Here Are the Latest Posts by KidPub Authors

Here Are the Latest Posts by KidPub Authors

Please Forgive Me- Chapter One Savannah4/24Realistic Fiction
Please Forgive Me - PrefaceSavannah4/23Realistic Fiction
Please Forgive MeSavannah4/23Realistic Fiction
The Boy I Found on the Street Chapter 6: Kindergarten Girl of the ocean (Madelyn)4/23Fantasy
Dandelion Seeds Tenaya 4/23Poetry
Goodbye Kid PubAlex Evans4/23Non-fiction
You and Ijune haverly (niamh)4/23Poetry
Writing Club Prompt ThingyCherrybomb4/23General Fiction
(yet to decide on a title)TARDISBlogger4/23Romance
Ghost Julia4/21Poetry
Home - A Power of the Pen Short StoryFiction {Alexis}4/21General Fiction
thought #4alaska4/21Story
relax // relapseJasper (pluzzle)4/21Poetry
blurb #5-8uninspired (ember)4/21General Fiction
blurb #3 and 4uninspired (ember)4/21General Fiction
blurb #2uninspired (ember)4/21True story
blurb #1uninspired (ember)4/21General Fiction
Runaway RebeccaKaedyn4/20General Fiction
cotton armstransatlanticism {ellie}4/20Poetry
molten june haverly (niamh)4/20Poetry
Yo, Kaedyn!!! Welcome to Kidpub!!!Scarlett4/20True story
I See Your Face Tenaya 4/20Poetry
Liberation (a poem I entered in a contest that I'm actually quite proud of...)Tumbling Rainbow (Grace)4/20Poetry
dreams can be realityJust a Friend4/20Poetry
The Boy I Found on the Street Chapter 5: GriffinGirl of the ocean (Madelyn)4/19General Fiction
Tick-Tock: A Nonsense Poem Tenaya 4/19Poetry
NightmaresTenaya 4/19Poetry
The ShrikeAcinonyx jubatus (Tygress)4/19Fantasy
thought #3alaska4/19Story
By Idiots For idiots: IntroductionEmerald 4/18Realistic Fiction
S.O.S.Annabeth4/18True story
The Diary Of PeedlyMichael4/18Humor
thought #2alaska4/18Story
thought #1alaska4/18Story
pt 2 to my untitled book cali x4/17General Fiction
untitled at the momentcali x4/17General Fiction
thoughts and more thoughtscali x4/17Poetry
yesteryear strayedtransatlanticism {ellie}4/17Poetry
Fanfiction Oneshots Entry Seven: Impossible Fondness*Snow* Professional Photobomber (inadvertently!)4/17Fan Fiction
A Place Inside My Head (kind of random, but hey, poetry doesn't have to make sense!)Sarah4/17Poetry
Tales of an Eighth Grade Nomad CHAPTER LIII: Moving day/New home tour :DMr. Top Hat {Ian}4/17True story
Garden: Dedicated to Mr. Top Hat {Ian}LaurenSmiles:)4/17Poetry
Wind: Dedicated to Perry (Just cuz!)LaurenSmiles:)4/17Poetry
Confuzzled: Dedicated to *youknowwhoyouare*LaurenSmiles:)4/17Poetry
Warrior Fan Fiction Contest!!!!! (By Bilbo Baggins!!!! No, just kidding...)Sarah4/17Fan Fiction
Aquarius *Prologue/Chapter One* warning: a few swear words Tenaya 4/17Fantasy
The Boy I Found on the Street Chapter 4: PancakesGirl of the ocean (Madelyn)4/16General Fiction
Embers Tenaya 4/16Poetry
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