Here Are the Latest Posts by KidPub Authors

Here Are the Latest Posts by KidPub Authors

//he was a king//buddy the elf (confuzzled) 12/21Poetry
Christmas Annual Writing Contest (Round 2: Short Romance) ResultsRabbit(Renee)12/21Romance
//dirty broken old mirror//buddy the elf (confuzzled) 12/21Poetry
Five Nights at Freddy's FanFic. NIGHT ONE (PART ONE)- TIA RAYERyan12/21Fan Fiction
Circumstances, Confessions, and Decisions (Some on the Unusual Scale) Chapter Oneboughs of holly (grace)12/21Realistic Fiction
Introducing Katia Jensen *~{Prologue}~*Gypsy {Tess}12/21Realistic Fiction
KP Christmas Party!Merry Merrymakers 12/21True story
cloudy december ((hey look it's wINTER THEMED))mabes the red-nosed reindeer12/21Poetry
Creative Character Contest!! (Round 2) Winter Blunderland!12/21Action / Adventure
1/2 of Untitled Chapter #1 (Title ideas? Tell me!)Dove12/21Action / Adventure
Creative Character Contest (Results and elimination)Winter Blunderland!12/21Fan Fiction
frosty the alaskafrosty the alaska12/21Song / Lyrics
insomniafrosty the alaska12/21Poetry
stereo lips4 a.m. {ellie}12/21Poetry
Ship-Wrecked ||| Chapter Five (Part Two of ?) Lena is cold 12/21General Fiction
Hello Old Friends...Gypsy {Tess}12/20True story
Tracker Rewritten | -Prologue- | *KidPub Story*Hot Chocolate and Alice in Winter Wonderland12/20Fantasy
Maren - The Fifth - Mind Games {Chapter 2}Lady Fiction (Alexis)12/20Fantasy
it's pouring outside (darkish)mabes the red-nosed reindeer12/20Poetry
dandelionmabes the red-nosed reindeer12/20Poetry
Everybody give a warm welcome to my sister, who's just joined KPAcinonyx jubatus (Tygress)12/20True story
The Akura (My NaNoWriMo) Chapter 8 (Dedicated to a friend, see author's note)Panthera Tigris Tigris (Grace)12/20SciFi
dancing in the gardenImpossible Girl12/20Poetry
L*U*N*G*SFIVE DAYS (niamh)12/20Poetry
exhaustedfrosty the alaska12/20Poetry
an old soldier buddy the elf (confuzzled) 12/20General Fiction
Kaleidoscope - Chapter One - Part One of ?venika wearing a weasley jumper 12/20Romance
hands chapters 7-9frosty the alaska12/20Realistic Fiction
lullabies - dedicated to niamhfrosty the alaska12/20Poetry
103rd Meridian (d) || Explosionfrost12/20Poetry
The Silver Candle | -1- |Hot Chocolate and Alice in Winter Wonderland12/19Fantasy
ANNOUNCEMENT: About My Writings~Radiating Rage~ (Ena)12/19True story
Dimes and Dollars - Chapter 5Lady Fiction (Alexis)12/19Romance
Drummer Boy PrologueLady Fiction (Alexis)12/19Romance
a love story as old as timefearthefallen {asthesuncries}12/19Poetry
not spreading the comment bug sravanta claus 12/19True story
wash off my rusted tearsvenika wearing a weasley jumper 12/19Poetry
In Love (please CC ) ???? TheRedFox {Sruti}12/19Poetry
sand in my teeth and salt in my throatmabes the red-nosed reindeer12/19Poetry
ferris wheelmabes the red-nosed reindeer12/19Poetry
Nightlight - For the Phan AwardsFIVE DAYS (niamh)12/19Poetry
PHAN awards round 6 resultsfrosty the alaska12/19Poetry
catching dreams - dedicated to venika/sravanifrosty the alaska12/19Poetry
Character Contest for A World of Blocks, my new storyRabbit(Renee)12/19Fantasy
Writing (a poem)HarperTheKitten12/19Poetry
Prologue for NEW BOOK!!!! Please read and comment!snowflake 12/19Fantasy
while we gaze at the stars gegenschein (silent)12/19Poetry
I am Max. Hi.Fire and Blood (Max)12/18True story
The Perplexing Science of Girls ~ Chapter 7 ~ Carol's POVTravis Sweaterheart12/18Romance
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