Here Are the Latest Posts by KidPub Authors

Here Are the Latest Posts by KidPub Authors

battle star (some things are forever)*Snow* Parchment Ears10/13Poetry
WELCOME, SADIE, TO KIDPUB!!!!The ABC Society 10/13Non-fiction
space barsHawkEye{SheWhoCan}10/12Poetry
photodromy- (noun) motion towards lightAlgebraAddict :310/12Poetry
Four Seasons*Snow* Parchment Ears10/12Fantasy
constellationsNovember Sparrow {Clara}10/10Poetry
To T.S. Eliot, With Loveelias//silent10/10Poetry
YADAYADA YEARAVERSARY YOU GET THE GISTecho entinity (*jill*)10/10Horror
Without YouFiction {Alexis}10/9Romance
Mia's Diary Chapter 2 Julia10/9Realistic Fiction
~Jill's HTML Code Guide~ (Includes text boxes, fonts, and requests.)echo entinity (*jill*)10/9True story
the book of lifeNovember Sparrow {Clara}10/8Poetry
metro girlelias//silent10/8Poetry
Screams (Chapter 4)Jacqueline10/8Fantasy
On the Matter of Epessi (WARNING: GRAPHIC NERDINESS)*Snow* Parchment Ears10/7True story
WELCOME AMISHA!*Snow* Parchment Ears10/7True story
New York BluesAmisha10/7Poetry
The Living Experience |+| Chapter Two ~ a small backstory ~ Part Threelena 10/7General Fiction
Marvel Thing: Chapter Two: Unconscious Mentors, Poison, and Extreme AwesomenessHawkEye{SheWhoCan}10/7General Fiction
Black & WhiteAmisha10/7Poetry
uAlgebraAddict :310/6Poetry
Experimental Writing Piece (Rated PG-13)Hummingbird (Izzy)10/6Horror
Liberty's Exiles AnalysisFURIOSA (Ary)10/6Non-fiction
Kidpub October Writing Contest | PoetryCherrybomb10/6True story
The Oak Elves Chapter 22Lavinia10/5Romance
KIDPUB FOLLOWERS OF Death and Angel PLEASE READ!Lavinia10/5True story
Ghost in the Mirror*Snow* Parchment Ears10/5Song / Lyrics
Denial *Snow* Parchment Ears10/5Song / Lyrics
Could Be You or Could Be Me*Snow* Parchment Ears10/5Realistic Fiction
anathemacry baby10/5Poetry
The Oak Elves Chapter 21Lavinia10/4Romance
On Judgement*Snow* Parchment Ears10/4Story
On the Unknown*Snow* Parchment Ears10/4Story
On Farewells*Snow* Parchment Ears10/4Story
Marvel Fanfiction| The Next Avengers: 6 (written by Hawkeye(SheWhoCan))Glorfindel (Imagine Baggins)10/4Fan Fiction
Death and Angel Chapter 12: Zoe's: Finally a FamilyLavinia10/2Story
"Time present and time past..." - T.S. Eliotelias//silent10/1Poetry
Screams (Chapter 3)Jacqueline9/27Mystery
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