The latest polls on KidPub

The latest polls on KidPub

Do you like my (bad-written) romance story, Letter Love? Me EpicAugust 30 2014
Does anyone listen to Maroon 5 anymore?emberAugust 30 2014
new biography...?Alice WayAugust 29 2014
Il/Idu or El/Edu? From Shugo Chara.FrostyKittenTheOtakuAugust 29 2014
Let it go...let it go.....Epic Chaotic Oblivion {Madelyn}August 28 2014
Should I change my screen name to something else? Lauren August 27 2014
what would you do if i died alaskaAugust 27 2014
Do you like my new Bio? Please read it. Baby blueAugust 26 2014
On average, about how many characters die in your stories?Panthera Tigris Tigris (Grace)August 26 2014
What's your favorite Don Bluth movie?Lively RainAugust 25 2014
Who is your favourite poet?Vashtra and Jenny (i&i)August 25 2014
HELP!! Which one to publish??? (Link in comments)Nancy SeaAugust 25 2014
who thinks my name is cool? (This is my first time writing on kidpub)DragonstormAugust 25 2014
Ever made a short story on a song that got lots of likes and turn around and have like 3 or 4 people steal it giving no credit?InfinityGirl & Keyboard-chanAugust 24 2014
Have you ate lychee, longan, or rambutan before? (fruits)The RaconteurAugust 24 2014
what if i am secretly unrealalaskaAugust 24 2014
What is your favorite frozen yogurt topping?MelanieAugust 24 2014
WHAT I DID TODAY AUGUST 24TH?RubyAugust 24 2014
I went out and splurged on art suppliesAlice WayAugust 23 2014
For the past hour-and-a-half I was playing Guitar Hero 3 and now my wrist hurts XDLively RainAugust 23 2014
Which is my real name? (just for fun)SwallowtailAugust 23 2014
What do you think of the movie Thumbelina? (The animated movie)Lively RainAugust 23 2014
Lord of the Rings?Epic Chaotic Oblivion {Madelyn}August 23 2014
Are you smarter than a potato???Epic Chaotic Oblivion {Madelyn}August 23 2014
Do you artAlice WayAugust 22 2014
Which type of ending do you prefer in fiction?Strawberry Swing {Nikki}August 22 2014
Do you like The Hunger GamesBlue SnowflakeAugust 22 2014
Do you think I should do a fanfic from a TV series???????YasminAugust 21 2014
Have you went back to school yet?Brazil (Rachel)August 20 2014

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