The latest polls on KidPub

The latest polls on KidPub

How long does it take for you to get inspiration for a story?ElianaJuly 7 2015
In the mood for Cupcakes?ElianaJuly 7 2015
Owl CityVanillaTwilight(WordSmith)July 6 2015
I am experiencing writers block!!!!! where should I start my story (my plot)??????BeccaJuly 6 2015
Ice CreamBeccaJuly 6 2015
Which title for a book series sounds intriguing?Red Riding Hood (Jojo)July 6 2015
Which title sounds more interesting?Red Riding Hood (Jojo)July 6 2015
What should I change my username to? Or should I change it at all? (Not sure if I will but I would like your thoughts)Imagine BagginsJuly 5 2015
What is your favorite holiday?ElianaJuly 5 2015
Do you get distracted when youre trying to writeBeccaJuly 5 2015
What's your favorite color???ElianaJuly 5 2015
Join this? http://www.kidpub.com/story/kidpub-july-writing-contest-1843155087CherrybombJuly 4 2015
Any other American Hetalians out there, feeling sad and guilty because of the Fourth of July?FrostyKittenTheOtakuJuly 4 2015
Watermelon?Black TygerJuly 3 2015
Do you think Isis is going to kill us all?Warriors(Renee)July 2 2015
Which book would you read? Which book should I write?LizzieJuly 2 2015
What should I (WordSmith) change my username to?VanillaTwilight(WordSmith)July 1 2015
romanceRed Riding Hood (Jojo)July 1 2015
do you like...ElianaJune 30 2015
Which title?The Future Ex-Mrs. MalcolmJune 30 2015
If I wrote a romance story, would you read it?Red Riding Hood (Jojo)June 29 2015
pepepheJune 29 2015
catspheJune 29 2015
If u live in flMyaJune 28 2015
Creepy were do u live?MyaJune 28 2015
ChocolateMyaJune 28 2015
WHOSE TEAM ARE YOU ON? (Heart Necklace)JuliaJune 28 2015
she's the tear in my heartjune haverly (niamh)June 28 2015
Who is your favourite LGBTQ character?Tyrion (Max)June 27 2015
PoetryMyaJune 27 2015

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