Here Are the Latest Posts by KidPub Authors

Here Are the Latest Posts by KidPub Authors

New Book: Gone at the Field by Cameron HuberPerry4/18
Old Writing Critique-School BulliesPurple Pens (Klare)4/19Story
Monster Fighters Chapter 1: MenaceJack4/19Action / Adventure
*KidPub's Institue for The Young and Gifted* UPDATEMaiven4/19Action / Adventure
*~Blue Haven~* Book One: Blue Haven | PrologueSimmons [SilverStar]4/19Fantasy
The Secrets of Frodo | Chapter NineMadelyn4/19Fan Fiction
In Demigods we Trust. (Percy Jackson fanfic) Chapter 2CentaurFlame (Camryn)4/19Fan Fiction
NEW KIDPUB STORY! Please sign up!TheHipsterOnUrBlock (Ellie)4/19Action / Adventure
In Demigods we Trust. (Percy Jackson fanfic) Chapter 1CentaurFlame (Camryn)4/19Fan Fiction
The bloodthirsty story of Emmanuel - EpilogueMonster High Know It All4/19SciFi
Bully.Ms. GingerTaur4/19Poetry
HEY GUYS, I'M STARTING UP VIRUS AGAIN! (For newbies, this is a KP story that I was writing a long time ago) Augusta4/19True story
Weekly Writing Plots: Plot #1Fitz [Sam]4/19Action / Adventure
Fashion aceAnita4/19Non-fiction
Repeated Mistakes chapter 21 (A hunger games fanfiction)Ruby4/19Action / Adventure
~ Love, Bubblegum Girl ~ Part One ~ Mature Content Warning Proud Multishipper {Lena}4/19Realistic Fiction
City | City of unsureness *dedicated to Clara/Cember*Starlit Nightmares (*Jill*)4/18Poetry
Tales of an Eighth Grade Nomad Chapter XIISuperSonicTurtle4/18Story
Tales of an Eighth Grade Nomad Chapter XISuperSonicTurtle4/18True story
-Wanted List- (KP Story) Chapter 2 Part I of ?Starlit Nightmares (*Jill*)4/18Realistic Fiction
The KingdomLindsey4/18Fantasy
Father, FatherSleeping With Sirens (Phan)4/18Poetry
KidPub's Institution for The Young and Gifted *Making a KidPub Story! Prologue and Entry Form! Enter here!*Maiven4/18Action / Adventure
These Games We Play: Vol. 1: Whispers. Chapter One ~ Reawakening, Pt. 2 of ?silent4/18General Fiction
Super late anniversary Ark4/18True story
Welcome Lindsey to KidPub!! :) :)Jewel4/18Story
My other brothersAnita4/18Realistic Fiction
And you let usMadelyn4/18Poetry
I criticize an old story, Chapter Three...for the sake of your patience, DON'T CLICK. Wolfrunner 4/18General Fiction
GONE. Ms. GingerTaur4/18Poetry
Fairytale Contest Round 1Sleeping With Sirens (Phan)4/18Fantasy
Freerunner Maximus Round 2Sleeping With Sirens (Phan)4/18Poetry
King of ashs- page two! sorry for the wait! Ms. GingerTaur4/18General Fiction
Red Marker (Dedicated to Cami)Sleeping With Sirens (Phan)4/18Poetry
Nami Chapter 1Alexa4/18Realistic Fiction
Myself - a rant. Warning - mature language included. Sleeping With Sirens (Phan)4/18Poetry
Abducted (Feedback..? :) )Jordyn4/18Realistic Fiction
She walks the stars.....Madelyn4/18Poetry
Untitled Prologue Augusta4/18Realistic Fiction
I revise my old stories! A Sirius Black Story. Idea Creds to Stone Pen (Panda!)Alexa4/18Humor
I revise my old stories! A CAMP TO REMEMBER Idea creds to: Stone Pen (Panda) !!Alexa4/18Humor
the prison that is my namedarkest before the dawn {Ellie}4/18Poetry
did you ever knowAlexa4/18Poetry
FrEERUNNER MAXIMUS - TWO DAYS TO GO!!!!! Wolfrunner 4/18True story
Crimson Moon Chapter 1 Part 3Ben4/18Horror
Rider's Soceity Prologue+ Character Comp. (Rider's is Dragons, not horses, just so you know)Charlie4/18Fantasy
Casper - Book One in the August Trilogy - Chapters Six, Seven, Eight, and NineWisdomTeeth4/18SciFi
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