Here Are the Latest Posts by KidPub Authors

Here Are the Latest Posts by KidPub Authors

The Wanted Girl Chapter #9 (Not Done)Emily7/29Non-fiction
Death and Angle PrologueLavinia7/29Story
Stero Typed Chapter #1 The TestingEmily7/29SciFi
The CandleLavinia7/29Poetry
*Untitled* //// chapter one {a story about witches and magic and elements :D - - - comments greatly appreciated Garrett :D7/29Fantasy
Autumn Lavinia7/29Poetry
The Oak Elves Chapter 10!Lavinia7/29Romance
The Forgotten Academy Chapter One - Caspienne (Part 1)Tumbling Rainbow (Grace)7/29Fantasy
Fantastic Mr.FoxRachel7/29
Best Friend (dediated to my best friend who I hope will read this once she joins KP... Lizzy!!!!!)Watercolor {Sarah}7/29Poetry
The Hot WerewolfBarryFromBasingstoke7/29Humor
Untitled Time Travel/Fantasy Novel Chapter Onetrying to write (grace)7/29Fantasy
The Things that Tick me Off!Steven7/29Poetry
The Wanted Girl Chapter #8 Emily7/29Non-fiction
What I Say vs What I Actually MeanFrostyKittenTheOtaku7/29True story
Halfway to Virtuosity Ch4 (in which Catherine attempts to solve a mystery and still practice for chair auditions)The Red Half of Square Mom7/29General Fiction
The Oak Elves Chapter 9Lavinia7/28Romance
The Wanted Girl Chapter #7 Emily7/28Non-fiction
The Wanted Girl Chapter #6Emily7/28Non-fiction
When the Guitarist Cried Part TwoWatercolor {Sarah}7/28Realistic Fiction
The Guerrero's RainBo7/28General Fiction
When the Guitarist Cried Part One (a short story companion to the poem)Watercolor {Sarah}7/28Realistic Fiction
To Those Who Think Turning Eighteen Makes You So Much BetterInfamy (Hazel)7/28Story
When the Guitarist CriedWatercolor {Sarah}7/28Poetry
"87001-0728-15-092" [Filed under: Killing spree]echo entinity (*jill*)7/28Realistic Fiction
Growing UpLavinia7/27True story
I Thought This Would Be Accurate...( big update ) (Scarlett H. Please Read!!)Julia7/27Story
I Thought I Told YouJulia7/27Poetry
Why and How.Julia7/27Poetry
The Oak Elves Chapter 8Lavinia7/27Romance
Doubt Thou Excerpt *science fiction hamlet thing* le Polonius Death SceneAlgebraAddict :37/27Story
Darkling School of Weaponry- Excerpt 2: the story of a girl who shook hands on her death sentenceAlgebraAddict :37/27Romance
Rosie & Max: Chapter 3 (this is really bad so I need CC)November Sparrow {Clara}7/27Realistic Fiction
do you believe in miracles?Shinsei (Ena)7/27Poetry
Book Club, Anyone?Julia7/26Story
huge update (pretty sad)Julia7/26True story
NEW STORY! Daughter of the Blood Flower ~Introduction~Black Tyger7/26Fantasy
a love story as old as timefearthefallen7/26Poetry
Once Upon a Time (Short Song From An Interesting Dream I had)Emily7/26Song / Lyrics
WatercolorWatercolor {Sarah}7/26Poetry
NEW STORY: Acceptance and Regret: Chapter Two. (CC greatly needed and appreciated! Please feel free to check out the first chap)Drfitwood (Ruby)7/26Romance
The Oak Elves Chapter 7Lavinia7/26Romance
A Funny Tale ( A Sarah Greenworth Story )Lavinia7/26Story
The Living Experience |+| Chapter Two ~ a small backstory ~ Part Onelena 7/25General Fiction
Welcome the rain!William7/25Poetry
"prayer"AlgebraAddict :37/25Poetry
My diary Drama, drama, drama Chapter 2 please helpRachel7/25Realistic Fiction
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