Here Are the Latest Posts by KidPub Authors

Here Are the Latest Posts by KidPub Authors

Cade: Chapter Two: The First Chapter That Doesn't Star Me, Even Though It Totally ShouldTheColorofBoom{HawkEye}2/13Action / Adventure
Drabble Series (Continued)ASkyFullofStars (*~Athena~*)2/13Story
DEFAULT — Chapter One: Malevolence, part 1 Mistborn (Max)2/13SciFi
Haven't seen one of these in a while, so...KP story character contest!!! :DPiper McLean {aka luna}2/13General Fiction
| Painted | Prologue | +Cover Business of Sorts.armonia (scarface)2/13Horror
Prompt contes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ginny Weasley2/13Story
Grace: Part 6Scout2/12Realistic Fiction
mystery of the missing zebra chap.8Jonathan2/12Mystery
Why? || Chapter 12Lavinia2/12Story
the one with the crooked teethEsther2/12Poetry
You're Not Ugly, Your Beautiful *Please Read if You Need a Smile Or are Sad*Lavinia2/12True story
Life Ends (A Power of the Pen story I wrote)Larry Peterson2/12Fantasy
L.M. KidPub Times || HEADLINE NEWS: The Funniest Story! || Feb 12th 2016Lavinia2/12True story
Untitled (Please comment ideas for name!) Chappy 1Ginny Weasley2/12Action / Adventure
| Character Contest |armonia (scarface)2/12Action / Adventure
Scene "Little Bird"Meowing (Emily)2/12Story
Through The SkyMeowing (Emily)2/11Poetry
Winter *For Scout's Contest Thingy*armonia (scarface)2/11Poetry
| Devoid | Chapter One:: Part 1/3 | *with a totally epic cover done by moi*armonia (scarface)2/11Action / Adventure
Half Newd….at Church? *True Story*Lelin Da Flame†2/11Humor
Winter Day (for Snow Stories Contest)William2/11Poetry
The Journey of Carlysle Daie Chap. 1-2William2/11Fantasy
Snowflake For SNow STORIES CONTEST!!!Ginny Weasley2/11Action / Adventure
Once upon a time Scout2/11Poetry
Fairy Tale Flip Ch2Ella2/10Fantasy
Grace: Part 5Scout2/10Realistic Fiction
Snow Stories Contest!!! (repost)Scout2/10True story
Untitled poem about miscarriageA.R. Johnson2/10Poetry
I RememberA.R. Johnson2/10Song / Lyrics
CALLING ALL WRITERS!!! (closed; results)(KP Times)MapleApple2/10True story
Book 2 || Oak Elves: From the Ashes ~ Chapter 7 Lavinia2/9Story
Snails on pluto?!Karl2/9SciFi
Grace: Part 4Scout2/9Realistic Fiction
Cade: Chapter One: Halcyon Diana (and a bit of my daily life!)TheColorofBoom{HawkEye}2/9Realistic Fiction
Ghost HouseIsabelle2/9Action / Adventure
L.M. KidPub Times || BREAKING NEWS: I AM BACK || Feb 9th 2016Lavinia2/9True story
Yum haikus Part of my NEW haiku writing series, Poems are prettyAnna2/9Poetry
Reading Picture Books on a Tuesday NightJulia2/9Poetry
Remember that one naming contest that happened last year? *Results*Dormouse Re2/9True story
The Utopia isn't perfect for Me((*Lauren*))2/9SciFi
Gone Ch. 3Scout2/8Action / Adventure
SEA~stupid little fluff thing that i wrote because i hate myself..........tooodaloooooooarmonia (scarface)2/8Romance
Grace: Part 3Scout2/8Realistic Fiction
Unicorn land tales of meKrystal2/8Fantasy
The Hospital Repost Updated and CC wanted! Lavinia2/8Horror
Grace: Part 2Scout2/8Realistic Fiction
kellinmadelyn is a dreamer2/8Horror
Black Coffee, Extra Cream Julia2/8Story
Neverland Chapter 3/15Anna2/8Action / Adventure
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