The latest poetry on KidPub

The latest poetry on KidPub

As Close as We GetSarahFebruary 2 2015
between the ledger lines ((this poem is just one huge music reference yay))MeeraFebruary 1 2015
left me breathlesslowercase (*jill*)February 1 2015
i thought you said you loved metransatlanticism {ellie}January 31 2015
paranoia isolation apathy idk what to call this ((vent))bonkyheadJanuary 31 2015
and we were laughingjune haverly (niamh)January 31 2015
letters to the moonkilljoys (venika)January 31 2015
A List of Things I Should Be Doing (I REALLY CAN'T DO THE EMOTIONAL DEEP WRITING THING OKAY)MeeraJanuary 29 2015
//along for the ride//halo (confuzzled)January 28 2015
The Journey of an AcornSarahJanuary 28 2015
awkwarddishwashing liquid {alaska}January 28 2015
Ink WorldSarahJanuary 27 2015
Autumn LeafSarahJanuary 27 2015
Snow ChimesSarahJanuary 27 2015
questions for god (idk another random poem)lowercase (*jill*)January 27 2015
A Quilt Of Poems: HurricaneSarahJanuary 27 2015
paper iris - dedicated to nikki/emberdishwashing liquid {alaska}January 27 2015
untitled - dedicated to all of you talented lot (which is everyone)june haverly (niamh)January 27 2015
people of stone and rooms of goldcamiJanuary 26 2015
fall in love with yourselfdishwashing liquid {alaska}January 26 2015
"so i had this crazy dream about her last night...should i call her? i'm gonna call her."june haverly (niamh)January 25 2015
gone (idk random poem)lowercase (*jill*)January 25 2015
PHAN awards round 8 resultsdishwashing liquid {alaska}January 25 2015
choking---for the PHAN awards round eightCherrybombJanuary 24 2015
An excerpt of a story I'll never writeBrittneyJanuary 24 2015
The TightropeTumbling Rainbow (Grace)January 24 2015
To My Dearest (A ranting poem supporting feminism)Panda LilyJanuary 23 2015
fake lights - dedicated to milodishwashing liquid {alaska}January 23 2015
an ancient fail poem that i wrote a long time ago and found randomly bonkyheadJanuary 22 2015
London Townjune haverly (niamh)January 22 2015

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