Here Are the Latest Posts by KidPub Authors

Here Are the Latest Posts by KidPub Authors

The Avalon Times Page 2 (ad)Sarah4/16Fantasy
The Avalon Times Page 1Sarah4/16Fantasy
sad < happyalaska4/16Poetry
FogTenaya 4/15Poetry
Tales of an Eighth Grade Nomad CHAPTER LII: Theories on Space and stuff. Also, me bashing on humans.Mr. Top Hat {Ian}4/15True story
"Honey I'm Home" (My official- Hey Guys I'm back) Lucy 4/15True story
Do this! Now!LaurenSmiles:)4/15True story
OF CROW AND CLAW // Chapter Two: Joking With FriendsJesterboy4/15Realistic Fiction
OF CROW AND CLAW // Chapter One: The UnknowableJesterboy4/15Realistic Fiction
Funny Play Written Out LaurenSmiles:)4/15Story
Disrespected: Chapter One ( REVISED )LaurenSmiles:)4/15General Fiction
Searching the Sky ~ chapter two ~Annabeth4/15Realistic Fiction
the weddingjune haverly (niamh)4/15Poetry
Fanfiction Oneshots Entry Six: Faramir, Sufficient Jewel *Snow* Professional Photobomber (inadvertently!)4/15Fan Fiction
Dear All Guests, PLEASE READ IF YOU ARE VISITING KP!LaurenSmiles:)4/15True story
THE INDY PROTOCOL (tnf) Sneak Peek part 2Mr. Top Hat {Ian}4/14SciFi
Dear Miley Letter One (Drinking and language and stuff) gummy bears ate me4/14Realistic Fiction
Small Persons With Wings REVEIWLaurenSmiles:)4/14
Book Title Brainstorming!!! :)Boo4/14Poll
Betwixt The Realms*Snow* Professional Photobomber (inadvertently!)4/13Fan Fiction
THE INDY PROTOCOL (tnf) Sneak Peek Mr. Top Hat {Ian}4/13SciFi
E-mail Lover!!!Maria4/13True story
Overheard at the Bedroom Doorjune haverly (niamh)4/13Poetry
Heckling Satan (chapter 14. A and B. Bad language and graphic descriptions of...um...torture?)Acinonyx jubatus (Tygress)4/13Fantasy
Bieng Bullied PoemLaurenSmiles:)4/13Poetry
My Bio!! Please read!LaurenSmiles:)4/13True story
Searching the SkyAnnabeth4/13Realistic Fiction
Weather ~ for mabes's poetry contestcali x4/12Poetry
The Boy I Found on the Street Chapter 3: The ScreamGirl of the ocean (Madelyn)4/12General Fiction
blink 4/12Poetry
Shemmerella. I wrote this when I was 6 or 7. DONT JUDGE!!LaurenSmiles:)4/12Fantasy
motorway reminisce alaska4/12Realistic Fiction
Savanna Mysteries (You finish it! PLEASE!!)LaurenSmiles:)4/11Mystery
Frosts {I will never finish this story, but I will gladly let you.}LaurenSmiles:)4/11Fantasy
A Time to Dance (Book Reveiw)LaurenSmiles:)4/11
Please Can I Have A Blanket?Lucy 4/11Poetry
Russell Pearce: Detective (The Basement)UsernameUnderConstruction (Tushar)4/11Mystery
Monster Fighters Update and Revised Story Part 1Agent Jack4/11Action / Adventure
emotional forecastingalaska4/11Poetry
\\ spring poetry contest // - round 1 results ((finally ^u^))april violets {mabes}4/7True story
The Boy I Found on the Street Chapter 1: The Broken Boy Girl of the ocean (Madelyn)4/5General Fiction
It Is Here I Doth Reside In This Little Mad Mind Of MineNikki, The Book Nerd4/5True story
UNTITLED: NEW KP Story Character Contest (i probably will not be using this title. Im open to any suggestions)Just a Friend4/3True story
Heckling Satan (chapter 12. PG-13. CC and so on)Acinonyx jubatus (Tygress)3/26Fantasy
Being Bullied PoemLaurenSmiles:)9/13True story
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