The latest chapter books on KidPub

The latest chapter books on KidPub

Book TitleByPostedBook Name
The Emergence - Chapter ThreesilentOctober 25, 2013The Emergence - Chapter Two
Book traitor chapter 2 Alex's POV catching fire(Alex evans)October 25, 2013Book traitor - a Kidpub story chapter 1
Sister Scrolls - Chaper 1: Aryssa ~~~ A Duet Novel by Tsuki Kizzu and Ashley BriarwolfTheAshWolfOctober 24, 2013Sister Scrolls - Prologue: Torn Apart ~~~ A Duet Novel by Tsuki Kizzu and Ashley Briarwolf
Amilee: Chapter 20 | Re-WriteWriter MOctober 24, 2013Amilee: Chapter 19 | Re-Write
- Disappearing - A KidPub Story - Chapter One, Part One of ?-Proud Multishipper {Lena}October 24, 2013- Disappearing - A KidPub Story - Prologue -
Revolution Chapter Twenty-Four(Please CC)Mirror Shards (Grace)October 24, 2013Revolution Chapter Twenty-Three Ribb's POV (Please CC)
Book traitor - a Kidpub story chapter 1 catching fire(Alex evans)October 24, 2013Book traitor - a Kidpub story
THE HAUNTED Chapter 1CentaurFlame (Camryn)October 24, 2013THE HAUNTED Introduction
(*The Groundworld Chronicles*) Book One: The Skyworld Sword~Chapter 3-Rory's POV-cowrite with MaxMirror Shards (Grace)October 24, 2013(*The Groundworld Chronicles*) Book 1: The Skyworld Sword~Chapter 1-Morgan’s POV-co-write with Max
THE HAUNTED IntroductionCentaurFlame (Camryn)October 24, 2013
Pain In Disguise - Chapter 4PencilSwordOctober 24, 2013Pain In Disguise - Chapter 3
Beyond and Above, Chapter OneGinny PigOctober 23, 2013
~Now & Then Album~Song Eight~The Roses~darkest before the dawn {Ellie}October 23, 2013~Now & Then Album~Song Seven~Angels are Here~ (Based off of school shooting. Subject area may be sensitive.)
Book traitor - a Kidpub story catching fire(Alex evans)October 23, 2013
Reactions: Chapter OneRiver(Renee)October 23, 2013
[untitled]-PROLOGUEMary ElizabethOctober 23, 2013
The Blackard's Legendary Halloween Stories- The Poltergeist of Hawk Drive part 1CentaurFlame (Camryn)October 23, 2013
Co-writing contest *repost*Iilana and IanthaOctober 23, 2013Co-writing contest!
Surrounded: Chapter FourCamilleOctober 23, 2013Surrounded: Chapter Three

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