Here Are the Latest Posts by KidPub Authors

Here Are the Latest Posts by KidPub Authors

All Hail the Almighty KidPub Quiz*Snow* Spes Plena8/26Humor
Music and DanceEmily8/26Poetry
SLUSH SAVES THE DAY!Lydia8/26Realistic Fiction
The Old KP (Plus random poem)~luna~8/26True story
Shattering Starlight | The Emptiness of a Broken SoulComplex [Ark]8/25Poetry
Shattering Starlight | Song of Loved ones Long GoneComplex [Ark]8/25Poetry
Shattering Starlight | The Harsh Light of troubles PastComplex [Ark]8/25Poetry
I'm re-posting my Shattering Starlight poem series that I found from about a year ago, Hope you guys enjoy!Complex [Ark]8/25Poetry
Fractured Empire prologueWarder Max8/25Fantasy
A Very Malfoy Christmas 2 Part 1Alexa8/24Humor
FrostUsernameUnderConstruction (Tushar)8/24Action / Adventure
lovely ~ prologuejune haverly (niamh)8/24Realistic Fiction
A Patchwork SummerWarder Max8/24
The Oak Elves Chapter 17Lavinia8/24Romance
Death and Angel Chapter 8: Movies. Weekend. Funeral. Part 2Lavinia8/24Romance
Wolf StarsMaid Jean, by any other name {Sarah}8/23Song / Lyrics
Doubt Thou *my soon-to-be-published-book-that's-a-sci-fi-hamlet-bundle-of-awesomeness* Excerpt 2: ExiledAlgebraAddict :38/23SciFi
LuckyMaid Jean, by any other name {Sarah}8/23Poetry
can't you be the one to stay?lena 8/23Poetry
GwentessMaid Jean, by any other name {Sarah}8/23Poetry
GwenethMaid Jean, by any other name {Sarah}8/23Poetry
The King's Dragons Preview (the book that Gwyeth is from)Maid Jean, by any other name {Sarah}8/23Book Review
Gwyeth (the first of several dragon poems. The names and descriptions are from dragons in a book I'm writing for school)Maid Jean, by any other name {Sarah}8/23Poetry
Hope (poem)Ryan8/23Poetry
Death and Angel Chapter 8: Movies. Weekend. Funeral. Part 1Lavinia8/23Romance
Savannah brown and the death of the duchess: PrologueRachel8/22Mystery
The Great pyramid (Warning may be a bit weird)Rachel8/22General Fiction
I PUBLISHED A BOOK!!!A.R. Johnson8/22True story
Pretty Lies +Trigger Warning+nameless but not faceless8/21Poetry
Colors: Chapter Five~luna~8/21General Fiction
you forgot the groceriesphe8/21Poetry
*UNTITLED* //// chapter seven | Finn's POV [END OF PART ONE] (and please comment if you read. it means a lot)Garrett the Ogier8/20Fantasy
Skeleton ThoughtsBlurryface (Hazel)8/20Poetry
Mrs Dodger the biscuit womanErin8/20Humor
WELCOME ERIN!Drfitwood (Ruby)8/20True story
stitch (language & trigger warnings)AlgebraAddict :38/19Poetry
The man eating squidErin8/19Fantasy
The Ballad of the Soldier and the Girl*Snow* Spes Plena8/18Song / Lyrics
pike's peak (the past, the present, and the future)HawkEye{SheWhoCan}8/18Poetry
Under the Veil (Prologue + Chapter 1, please comment and CC!)Warder Max8/17Mystery
Indy: The Faction war Draft (tell me what you think)1 Day. {Ian}8/17SciFi
The Museum Of Death Lydia8/5Horror
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