The latest poetry on KidPub

The latest poetry on KidPub

On My Lips [watch out, Poe, I'm coming after you.]EmbrrrrJanuary 29 2014
tears {you guessed it ~ this is a vent-ish poem. I am begging you to comment, so please do! :3}wisteria {mabes}January 29 2014
Paper Dragons ~ Chapter One steaming mugJanuary 29 2014
The night rangerAlannahJanuary 29 2014
Treading Toffee (might enter this in a competiton :3)tateJanuary 29 2014
Attempt at a happy poem ._.tateJanuary 29 2014
City | City of abandon *dedicated to Cherry/Cember*lowercase (*jill*)January 29 2014
Who Are You To Me? *kinda venting-ish poem*~~Calla~~January 29 2014
place of life ~ dedicated to *Jill*frostJanuary 28 2014
My Fears (My first poem ever! Please read!)MalfoyJanuary 28 2014
always (the scent of books and sunshine) Lena is cold January 28 2014
I'm Running Out of Hope***January 28 2014
Fog: A Poemmocha spice {venika}January 28 2014
City | City of missing hearts *dedicated to Clara for the inspiration and Lydia for posting for me*lowercase (*jill*)January 28 2014
City | City of dreamsProcrastinator [Lydia]January 27 2014
SpringSeventySevenDemigodsJanuary 27 2014
SummerSeventySevenDemigodsJanuary 27 2014
Do You Still? - CLICK THIS BECAUSE...UMMM....IT'S A FREE COUNTRY! cherry wine (niamh)January 27 2014

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