Here Are the Latest Posts by KidPub Authors

Here Are the Latest Posts by KidPub Authors

deserted Briana7/4Poetry
A Life of Something Sad, Strange and Shameful Chapter #10 Let The Magic Start, I'm ReadyEmily7/3Fantasy
Dark Descent: Chapter One (Feedback Greatly Appreciated :) )fearthefallen {asthesuncries}7/3Horror
Danger Island Chapter #2 Making The ShelterEmily7/3Fantasy
Danger Island Chapter #1 Tools Are Needed To BuyEmily7/3Fantasy
50 Random and Pointless Facts About MeFrostyKittenTheOtaku7/2True story
The One Is Gone- Will She Ever Come Back? Emily7/2Poetry
That's How It Always Will BeEmily7/2Poetry
~-~ Earthly- Chapter One ~-~HazelHope (Julia)7/2Fantasy
Kidpub July Writing ContestCherrybomb7/2True story
Ivory Keys~Prologuefearthefallen {asthesuncries}7/2Horror
Blurb for Danger IslandEmily7/2Non-fiction
A Dream Come True (Chapter 2)Eliana7/2Realistic Fiction
human nature (i'd appreciate a nice comment c:)The Future Ex-Mrs. Malcolm7/1Poetry
A Dream Come True (Chapter 1)Eliana7/1Realistic Fiction
Break the BubbleBecca7/1Poetry
The Boundaries *yet another rewrite* Chapter Twotrying to write (grace)7/1General Fiction
untitled june haverly (niamh)7/1Poetry
Musical Thoughts in a Silent World: January 1-January 4WordSmith7/1Realistic Fiction
The Oak Elves Chapter 5Lavinia7/1Romance
26 Tips for Undoing Tough Knots*Snow* Dunadaneth6/30True story
A Life of Something Strange, Sad and Shameful Chapter#9 Spirit Lake (Please give CC.)Emily6/30Fantasy
Emma (rated pg) constructive criticism welcome:) (AA)6/30Story
All My Stories Behind The Scenes #9 New Stuff, New Characters!Red Riding Hood (Jojo)6/30Humor
Poundreaon Chapter#1 A Potion Emily6/30Fantasy
Demigod: chapter4 (CC appreciated)MiantaoYitao6/30Action / Adventure
When I'm Gone - Chapter 6Fiction {Alexis}6/30Romance
thnx y'all (to my fellow kpers)WordSmith6/30Poetry
~~~ Madie's Elimination Contest ~~~ Only 1/7 spot open! Hurry, hurry, hurry! The Future Ex-Mrs. Malcolm6/30True story
Ultamatium {chapter 1, rough draft}Tyrion (Max)6/30General Fiction
NEW KIDPUB STORY: List of people who are involved. NO MORE SIGNING UP (Except Ena) May our Souls Lie in Pieces (MOSLIP)Drfitwood (Ruby)6/30True story
untitled romance chapter 1 (still open to title ideas)Red Riding Hood (Jojo)6/30Romance
Form Mya's contestLavinia6/30Humor
i'm not a lot but i'm here lena 6/29Poetry
Tales of an Eighth Grade Nomad CHAPTER L: Grand Boob National Park, Land of the Asians (Final Chapter)Mr. Top Hat {Ian}6/29True story
The NES [Brainwashed] ~Cowritten with Luna, Tori, and Jill~ New Beginnings, Pt. 1: Entrance | Ch. 02: New Old Faces [2/2]Etsivät Sisu (Ena)6/29Fantasy
The Ultimate List of Common Last NamesThe Future Ex-Mrs. Malcolm6/29True story
A Life Of Something Strange, Sad And Shameful Chapter# 8 The Drama AgainEmily6/29Fantasy
untitled romance prologue (title suggestions are appreciated)Red Riding Hood (Jojo)6/29Romance
Attack of the "Killer" Flies (short story)Red Riding Hood (Jojo)6/29Realistic Fiction
Leaves And Me (This goes with "The Wanted Girl")Emily6/29Poetry
Acorns Are Falling Chapter#1 The trial (I got a few strange ideas while picking up acorns) (This will be a short book)Emily6/29Fantasy
The Boundaries *yet another rewrite* Chapter Onetrying to write (grace)6/29General Fiction
Writing Contest! PLZ JOIN! :)Warriors(Renee)6/29True story
Tribal Wars (title may be changed)TARDISBlogger6/28Action / Adventure
Strong (for all of you who read this)Tsunami6/28Poetry
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