Here Are the Latest Posts by KidPub Authors

Here Are the Latest Posts by KidPub Authors

Ketchup Krazy chapter 2 (PG-13: mild swearing)Asher3/6Realistic Fiction
Luna Moth Chapter 3Sarah3/6General Fiction
Perfection (a really dumb awkward crush poem)Horatio (AA)3/6Poetry
Welcome Elijah!!!Sarah3/6Story
To Blunt a Knife and Bend a ForkSarah3/6Poetry
Emma and The Magic Chapter EightMadelyn3/6Fantasy
Inside an all-encompassing ShadowAcinonyx jubatus (Tygress)3/6Fantasy
Dimes and Dollars Updates!!!Fiction {Alexis}3/5Romance
lets see if i can write a poem...Finn. (Was gummy bears ate me)3/5Poetry
Bullies are mean!William3/5Poetry
continuationtransatlanticism {ellie}3/5Poetry
The NES [Brainwashed] ~Cowritten with Luna, Tori, and Jill~ New Beginnings, Pt. 1: Entrance | Ch. 01: Meet Gary and Liz [1/2]Etsivät Sisu (Ena)3/5Fantasy
depressed june haverly (niamh)3/5Poetry
untitled #2goth prince of angst (silent)3/5Poetry
Speak Up Already - Chapter Twenty-Eight - PG 13june haverly (niamh)3/5Realistic Fiction
The Shadown8ive {kaley}3/5Poetry
WINGS-Chapter Twenty-three Deticated to Horatio (AA)!!! :)Scarlett3/5Fantasy
From the Shire and Beyond (I FINALLY MADE A HOBBIT/ LORD OF THE RINGS POETRY BOOK!!!!!): A HobbitSarah3/5Poetry
We're Valentines, Deal With It. Chapter ThreeFinn. (Was gummy bears ate me)3/4Romance
I seeEtsivät Sisu (Ena)3/4Poetry
new story coming soonLauren3/4Realistic Fiction
A book idea I might continue. Chapter OneBarn swallow3/4Fantasy
The Laughter (prepare for a shock)Claire3/4Horror
Fanfiction Oneshot Series Entry Five; The Meeting of Aragorn and Legolas (IN THE MOVIE VERSE)*Snow* the little grace3/4Fan Fiction
Fanfiction Oneshots Entry Four: Welcome to Rivendell!*Snow* the little grace3/4Fan Fiction
textingacrylic {lena}3/4Poetry
PortalVerse: Page 3 chapter 1.Sarah J3/4Fantasy
PortalVerse: Page 2 chapter 1.Sarah J3/4Fantasy
103rd Meridian (f) || a flash and a bangCherrybomb3/3Poetry
WINGS-Chapter Twenty-two (Please comment) :)Scarlett3/3Fantasy
Through a Blue Haze Chapter Two(friends {the tv show}) grace3/3Realistic Fiction
The Shire (LAST POEM IN THIS COLLECTION!!!)Sarah3/3Poetry
Luna Moth Chapter 2Sarah3/3General Fiction
Journey to the Surface Carmen3/3Action / Adventure
We're Valentines, Deal With It. CHapter TwoFinn. (Was gummy bears ate me)3/3Romance
The Perplexing Science of Girls ~ Chapter 13 ~ Carol's POVTravis Shadow<33/2Romance
Poetry Contest results (well, as resulting as they get seeing as ONLY ONE PERSON ENTERED.)Complex [Ark]3/2True story
squashed and overjoyed *dedicated to everyone on KP ;w; * Kinda like my welcome home/yearaversary post for me ???I feel overjoyed3/2Poetry
Have you?Maria3/2True story
Emma and The Magic Chapter SevenMadelyn3/2Fantasy
oh wowI feel overjoyed3/2True story
Luna Moth Chapter 1Sarah3/2General Fiction
Luna Moth PrologueSarah3/2General Fiction
Speak Up Already - Chapter Twenty-Seven - PG 13june haverly (niamh)3/2Realistic Fiction
Ketchup Krazy chapter 1 (PG-13: mild swearing)Asher3/2Realistic Fiction
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