The latest poetry on KidPub

The latest poetry on KidPub

Sparks Into FlamesDeLphiniUm July 26 2013
HurtPaige(Floofy)July 26 2013
Voicesmegan (maggiemay)July 25 2013
first poem-it's bad, but tell me what you think anyway :)halfway {mabes}July 25 2013
My Broken Heartnothing-personalJuly 25 2013
A poem inspired by The Hunger Gamesnothing-personalJuly 25 2013
The SpotAcinonyx jubatus (Tygress)July 25 2013
OceanSnowy Narwhal (Tiara)July 24 2013
A Million Voices megan (maggiemay)July 23 2013
Rise up!Impossible GirlJuly 22 2013
My cheesy poem about group worknothing-personalJuly 22 2013
I said I'm sorry~~Calla~~July 22 2013
Untitled Poem - entering for a contest and need feedback! (Please?)Birdsong *Grace*July 22 2013
Broken DreamsThe RaconteurJuly 21 2013

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