The latest poetry on KidPub

The latest poetry on KidPub

the literal metaphorical pond of my own creationkilljoys (venika)February 3 2015
romance isn't happiness if you can find another wayalaskaFebruary 3 2015
(Can't think of title, Comment)S_P_E_C_I_A_L PoetFebruary 3 2015
My Untitled Free-Verse Novel (Chapter 1: Recognition)Chaos {Max}February 3 2015
w_i_s_hS_P_E_C_I_A_L PoetFebruary 2 2015
TWiRLS_P_E_C_I_A_L PoetFebruary 2 2015
Plastic DogsS_P_E_C_I_A_L PoetFebruary 2 2015
When you guys are rich and famous because you are so great writers ad im not will you give me money? (Its a joke btw)S_P_E_C_I_A_L PoetFebruary 2 2015
Plastic Bears in My LifeS_P_E_C_I_A_L PoetFebruary 2 2015
Sapling and the Sun PoemS_P_E_C_I_A_L PoetFebruary 2 2015
A Scribble From The Swingsetjune haverly (niamh)February 2 2015
A Letter to God SFebruary 2 2015
As Close as We GetSarahFebruary 2 2015
between the ledger lines ((this poem is just one huge music reference yay))Meera-chanFebruary 1 2015
left me breathlesslowercase (*jill*)February 1 2015
i thought you said you loved metransatlanticism {ellie}January 31 2015
paranoia isolation apathy idk what to call this ((vent))sravani-sempaiJanuary 31 2015
and we were laughingjune haverly (niamh)January 31 2015
letters to the moonkilljoys (venika)January 31 2015
A List of Things I Should Be Doing (I REALLY CAN'T DO THE EMOTIONAL DEEP WRITING THING OKAY)Meera-chanJanuary 29 2015
//along for the ride//halo (confuzzled)January 28 2015
The Journey of an AcornSarahJanuary 28 2015
awkwardalaskaJanuary 28 2015
Ink WorldSarahJanuary 27 2015
Autumn LeafSarahJanuary 27 2015
Snow ChimesSarahJanuary 27 2015
questions for god (idk another random poem)lowercase (*jill*)January 27 2015
A Quilt Of Poems: HurricaneSarahJanuary 27 2015
paper iris - dedicated to nikki/emberalaskaJanuary 27 2015
untitled - dedicated to all of you talented lot (which is everyone)june haverly (niamh)January 27 2015

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