The latest poetry on KidPub

The latest poetry on KidPub

cusplaurelAugust 1 2014
so that while laynAugust 1 2014
Who Am I? #2 (prizes if you guess it right!)DragonflowerAugust 1 2014
Venika's Contest Entryjune haverly (niamh)August 1 2014
Air Conditioning *for Venika's contest*Macaroni Pizza (Mathilda)August 1 2014
for venika's contestpheAugust 1 2014
s o r r y: a poem ^_^ August 1 2014
gold: dedicated to amicitia August 1 2014
shelovesme/shelovesmenotcamiAugust 1 2014
euphoria (dedicated to fuzzy)pheAugust 1 2014
poetry contest resultspheAugust 1 2014

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