The latest chapter books on KidPub

The latest chapter books on KidPub

Book TitleByPostedBook Name
blurb #5-8uninspired (ember)April 21, 2015blurb #3 and 4
blurb #3 and 4uninspired (ember)April 21, 2015blurb #2
blurb #2uninspired (ember)April 21, 2015
molten june haverly (niamh)April 20, 2015the wedding
Yo, Kaedyn!!! Welcome to Kidpub!!!ScarlettApril 20, 2015
I See Your Face Tenaya April 20, 2015
The Boy I Found on the Street Chapter 5: GriffinGirl of the ocean (Madelyn)April 19, 2015The Boy I Found on the Street Chapter 4: Pancakes
Tick-Tock: A Nonsense Poem Tenaya April 19, 2015
NightmaresTenaya April 19, 2015
thought #3alaskaApril 19, 2015thought #2
By Idiots For idiots: IntroductionEmerald April 18, 2015
thought #2alaskaApril 18, 2015thought #1
thought #1alaskaApril 18, 2015
pt 2 to my untitled book cali xApril 17, 2015untitled at the moment
untitled at the momentcali xApril 17, 2015
Fanfiction Oneshots Entry Seven: Impossible Fondness*Snow* Professional Photobomber (inadvertently!)April 17, 2015Fanfiction Oneshots Entry Six: Faramir, Sufficient Jewel
A Place Inside My Head (kind of random, but hey, poetry doesn't have to make sense!)SarahApril 17, 2015The Things We Should All Hold Dear
Tales of an Eighth Grade Nomad CHAPTER LIII: Moving day/New home tour :DMr. Top Hat {Ian}April 17, 2015Tales of an Eighth Grade Nomad CHAPTER LII: Theories on Space and stuff. Also, me bashing on humans.
Garden: Dedicated to Mr. Top Hat {Ian}LaurenSmiles:)April 17, 2015Wind: Dedicated to Perry (Just cuz!)
Wind: Dedicated to Perry (Just cuz!)LaurenSmiles:)April 17, 2015Confuzzled: Dedicated to *youknowwhoyouare*
Confuzzled: Dedicated to *youknowwhoyouare*LaurenSmiles:)April 17, 2015Woodpecker: Dedicated to Maria
Aquarius *Prologue/Chapter One* warning: a few swear words Tenaya April 17, 2015
The Boy I Found on the Street Chapter 4: PancakesGirl of the ocean (Madelyn)April 16, 2015The Boy I Found on the Street Chapter 3: The Scream
Embers Tenaya April 16, 2015
NEW: POisoned: Chapter 3 (sorry, its finally here if anybody follows it :D)RubyApril 16, 2015NEW: Poisoned: Chapter 2 (Sorry it took so long :) )
Hey Guys. I think this might be farweeeeeeeelllllll. Jules ^-^April 16, 2015
Dreaming of Mice: A Cat (and human!) Poetry Book. Me and YouSarahApril 16, 2015
Woodpecker: Dedicated to MariaLaurenSmiles:)April 16, 2015iSwam: Dedicated to Meera
The Offsprings (An Avengers Fanfic) Chapter 1 Lucy April 16, 2015
iSwam: Dedicated to MeeraLaurenSmiles:)April 16, 2015Snowflake: Dedicated to alaska
Snowflake: Dedicated to alaskaLaurenSmiles:)April 16, 2015Royal Jester: Dedicated to Jesterboy
Royal Jester: Dedicated to JesterboyLaurenSmiles:)April 16, 2015Swallowtail: Dedicated to Pipevine Swallowtail
Swallowtail: Dedicated to Pipevine SwallowtailLaurenSmiles:)April 16, 2015the Iris Blooms: Dedicated to Scarlett H. :D
the Iris Blooms: Dedicated to Scarlett H. :DLaurenSmiles:)April 16, 2015
I Want To Fall In Love Tenaya April 16, 2015
The TroublemakerEmmaApril 16, 2015
The Avalon Times Page 3SarahApril 16, 2015The Avalon Times Page 2 (ad)
The Avalon Times Page 2 (ad)SarahApril 16, 2015The Avalon Times Page 1
The Avalon Times Page 1SarahApril 16, 2015
FogTenaya April 15, 2015

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