The latest poetry on KidPub

The latest poetry on KidPub

Poetry by CatfaceFrostyKittenTheOtakuSeptember 22 2013
Oblivion ~For Those That Are Forgotten~Snowy Narwhal (Tiara)September 22 2013
BOO-YAH!!!! Take that writer's block! Villain: A story in Verse: Chapter twenty-five ANOTHER BOO-YAH!!!!!>Tootsie Roll<September 22 2013
Weekends (My Version)Lively RainSeptember 21 2013
BrightOcean (Jill)September 21 2013
Weekends: A fun little poem about my favorite time of the week. ^_^-Salt-n-Pepper-(AA)-September 21 2013
Fire (pleasepleasepleaseplease comment/CC and you will make my day!!!!!!!)alaskaSeptember 20 2013
ElementsLively RainSeptember 19 2013
Villain: A story in Verse: Chapter twenty-four *Too sad too dedicate this chapter*>Tootsie Roll<September 19 2013
Villain: A story in Verse: Chapter twenty-three *Dedicated to all those rebels out there. Yeah, I'm talkin to you*>Tootsie Roll<September 19 2013
IntuitionSnowy Narwhal (Tiara)September 19 2013
I can still feel it Gambit (Tori)September 18 2013

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