KidPub's Never Ending Story
The Story So Far...
I wrote on this a few years ago... Could you give me an overview of whats happened and whose on?


Me too?


*Are they still in the mansion? Last time I was on here they were in the mansion*


*Here let me clear some things up* "Locked," Mimi had said, then turning around to see she was alone. "Gary, Liz, Freak?" she called some of the group member's names. "Is this some sick joke?" she asked, the fear catching in her throat. /They must have been teleported back to the mansion. Maybe Freak did it./ She thought, soon spotting the door her sister and Cystenian had gone through. She decided to follow, realizing there was nowhere else to go and nothing else to do. *So, most of the characters are back at the mansion, besides Melody, Mimi, Cystenian, and Adeline (and Callum, a spirit that once was attached to her). These characters are in the Spirit World, trying to get answers from Callum as to why he's after Adeline. Blah blah blah...you can probably figure the rest out.*


*I went on here almost three years ago and there's still a mansion?! Lol awesome.*
--Llama Princess


*It makes me kind of sad, 2-3 years ago I would leave for three hours and I would have no idea what was going on. Now I've left for 6 hours and my previous comment is still the most recent. Not enough people go on here anymore. :(*
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*Seriously, I left for two years and now there no body goes on here. :( *
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*Pretty much ^*


"Freak!" Liz shouted furiously, "how could you do that?! We can't just buzz out now. What about the others?" "I did you a favor," Freak replied flatly. "You have to do something. You have powers none of the rest of us have. Or at least take me back," Liz's eyes blazed, "I didn't ask to be saved." The others looked around. "Well, we're here now. Might as well grab some supplies, make a plan. Everything in the mansion, is there anything Callum would fear?"


Freak leaned back on the wall, his heterochromatic eyes watched all of them, but focused on none of them. His left eye swam between pale purple and pastel yellow. His mind was somewhere else, perhaps back in the dream-world, watching Adeline and Cystenian, Melody and Callum. Liz had the others buzzing, she sent Fawn, Echo(are they here? I forgot.) and Gary to search for useful supplies. "Rope, knives, ice picks, if it looks useful, grab it, we'll sort it after you get back." She said, " Do not open any doors, under any circumstances, understood?" Gary only nodded, and Fawn went off without any response. "And you," Liz turned back to Freak. "You better not disappear." Freak ignored her. "Hey, listen." She snapped her fingers in front of his face. Hazel watched from the chair where she had sat herself when they ended up back here. One part of her wanted to tell Liz to shut up and calm down, the other part wanted to observe everyone's reactions to being dumped back here without a couple members. She listened to the latter half, against her better judgement. "Go away, little girl, i've done as much as I have decided to do for now and will not be transporting you back." Freak waved Liz away like she was a three-year-old begging for attention.


"Hey, you do know you can be rude at times, Freak." Liz said.
--*Lauren* <3's Books!


"I'm perfectly aware of it." Freak responded curtly. Liz rolled her eyes. "Could you stop?" Freak shot his gaze at Liz, his eye turned red-orange. "What? Stop what? Trying to get us back, to help my friends?" There, the spark of tension had burst into the flames of an arguement. "Stop and think, you infernal child, do you even know what would happen if you went back there?" Freak spoke through gritted teeth, his eye was now bright blood red. Liz faltered. "Do you?!" He demanded. "We would stand a chance at winning against Callum, that's what!" Liz snapped back. "Wrong, the dream world you saw would collapse, your own bodies would implode and filter into the thin dust of spirit bodies! That world was thrown into a massive imbalance when you arrived and *Will continue as soon as back from school/hospital*


Sooo. . . What is this never-ending story thing


Enter the next paragraph...


*Continueing from my last paragraph* "Callum was only making things worse. With you gone from the dream world the pressure has let up and so far, it hasn't sky-rcoketed again, but if you do go back you won't even last long enough to open your eyes. Got that?!" The entire time he had been talking, DreamFreak had been stepping closer and closer to Liz, until finally they were standing toe to toe. Liz tilted her chin back to look straight at him, her eyes hard and her jaw set. After a long, quiet moment, Liz spoke. "Fine, but I want you to broadcast what's happening in the castle, so if and when Callum is defeated, we can transport Adeline and Cystenian back right away." She nodded her head towards and empty corner. "Agreed." Freak snapped his gloved fingers and a looking glass appeared. Inside the looking glass figures were scurrying frantically.


*@ Graystorm, NES is a story...that, um, never ends. But you probably have that down already. So Basically, everyone posts a paragraph that adds to the story and it's(now i'm not sure if this analogy helps) like a giant roleplay game. Currently we are approaching an end to one part(arc?) of the story where this one girl, Adeline, is going against her attached entity Callum. Everyone followed her to help her, but it didn't work out well and now Adeline is going after Callum on her own, and Cystenian and Melody are trying to find her so they can stop and/or help her defeat Callum. DreamFreak transported everyone else back to a place called Gateway Mansion(more later) and you can read in above paragraphs what just took place. The characters are; Fawn, Echo, Hazel, Liz, Gary, Adeline, Callum, Cystenian, DreamFreak, Melody, and Harmony. Fawn and Echo a sister and brother(or vice versa) and can turn into arctic wolves, Liz and Gary are sister and brother, Adeline and Cystenian are good friends, DreamFreak, Melody and Harmony are new and probably aren't staying(although, I would like to keep DF since I don't actually have any perm. chara's here, but meh.) and there's a hole bunch of other connections that I won't go into because that would take forever. Anyways, that's the NES in one badly written paragraph, hopefully you join, 'cause we're kind of at a low point right now. (and by low I mean loooow)*


*@T.B.S.S. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA "Fawn and Echo are sister and brother (or vice versa) and can turn into arctic wolves," HAHAHA. *Wipes tear from eye* You humor me. Fawn and HAZEL are brother and sister. They can turn into COYOTES. Echo is Fawn's GIRLFRIEND and yes she can turn into an arctic fox. Fawn is Hazel's older brother, and they were basically living on the streets until they came across the gateway mansion. This actually made me laugh though omg. @Jill: HAAAI :3*
--Freedom Fighter (Tori)


It wasn't just them in the hunger games. Echo stared at the other players. One was a small, blonde-haired girl. Another was a huge, bulky brown-haired boy. Hazel looked at the landscape around them and planned an escape.


*@Tori Haha, oops, :P sorry*
--Snap Crackle Pop


*I'm new here! everything seems really disconnected so I'm going to continue from Rosepetals(Renee)'s entry...* Echo was jolted out of her thoughts by the gong going off. Everyone around her was racing towards the Cornucopia, which sat on top of a hill about a football field away. All of the tributes were making a beeline towards it. Echo transformed into an arctic fox and bounded around the other tributes, trying to find Fawn and Hazel. She barked frantically, called Fawn and Hazel's name. Soon enough, two coyotes came bounding towards her.


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KidPub's Never Ending Story

In Gateway Mansion there are many, many doors. Some lead to great and at the same time terrifying adventures. While others simply lead to darkness and storage spaces. Nevertheless, two young siblings, Gary & Liz, inhabiting Gateway Mansion never know what is around the next corner. Because, in such a topsy, turvy place, your next move, your next breath, could be your last.

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