The latest polls on KidPub

The latest polls on KidPub

What is the best thread on Writer's Block?Jack-O-LanternOctober 30 2014
Like any bands?haunted Roses ;)October 29 2014
Who is excited for Monster Fighters 2: Into the Shadows (I altered the name a teeny bit I know)Jack-O-LanternOctober 29 2014
Have you published any books?Jack-O-LanternOctober 29 2014
How many novels have you completed on KidPubJack-O-LanternOctober 29 2014
Would you be interested in a romance story centered around the Titanic?Silhouette (Isabelle)October 29 2014
are you athleticpumpkin munchkinOctober 29 2014
how happy are you on a scale of 1-10 (ten being all the time and one being never/very rarely)pumpkin munchkinOctober 29 2014
What is your favourite animal? CerysOctober 29 2014
Do any of you guys volunteer, and if so, where?RatatoskrawrOctober 28 2014
what's the best poem i've ever written please comment because i'm entering a competition alaskaOctober 28 2014
do you ever lie in bed at 2am with the crippling fear that you're not going to achieve anything in life alaskaOctober 28 2014
What should the second Monster Fighters book be called (the first is almost over)Jack-O-LanternOctober 27 2014
Yay or nay?haunted Roses ;)October 27 2014
Favorite binge worthy shows?haunted Roses ;)October 27 2014
How did you find out about KidPub? CerysOctober 27 2014
Why do you like Halloween?Jack-O-LanternOctober 26 2014
Out of these choices, which computer game is your favourite? CerysOctober 26 2014
Which is your favourite meal? (If none match your favourite, pick the one you'd rather eat.) CerysOctober 26 2014
What instruments do you play?Jack-O-LanternOctober 25 2014
Bilingual?Optimistic Pessimist *Snow*October 25 2014
You Are Behind Someone in the Pool. Who is It?Optimistic Pessimist *Snow*October 25 2014
Do you have a Halloween username? (e.g. Jesterboy to JesterBOO, Perry to Scerry etc)JesterbooOctober 24 2014
Do you know how to make a single story into a chapter bookGraystormOctober 24 2014
Warriors fans, think on this (look in comments. Contains spoilers for Bluestar's prophecy and the first ark) Silhouette (Isabelle)October 24 2014
I know this is totally random, BUT WHEN IS THE NEXT CHAPTER OF TANGIBLE COMING OUT???Jules ^-^October 23 2014
A shower or bath (For the record I'm really bored)GraystormOctober 23 2014
Should I write a KidPub story?ScarySwallow>:DOctober 23 2014
What should I name my NaNoWriMo novel? Summary in comments, please help!Panthera Tigris Tigris (Grace)October 21 2014
what do you know me asalaskaOctober 21 2014

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