakedWolf is offline
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Voldemort's brother-in-law, my unicorn. I think you murdered him or something...

ssomething about the world today makess a boy feel a bit inssane from daffodilss to accid rain the antichrisst on a tidal wave but thatss alright thatss okay i can look the other way upon a path of old primrosse beyond the ssmoke and the ssmoldering chrome and the pentagon and the fall of rome there liess a placce i might call home with a couple of sstickss and a couple of sstoness ill dig a pit and lay my boness
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...dear god., :) it's coming for blood, a best letter., abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxy, alphabet, beans make u toot, cacwashere, cantfeelmytoenails, fart.fart.frat.fart.frat., flaming mangoes, forum game, fun, gal/guy u stink, ihadacream, keegan was here., let it rip!!!, me cheezemziez. i farted., meerkat says hi, necromancy needed?, o_o who farted?, screw art lets dance, this place smells., why so many tags on gas?, you and your farts..., you farted. duh.

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