The latest poetry on KidPub

The latest poetry on KidPub

does it really matter anymore? i thought i was just being myself.nameless but not facelessNovember 30 2014
and if i don't have this, what do i have?ElliotNovember 30 2014
i'm sorry that she thought she could fly .-. haven't posted poetry for a while....nameless but not facelessNovember 30 2014
crooked heartdon't panic {mabes}November 30 2014
red hair and dead eyespheNovember 30 2014
2014leafy November 29 2014
7/11pheNovember 28 2014
of pyramids and people: i (trigger warning)sweater kidNovember 28 2014
Frozen TearsSarah JNovember 28 2014
wholenameless but not facelessNovember 27 2014
sunset eyes - dedicated to clay/cherrypheNovember 27 2014
103rd Meridian (C) || Dedicated to EmberCherrybombNovember 27 2014

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