The latest chapter books on KidPub

The latest chapter books on KidPub

Book TitleByPostedBook Name
Poisoned- Prologue (CC would be appreciated as I'm not sure if this is a good plot or not :D)RubyJanuary 31, 2015
Frosts Chap. 1 / Part 1of Chapter 1HermeonieJanuary 31, 2015Frosts Prolouge
Me: Not Happening: Chapter Three[The Amazing] Spider-Nargle (Isabel)January 31, 2015Me: Not Happening: Chapter Two
paranoia isolation apathy idk what to call this ((vent))sravavavavniJanuary 31, 2015an ancient fail poem that i wrote a long time ago and found randomly
song from story #1--ana ngsweet tartsJanuary 31, 2015
and we were laughingcherry wine (niamh)January 31, 2015untitled - dedicated to all of you talented lot (which is everyone)
WINGS-Chapter SevenScarlettJanuary 31, 2015WINGS-Chapter Six
SamsonEmbrrrrJanuary 30, 2015
Frosts ProlougeHermeonieJanuary 30, 2015
Josie ~ comment maybe halo (confuzzled)January 30, 2015
Character Contest for Blissful LAST CHANCE AugustaJanuary 29, 2015Character Contest for Blissful (aka the dreaded repost)
Speak Up Already - Chapter Ten - PG 13cherry wine (niamh)January 29, 2015Speak Up Already - Chapter Nine - PG 13
Me: Not Happening: Chapter Two[The Amazing] Spider-Nargle (Isabel)January 29, 2015Me: Not Happening: Chapter One
//along for the ride//halo (confuzzled)January 28, 2015//firefly//
Me: Not Happening: Chapter One[The Amazing] Spider-Nargle (Isabel)January 28, 2015
The Akura (My NaNoWriMo) Chapter 9 (Dedicated to ME! Cause personally, I'm kinda proud of myself. ALSO DEDICATED TO YOU!)Panthera Tigris Tigris (Grace)January 28, 2015The Akura (My NaNoWriMo) Chapter 8 (Dedicated to a friend, see author's note)
WINGS-Chapter SixScarlettJanuary 28, 2015WINGS-Chapter Five
The Journey of an AcornSarahJanuary 28, 2015Ink World
awkwardtateJanuary 28, 2015paper iris - dedicated to nikki/ember
ODDBALLS - Rewritten - Chapter Two - CECILA'S POV Jules ^-^January 28, 2015ODDBALLS - Rewritten - Chapter One - CECILA'S POV
(Unnamed series) Book 1: Rebelion chapter 1 McKenzieJanuary 27, 2015
Ink WorldSarahJanuary 27, 2015Snow Chimes
Speak Up Already - Chapter Nine - PG 13cherry wine (niamh)January 27, 2015Speak Up Already - Chapter Eight - PG 13
Autumn LeafSarahJanuary 27, 2015A Quilt Of Poems: Hurricane
Snow ChimesSarahJanuary 27, 2015A Quilt Of Poems: Hurricane
A Quilt Of Poems: HurricaneSarahJanuary 27, 2015
paper iris - dedicated to nikki/embertateJanuary 27, 2015fall in love with yourself
untitled - dedicated to all of you talented lot (which is everyone)cherry wine (niamh)January 27, 2015"so i had this crazy dream about her last night...should i call her? i'm gonna call her."
PortalVerse: Page 1 EDITEDSarah JJanuary 27, 2015
30% Downtime : Chapter One : part i mocha spice {venika}January 27, 2015
ODDBALLS - Rewritten - Chapter One - CECILA'S POV Jules ^-^January 26, 2015ODDBALLS - Rewritten - Prolouge
Fruit Salad (cowrite with Sravani) Chapter 1, Part 1the key of b sharp majorJanuary 26, 2015
* Tattooed Era * Chapter Five * Lena is cold January 26, 2015* Tattooed Era * Chapter Four *
Artemis's Revenge Chapter 4 (Plot twist) (Also, link to the first chapter!)Winter PandaJanuary 26, 2015Chapter 1 of my NaNoWriMo, Artemis's Revenge
|| Lights Out | Part One ||Moving to Mars {Nikki}January 26, 2015
WINGS-Chapter FiveScarlettJanuary 26, 2015WINGS-Chapter Four
Demonica (chapter eight. The Exchange. PG-13. CC most appreciated)Acinonyx jubatus (Tygress)January 26, 2015Demonica (chapter seven. Puppets on strings - yeah, that was chapter 5 but it fitted this one better. PG-13 or whatever)
fall in love with yourselftateJanuary 26, 2015fake lights - dedicated to milo
Mythical Magic Chapter 4JuliaJanuary 26, 2015
Fruit Salad (Co-write with Meera) ProloguesravavavavniJanuary 25, 2015

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