The latest poetry on KidPub

The latest poetry on KidPub

Fantasy Poem #1Once Upon A Time (Clara)April 21 2013
The Demons WithinOliviaApril 21 2013
Invisible (may be prone to editting)evasongApril 21 2013
Prove Me WrongPaige(Floofy)April 20 2013
Who I Am ~ Poem IICamiApril 20 2013
See the Moonlight in the SkyWanyunApril 20 2013
Reasons of Love (off of Sonnet XVII by Neruda)Kat ProuvaireApril 20 2013
The Real Me TheRedFox {Sruti}April 20 2013
Dear Stanger | Please, please, please CC! It's going in a contest! OxyluciferinApril 19 2013
If I Had a Magical PenWanyunApril 19 2013
BoomPencilSwordApril 17 2013
The RevelationJasminApril 17 2013
stuckCharlie the fab dragonApril 16 2013
prayerspoetic trilogistApril 15 2013
This Is My FantasyPaige(Floofy)April 15 2013

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