The latest chapter books on KidPub

The latest chapter books on KidPub

Book TitleByPostedBook Name
Cryptic Lies | IntroductionSimmons [SilverStar]February 3, 2014
ZFFRW: Between the Worlds Chapter OneInfinityGirl & Keyboard-chanFebruary 3, 2014My Zelda Fan fic re-write: Between the Worlds (ZFFR:BTW)
Heya! Come and enter my character contest, for my new Harry Potter Fan fic! Raven (*~Athena~*)February 3, 2014
The Long Road: Chapter Twenty (The Gravity of Tears) GUYS IT'S MY BIRTHDAY 8DDDDDDSearchlight (Tarka)February 3, 2014The Long Road: Chapter Nineteen (In the Silver Mist) You all are going to hate me after this chapter.....
Old Writing Critique-The Bubblegum Sisters Share Their Talents (Chapter 2)Reign of Bitter Treats (Klare)February 3, 2014Old Writing Critique-The Bubblegum Sisters Share Their Talents (Chapter 1)
City | City of ice *dedicated to Cember/Silent*Starlit Nightmares (*Jill*)February 3, 2014City | City of loneliness *dedicated to Lydia/Lena/Nikki*
Supernaturally: The Dream Thief *Chapter 2*Artyc Flaeme Enfulgai [Sam]February 3, 2014
My Earned Wings Chapter 1 Part 1SeventySevenDemigodsFebruary 2, 2014
Burst #28: A Starry NightThe RaconteurFebruary 2, 2014Burst #1: Failure's Embrace (Part 1)
City | City of loneliness *dedicated to Lydia/Lena/Nikki*Starlit Nightmares (*Jill*)February 2, 2014City | City of the moon *dedicated to Arin/Cherry*
Wisps Ch. 4Jules [Julia]February 2, 2014
Gemstone Warriors-Chapter 9The Queen AliceFebruary 2, 2014Gemstone Warriors-Chapter 8
Miracle Fate - Chapter 8PencilSwordFebruary 2, 2014Miracle Fate - Chapter 7
The Ghost Games Chapter SeventeenCreative Consultant (Grace)February 2, 2014The Ghost Games Chapter Sixteen
How to Receive Uncomfortable Stares at a Gas Station AugustaFebruary 2, 2014How to Receive Uncomfortable Stares in Math Class
Cryptic Lies | PrologueSimmons [SilverStar]February 1, 2014
Gemstone Warriors-Chapter 8The Queen AliceFebruary 1, 2014Gemstone Warriors-Chapter 7
Morwen ~ Chapter 3 ~ Part Two of Two | Daniel (Please read , comment, and CC!) #chapterthreeGarrett al'ThorFebruary 1, 2014Morwen ~ Chapter 3 ~ Part One of Two | Daniel (Please read, comment, and CC!) #chapterthree
Old Writing Critique-The Bubblegum Sisters Share Their Talents (Chapter 1)Reign of Bitter Treats (Klare)February 1, 2014
this girl of a broken heart *inspired by the Book Thief*November SparrowFebruary 1, 2014are there any happily ever afters?
Untitled Chapter FourAugustaFebruary 1, 2014Untitled Chapter Three
In the Shadows Chapter 4 Click me because I like jello!Travis Shadowheart February 1, 2014In the Shadows Chapter 3 Click here!!
My Zelda Fan fic re-write: Between the Worlds (ZFFR:BTW)InfinityGirl & Keyboard-chanFebruary 1, 2014
City | City of the moon *dedicated to Arin/Cherry*Starlit Nightmares (*Jill*)February 1, 2014City | City of the heartless *dedicated to Cember/Ru*
Hemlock (chapter eighteen. Lord Hiero. And stuff that happens)Acinonyx jubatus (Tygress)February 1, 2014Hemlock (chapter seventeen. I have my laptop again. I can write once more)
The Ghost Games Chapter SixteenCreative Consultant (Grace)February 1, 2014The Ghost Games Chapter Fifteen
~ Rebel Heartbeat ~ Co-Write with Arin ~ Chapter OnelenaJanuary 31, 2014~ Rebel Heartbeat ~ Co-Write with Arin ~ Prologue
Gemstone Warriors-Chapter 7The Queen AliceJanuary 31, 2014Gemstone Warriors-Chapter 6
The Ghost Games Chapter Fifteen Creative Consultant (Grace)January 31, 2014The Ghost Games Part Two: The Portal Chapter Fourteen
Warriors FanFic Chapter FiveCharlieJanuary 31, 2014Warriors FanFic Chapter Four
The Little Black Book- CruelMakaylaJanuary 31, 2014The Little Black Book- If The World Were Someone's Heart
-Angel- Crystal tears *dedicated to Laura and Lily*Starlit Nightmares (*Jill*)January 31, 2014
City | City of the heartless *dedicated to Cember/Ru*Starlit Nightmares (*Jill*)January 31, 2014City | City of the fireplace *dedicated to Clara/Lily*
Chapter 2 Part 1 of Haunted, Pages 6-7, sequel to Nightmares Please CC!!! BenJanuary 31, 2014Chapter 1 of Haunted, Pages 1-5, Sequel to Nightmares, Please CC!!!! Horror/Humor
In the Shadows Chapter 3 Click here!!Travis Shadowheart January 31, 2014In the Shadows Chapter 2 Click me or face the punishment of...Time out!

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