Here Are the Latest Posts by KidPub Authors

Here Are the Latest Posts by KidPub Authors

Broken SkinBo2/26Poetry
Below the Mist | PrologueComplex [Ark]2/26Fantasy
A Surreal Descent Into Madness--A Harry Potter Fanfiction, Chapter Three[The Amazing] Spider-Nargle (Isabel)2/25Fan Fiction
Falling Through Wishes Chapter 3: An Aimless WalkCatrina2/25Fantasy
A Surreal Descent Into Madness--A Harry Potter Fanfiction, Chapter Two[The Amazing] Spider-Nargle (Isabel)2/25Fan Fiction
Dragon FireSarah2/25Poetry
Speak Up Already - Chapter Twenty-Five - PG 13june haverly (niamh)2/25Realistic Fiction
Emma and The Magic Chapter SixMadelyn2/25Fantasy
Black and WhiteSarah2/25Poetry
Dork DiariesMaria2/25
this name brand is just another word for 'weak'killjoys (venika)2/25Poetry
On Loving a Daughter made of fireS2/25True story
A Normal Summer... For Us Anyway Character Contest Results!Madelyn2/24True story
Maria's Contest Results!!!!!!!!Maria2/24True story
Falling Through Wishes Chapter 2: Landing With a ThudCatrina2/24Fantasy
<Hayleigh> Part 1/4 (out of 17)lowercase (*jill*)2/24Fantasy
Speak Up Already - Chapter Twenty-Four - PG 13june haverly (niamh)2/24Realistic Fiction
Uncommon InteractionsRaina2/24Mystery
The Girl Maid Chapter 1 Part 1Imperfect Stars 2/24General Fiction
Blissful Chapter FiveAugusta2/24Realistic Fiction
The OverviewTristen2/24Poetry
Falling Through Wishes Chapter 1: The Boy and His DimeCatrina2/23Fantasy
Emma and The Magic Chapter FiveMadelyn2/23Fantasy
Emma and The Magic Chapter FourMadelyn2/23Fantasy
Emma and The Magic Chapter ThreeMadelyn2/23Fantasy
Emma and The Magic Chapter TwoMadelyn2/23Fantasy
Rain: A PoemWilliam2/23Poetry
Emma and the Magic Chapter OneMadelyn2/23Fantasy
Emma and The Magic PrologueMadelyn2/23Fantasy
The Ember GemTristen2/23Fantasy
splinters - for ark's contestalaska2/23Poetry
And Then We Cried Tadashi(Tori)2/23Poetry
She Did Tadashi(Tori)2/23Poetry
SECOND IMPORTANT NOTE about a Normal Summer... For Us AnywayMadelyn2/22True story
Fandoms Chapter 14 (FINALLY!!): Hetalia Finally Has Some Relevence!FrostyKittenTheOtaku2/22Fan Fiction
Untitled Poem *trigger-and-cussing-warrning*Horatio (AA)2/22Poetry
little starry eyes ((for once not a classical music reference whoa))Meera-chan2/22Song / Lyrics
unpoeticEtsivät Sisu (Ena)2/22Poetry
Speak Up Already - Chapter Chapter Twenty-Three - PG 13june haverly (niamh)2/22Realistic Fiction
A Really Short Story I Don't Have a Name ForMadelyn2/21Story
As Close as We GetSarah2/2Poetry
GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) Read it, it's important. And yeah, it's a repost.Random! :D & Keyboard-chan11/26True story
The nightmareRandom! :D & Keyboard-chan9/20True story
One Girl, Two LivesShadowhunter Princess9/20Realistic Fiction
BasementShadowhunter Princess9/19Horror
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