The latest poetry on KidPub

The latest poetry on KidPub

Shoulder (dedicated to Travis Shadowheart)Luna EclipseSeptember 3 2014
starsSwallowtailSeptember 3 2014
AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!!!! *dedicated to encourage EVERYONE* (PLEASE READ!!!)Willy Wonka the SecondSeptember 3 2014
Please Hold *Dedicated to everyone on KP*YasminSeptember 3 2014
POETRY BUNDLE - dead long way down(niamh)September 3 2014
untitledpoemifiedsong would you care to read i kinda like italaskaSeptember 3 2014
Hand in Hand in HandTumbling Rainbow (Grace)September 3 2014
Sincerely, DeathLuna EclipseSeptember 2 2014
a senseless poemmabesSeptember 2 2014
vent bc ventalaskaSeptember 2 2014
fairy dust (idek what to call it suggestions anyone)alaskaSeptember 2 2014
let me inSock Monkey {Madelyn}September 2 2014
it's just a dream...right? (vent poem :\ )Sock Monkey {Madelyn}September 2 2014
POETRY BUNDLE - clockwork long way down(niamh)September 2 2014
hurricane (dedicated to sravani)alaskaSeptember 2 2014
going too fastconfuzzledSeptember 2 2014
I am Moon #2 No.The Age of Goats (Mathilda)September 1 2014
Pam and her Magic Crayons *special edition to Lila's adventures!*Willy Wonka the SecondSeptember 1 2014
My Older Sister *dedicated to younger siblings*Willy Wonka the SecondSeptember 1 2014
Hear Me Out {You're Amazing} Dedicated to an anonymous KPer ;)Sock Monkey {Madelyn}September 1 2014
tears (dedicated to cherry)alaskaSeptember 1 2014
what's so good about picking up the pieces?alaskaSeptember 1 2014
little master chef *dedicated to those who love cooking*Willy Wonka the SecondAugust 31 2014
try again *dedicated to those who feel lost*Willy Wonka the SecondAugust 31 2014
I am Moon #1The Age of Goats (Mathilda)August 31 2014
the flow of wordsUnknown Quantity (TDC & Turtle)August 31 2014
cream latte *dedicated to those who like to be adventurous* (lol. Read. It's so adorable)Willy Wonka the SecondAugust 31 2014
the Thing *dedicated to those who have younger siblings* (READ FOR ADORABLENESS!!!)Willy Wonka the SecondAugust 31 2014
Untitled Because I am Unworthy Of ThisFailanwen *Snow*August 31 2014
stars on earthellieAugust 31 2014

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