The latest poetry on KidPub

The latest poetry on KidPub

ears to see and eyes to hearcry babyOctober 11 2014
the world would be a better place if (might enter this in a contest so i need everyone's opinions) October 11 2014
chase (dedicated to phan) October 11 2014
Remember? (A Poemish thing)Panthera Tigris Tigris (Grace)October 11 2014
WaterfallThe ABC Society October 10 2014
blood love june haverly (niamh)October 10 2014
another dumb ventcry babyOctober 10 2014
Killing MeScream Queen (Max)October 10 2014
Words don't hurtsnow covered wishesOctober 9 2014
Burning Desiresnow covered wishesOctober 9 2014
Without Your AngelTravis Shadow<3October 9 2014
-cry babyOctober 9 2014
Joe the ShadowScream Queen (Max)October 9 2014
A couple poems: Full Force & Keep Met o r iOctober 8 2014
Gone (Again, please comment and cc)The ABC Society October 8 2014
A weird rant/poem thingNovember Sparrow {Clara}October 8 2014
The Dying (My first poem! (please comment and cc))The ABC Society October 8 2014
look how far you've comebeatrice (madie)October 8 2014
i need sleep and i need you and i can't have one without the otherPokeyOctober 8 2014
lungs (dedicated to graystorm)cry babyOctober 8 2014
NoteTravis Shadow<3October 7 2014
umcry babyOctober 7 2014

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