The latest chapter books on KidPub

The latest chapter books on KidPub

Book TitleByPostedBook Name
loading... please waitalaskaSeptember 30, 2014dedicated to silent
Coralberry {23}: SparkleCherrybombSeptember 29, 2014Coralberry {22}: Sleep
The SURVIVORS --- chapter 1}~gem*stone~{September 29, 2014The SURVIVORS --- summery
Out There ~ Chapter One Part TwoJules ^-^September 29, 2014Out There ~ Chapter One Part One
What SeemsAnitaSeptember 29, 2014 My transparent balls 1
dedicated to silentalaskaSeptember 29, 2014hurricane (dedicated to nikki bc idk)
Coralberry {22}: SleepCherrybombSeptember 28, 2014Coralberry {21}: It's a Lonely Bridge
Out There ~ Chapter One Part OneJules ^-^September 28, 2014
problems with lifeWilly Wonka the SecondSeptember 28, 2014
hey look i actually wrote something substantial... confuzzledSeptember 28, 2014
Coralberry {21}: It's a Lonely BridgeCherrybombSeptember 28, 2014Coralberry {20}: Ramblings of a Child
from the grave, with lovelong way down(niamh)September 28, 2014suicide note to myself
nostalgia (true story-ish)Collapse {Sravani}September 28, 2014sacrifice (dedicated to phan/niamhy)
campfireconfuzzledSeptember 28, 2014emotions
Voyage | Chapter 1 [Leon] Lord Stark (Harry)September 28, 2014
Unnamed Story Chapter One Part Two: Evacuation of San FranciscoLarry PetersonSeptember 27, 2014Unnamed story Chapter One: Evacuation of San Francisco
The List - Chapter 8PuppySeptember 27, 2014The List - Chapter 7
Glissando-Chapter TwoAlice WaySeptember 27, 2014Glissando-Chapter One
How to Add Depth to Your CharactersVashtra and Jenny (i&i)September 27, 2014How to Complete Stories
shivers before the hearthSock Monkey {Madelyn}September 27, 2014evan
ChangeLucSeptember 27, 2014
emotionsconfuzzledSeptember 27, 2014secrets
secretsconfuzzledSeptember 27, 2014snapshot
Forgotten Secrets: Chapter 1 luna the magical girlSeptember 27, 2014
suicide note to myselflong way down(niamh)September 27, 2014winter lovers - based on crescent
Click this imedietly, there is something we need to talk about...Rosepetals(Renee)September 27, 2014
Thrifty Contest Part One (The Story behind the Song contest is cancelled, sorry guys >.< )Sock Monkey {Madelyn}September 27, 2014
hurricane (dedicated to nikki bc idk)alaskaSeptember 27, 2014sky
Coralberry {20}: Ramblings of a ChildCherrybombSeptember 26, 2014Coralberry {19}: Spatter
Unnamed story Chapter One: Evacuation of San FranciscoLarry PetersonSeptember 26, 2014
skyalaskaSeptember 26, 2014~
Coralberry {19}: SpatterCherrybombSeptember 25, 2014Coralberry {18}: Exist?
Wacky Contest from the Wacky World of My Chocolate Factory!!! :p (PLEASE ENTER!!!!!)Willy Wonka the SecondSeptember 25, 2014
Coralberry {18}: Exist?CherrybombSeptember 24, 2014Coralberry {17}: Sleepy Town
evanSock Monkey {Madelyn}September 24, 2014Let Her Go
The Offering(chapter3)MiantaoYitaoSeptember 24, 2014The Offering(chapter2)
The Lost Song of the Wolf | Updates and News *holds back despaired tears*Sock Monkey {Madelyn}September 24, 2014The Lost Song of the Wolf {Prologue, Part 3} Romance scene @u@ Short, but whatever...
Coralberry {17}: Sleepy TownCherrybombSeptember 24, 2014Coralberry {16}: A Piece of Our Soul
The Lost Song of the Wolf {Prologue, Part 3} Romance scene @u@ Short, but whatever...Sock Monkey {Madelyn}September 23, 2014The Lost Song of the Wolf {Prologue, Part 2} It's short, but shut up and read, guys xD
Dancing in the Rain (yessss happy poem)Blue SnowflakeSeptember 23, 2014Thorns (rather dark poem)

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