The latest chapter books on KidPub

The latest chapter books on KidPub

Book TitleByPostedBook Name
Fanfiction Oneshots Entry Seven: Impossible Fondness*Snow* Parchment EarsApril 17, 2015Fanfiction Oneshots Entry Six: Faramir, Sufficient Jewel
A Place Inside My Head (kind of random, but hey, poetry doesn't have to make sense!)Speechless {Sarah}April 17, 2015The Things We Should All Hold Dear
Tales of an Eighth Grade Nomad CHAPTER LIII: Moving day/New home tour :DLone Martian {Ian}April 17, 2015Tales of an Eighth Grade Nomad CHAPTER LII: Theories on Space and stuff. Also, me bashing on humans.
Garden: Dedicated to Mr. Top Hat {Ian}LaurenApril 17, 2015Wind: Dedicated to Perry (Just cuz!)
Wind: Dedicated to Perry (Just cuz!)LaurenApril 17, 2015Confuzzled: Dedicated to *youknowwhoyouare*
Confuzzled: Dedicated to *youknowwhoyouare*LaurenApril 17, 2015Woodpecker: Dedicated to Maria
Aquarius *Prologue/Chapter One* warning: a few swear words Tenaya April 17, 2015
The Boy I Found on the Street Chapter 4: PancakesArtisticHopeApril 16, 2015The Boy I Found on the Street Chapter 3: The Scream
Embers Tenaya April 16, 2015
NEW: POisoned: Chapter 3 (sorry, its finally here if anybody follows it :D)Drfitwood (Ruby)April 16, 2015NEW: Poisoned: Chapter 2 (Sorry it took so long :) )
Hey Guys. I think this might be farweeeeeeeelllllll. Jules ^-^April 16, 2015
Dreaming of Mice: A Cat (and human!) Poetry Book. Me and YouSpeechless {Sarah}April 16, 2015
Woodpecker: Dedicated to MariaLaurenApril 16, 2015iSwam: Dedicated to Meera
The Offsprings (An Avengers Fanfic) Chapter 1 Lucy April 16, 2015
iSwam: Dedicated to MeeraLaurenApril 16, 2015Snowflake: Dedicated to alaska
Snowflake: Dedicated to alaskaLaurenApril 16, 2015Royal Jester: Dedicated to Jesterboy
Royal Jester: Dedicated to JesterboyLaurenApril 16, 2015Swallowtail: Dedicated to Pipevine Swallowtail
Swallowtail: Dedicated to Pipevine SwallowtailLaurenApril 16, 2015the Iris Blooms: Dedicated to Scarlett H. :D
the Iris Blooms: Dedicated to Scarlett H. :DLaurenApril 16, 2015
I Want To Fall In Love Tenaya April 16, 2015
The TroublemakerEmmaApril 16, 2015
The Avalon Times Page 3Speechless {Sarah}April 16, 2015The Avalon Times Page 2 (ad)
The Avalon Times Page 2 (ad)Speechless {Sarah}April 16, 2015The Avalon Times Page 1
The Avalon Times Page 1Speechless {Sarah}April 16, 2015

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