Here Are the Latest Posts by KidPub Authors

Here Are the Latest Posts by KidPub Authors

News about my storiesRandom! :D & Keyboard-chan10/1True story
Gold {Prolgue}Willy Wonka the Second10/1General Fiction
diamonds and why men buy them chapter 1alaska10/1General Fiction
NEW NOVEL! Promise I'll continue this one! not magic (niamh)10/1Fantasy
Tales of an Eighth Grade Nomad CHAPTER XXXXIIIndytheLightningGod {Ian} 10/1True story
Avengers Initiative 1: Operation Mystical (A Heroes of Olympus, Kane Chronicles and Avengers crossover) CHAPTER 2Rajani Rising Moon10/1Action / Adventure
Avengers Initiative 1: Operation Mystical (A Heroes of Olympus, Kane Chronicles and Avengers crossover)Rajani Rising Moon10/1Action / Adventure
An Adult Just Like MePaige(Floofy)9/30Poetry
The SURVIVORS --- chapter 2 part 1 of ? }~gem*stone~{9/30Action / Adventure
Coralberry {24}: [Ratatoskr9/30Poetry
The End (My KidPub Story) Chapter 15 Part 1 Ellie...*cough*cough*Lauren <39/30General Fiction
Gocha Gocha Uruse Lyrics Blue Link Version!!FrostyKittenTheOtaku9/30Song / Lyrics
autumn ~ slate skymabes9/30Poetry
9-30-10~9-30-14*~ My Fourth Year-A-Versary!Brazil (Rachel)9/30True story
Fandoms Chapter 10: 'Tis A Very Special Chappie, Peeps!FrostyKittenTheOtaku9/30Fan Fiction
That sinking feelingBaby blue9/30Poetry
That sinking feelingBaby blue9/30Poetry
SorryBaby blue9/30Poetry
loading... please waitalaska9/30Poetry
Coralberry {23}: SparkleRatatoskr9/29Poetry
The SURVIVORS --- chapter 1}~gem*stone~{9/29Action / Adventure
Out There ~ Chapter One Part TwoJules ^-^9/29Fantasy
No more. (Dedicated for those suffering from anxiety. Or even depression.)Random! :D & Keyboard-chan9/29True story
What SeemsAnita9/29Poetry
Job HuntingMegan9/29Realistic Fiction
Lost in the JungleAnita9/29Story
dedicated to silentalaska9/29Poetry
Emalene. Please read? *puppy dog eyes xD*Sock Monkey {Madelyn}9/29True story
Coralberry {22}: SleepRatatoskr9/28Poetry
Out There ~ Chapter One Part OneJules ^-^9/28Fantasy
I just needed to write something, even if it was crap. (and bad romance is easy to write so that's my excuse)ember9/28Poetry
Journey of the wolves first contestEmalene9/28Action / Adventure
problems with lifeWilly Wonka the Second9/28Poetry
they say i want things to work so badly and thats why i forgave you when you pulled out my lungs.Elliot9/28Poetry
Living in Harmonic MinorMistress Fi (Meera)9/28Poetry
hey look i actually wrote something substantial... confuzzled9/28General Fiction
two poemsPokey9/28Poetry
KP FAMILY PIC WOOalaska9/28True story
Coralberry {21}: It's a Lonely BridgeRatatoskr9/28Poetry
from the grave, with lovenot magic (niamh)9/28Poetry
gumball machinevenika9/28Poetry
nostalgia (true story-ish)Collapse {Sravani}9/28Poetry
It Was Just A GameBo9/28Poetry
Voyage | Chapter 1 [Leon] Lord Stark (Harry)9/28SciFi
Unnamed Story Chapter One Part Two: Evacuation of San FranciscoLarry Peterson9/27SciFi
The List - Chapter 8Puppy9/27General Fiction
Daydream/Nightmare Poetry Contest Results :DThe Girl Who Dreamed (Eileen)9/27Story
Glissando-Chapter TwoAlice Way9/27Realistic Fiction
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