The latest polls on KidPub

The latest polls on KidPub

Just wondering:) how do u feel about soft grunge/hard core grunge/sadness being hyped up? (I've noticed a lot on kp lately)//Rose\\December 17 2014
fall out boy?^^clay^^December 17 2014
Is kp your most used site?//Rose\\December 17 2014
any gleeks round here?marauderetteDecember 16 2014
do you like what i writealaskaDecember 16 2014
Does anyone here know me?Broken Hearts (Graystorm)December 15 2014
random polldragonstormDecember 15 2014
... *whispers* i'm a happy fishwinter night {mabes}December 14 2014
kellin or jassalaskaDecember 13 2014
what makes someone a good personmarauderetteDecember 13 2014
how far are you willing to go for money?marauderetteDecember 13 2014
if you could only be one of these things, which one would it be?marauderetteDecember 13 2014
what do you want most?marauderetteDecember 13 2014
what device do you use to go on kpmarauderetteDecember 13 2014
People will be dicks, ignore them because you are amazing! :)//Rose\\December 11 2014
my bio.sweet tartsDecember 10 2014
all i can write is romance no please stawpEmbrrrrDecember 9 2014
Ayyyy finals ; - ;//Rose\\December 9 2014
Does anyone else like the old AND new Green Day? (ik alot of people hate the new green day)//Rose\\December 9 2014
How has read the book noughts and crosses by Malorie Blackman?Ignored(Ru)December 9 2014
is being a hipster a bad thing these daysalaskaDecember 9 2014
But I've got a blank space, baby…KaleyDecember 8 2014
how much are you into christmas?alaskaDecember 7 2014
Bring Back Flockdraw 2k15JesterboyDecember 6 2014
WHAT'S 9 + 10//Rose\\December 4 2014
feelsalaskaDecember 4 2014
Anyone else love the romance genre?//Rose\\December 3 2014
Did anyone else hate reading when they were younger?//Rose\\December 3 2014
Do you have a cat?frostDecember 3 2014
The Name of This Book is SecretEmbrrrrDecember 2 2014

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