The latest mysteries on KidPub

The latest mysteries on KidPub

Yours, O {Prologue-y thing}Gypsy {Tess}November 29, 2015
Leah Kel And the BLACK DOG MYSTERY!!!AnnaNovember 17, 2015
Screams (Chapter 3)JacquelineSeptember 27, 2015
Screams (Chapter 2)JacquelineSeptember 24, 2015
Screams (Chapter 1)JacquelineSeptember 23, 2015
West Precinct Stories~ Book One: Hamilton Hotel- Chapter OneGypsy {Tess}September 6, 2015
Savannah brown and the death of the duchess: PrologueRachelAugust 22, 2015
Under the Veil (Prologue + Chapter 1, please comment and CC!)Scream Queen (Max)August 17, 2015
Prediction or Fiction *Preview*+ *Excerpt* nameless but not facelessAugust 15, 2015
Stolen PEARLS Half a mystery, CAN YOU SOLVE THE MYSTERY?AnnaGraceJuly 30, 2015
She Sees~CH1~ *REWRITE* +Bookcover nameless but not facelessJuly 22, 2015
She Sees~ Chapter One: PT 1nameless but not facelessJuly 20, 2015
Character Contest with a TWIST || For "Hymn for Solitude", my new story owo ||little hero [madie]May 6, 2015
Regarding the poll I made, "Would ya read this", which title should I use? (synopsis in comments if you missed it)little hero [madie]May 4, 2015
Would ya read this/has this idea been done before?little hero [madie]May 3, 2015
It's Magic! (for Jojo's contest)WilliamApril 29, 2015
Crash Landing Part 2ZhaomengApril 27, 2015
Crash Landing Part 1ZhaomengApril 26, 2015
AwakeDanielApril 19, 2015
Savanna Mysteries (You finish it! PLEASE!!)LaurenApril 11, 2015
Russell Pearce: Detective (The Basement)UsernameUnderConstruction (Tushar)April 11, 2015
Russell Pearce: Detective (Agent 3)UsernameUnderConstruction (Tushar)April 10, 2015
Russell Pearce: Detective (My Life before INDA)UsernameUnderConstruction (Tushar)April 10, 2015
Russell Pearce: Detective (Prologue)UsernameUnderConstruction (Tushar)April 9, 2015
I DON"T KNOW WHAT THE TITLE SHOULD BE!!! (for Julia's contest)ScarlettMarch 17, 2015
Death is all we know prologue [i may change the nameZoyaMarch 8, 2015
Uncommon InteractionsRainaFebruary 24, 2015
The Case of the Missing Teddy BearEmmaFebruary 16, 2015
Fruit Salad (cowrite with Sravani) Chapter 1, Part 1je suis la videJanuary 26, 2015
Fruit Salad (Co-write with Meera) Prologue SravaniJanuary 25, 2015

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