The latest polls on KidPub

The latest polls on KidPub

Do you like the new L.M. Times Updates?LaviniaFebruary 12 2016
Who Watch's the Bachelor? LM TIMES PollsLaviniaFebruary 12 2016
What do you think about Scars and Grace?ScoutFebruary 11 2016
What do you think about Scars and Grace?ScoutFebruary 11 2016
If Your Sad, But Still Have to Go to School, What do You do?JuliaFebruary 11 2016
How do you pronounce crayon?SwallowtailFebruary 10 2016
Do you have enemies?ScoutFebruary 9 2016
Guess my middle nameKrystalFebruary 8 2016
Should I continue Neverland?AnnaFebruary 7 2016
What's your favorite color?ScoutFebruary 7 2016
Should I turn my excerpt, Not A John Green Novel, into a novella?CoralineFebruary 7 2016
Do you know of any unique, instrumental songs that don't repeat the whole time?Meowing (Emily)February 6 2016
Do you have an ideas of things you could do with dance and hula hoops?Meowing (Emily)February 6 2016
Do you ever go to never ending stories and would you be interested in joining a kidpub games NES?NorahFebruary 5 2016
Which fast food restaurant is better?Lelin Da Flame†February 4 2016
Are you writing a book?JuliaFebruary 3 2016
I'm bored so: which DemiBlog character is the cutest?Piper McLean {aka luna}February 3 2016
Which pen name do you prefer?SkyeFebruary 2 2016
Which KidPub News Paper do you prefer? ( DON'T PICK YOUR OWN )LaviniaFebruary 1 2016
Which of these is ur favorite band?JoshJanuary 30 2016
Do you have lots of sibling?(AnnaG) Sugar and Spice January 29 2016
Does anyone on here even know me anymore? XDPanthera Tigris Tigris (Grace)January 28 2016
Which Band is your Fav?Lelin Da Flame†January 28 2016
I heart puppies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ginny WeasleyJanuary 27 2016
how many years ago was Issac newton born? Winner is going to be announced with a prize No googlingKrystalJanuary 27 2016
How many chapters should The GIrl† last?Lelin Da Flame†January 27 2016
Should I start to make a question of the day? Or who ever comments the answer first wins?KrystalJanuary 26 2016
Have You Been in a Talent Show?JuliaJanuary 26 2016
What is the biggest earthquake you have ever been in? (AnnaG) Sugar and Spice January 26 2016

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