The latest polls on KidPub

The latest polls on KidPub

Do you go to a shrink? (Psycologist, or psychiatrist, or counselor, or therapist. Something of the sort.)ScriptorJanuary 29 2015
oh baby you're a classicmocha spice {venika}January 28 2015
kellictateJanuary 28 2015
What would you say if a boy that you kinda knew asked you out?ScarlettJanuary 27 2015
If someone asked you to help them run away, what would you say?ScarlettJanuary 27 2015
i'M GONNA BREAK YOUR LITTLE HEARTmocha spice {venika}January 27 2015
I am Getting a Small Dog on March 9, 2015. What should I name it?JuliaJanuary 26 2015
In my new book, Mythical Magic, should one of these things happen?JuliaJanuary 26 2015
(Ik this old but...) a pOTATO FLEW AROUND MY ROOM BEFORE U CAMEGloriedJanuary 26 2015
What song would you listen to?ScarlettJanuary 25 2015
who am iMalfoyJanuary 24 2015
If you had to choose, what would you do?ScarlettJanuary 24 2015
A masked man has captured you and is about to slit your throat with a knife. What do you do?ScarlettJanuary 22 2015
What new sport would you do?ScarlettJanuary 22 2015
Who knows me?ScriptorJanuary 21 2015
For some weird reason, you are walking in an abandoned castle, and hear a scream right behind you!! What do you do?ScarlettJanuary 21 2015
The 39 CluesScarlettJanuary 21 2015
Do you know meRoseJanuary 21 2015
paramoretateJanuary 21 2015
why do you wear makeup?wisteria {mabes}January 20 2015
This or ThatLizzieJanuary 19 2015
helptateJanuary 18 2015
what is your greatest strength in writing?wisteria {mabes}January 18 2015
wolfstarmocha spice {venika}January 14 2015
what do you want to do after high schoolmocha spice {venika}January 14 2015
Should I be the "host" of the Master of Poetry contest again?halo (confuzzled)January 11 2015
i jUST GOT SWEET TARTSsweet tartsJanuary 10 2015
destroy the idea that readers and writers have to be introvertssweet tartsJanuary 10 2015
how happy are you on a scale of 1-5tateJanuary 9 2015
Cool Idea? (Read comments)ScriptorJanuary 7 2015

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