The latest polls on KidPub

The latest polls on KidPub

*sigh* guys, I gotta know. do you read/like "something slightly allegorical?"*Snow* 'Haven LadyNovember 23 2015
Do you know how to draw Anime/Manga?AnnaGraceNovember 23 2015
Fears?Red Riding Hood (Jojo)November 23 2015
Which one is your favorite television show?AnnaNovember 21 2015
What should my new story be called?AnnaNovember 21 2015
Which one would you hate most?AnnaNovember 20 2015
Who's reading my Weird Writing Series, Snippets?WilliamNovember 19 2015
What is your favorite holiday?MyaNovember 16 2015
At what age did you learn your first curse word?Panthera Tigris Tigris (Grace)November 13 2015
What should i name my poetry collection?The Murderer (Lydia)November 7 2015
What word/sentence would describe you, all in all? I am...Pip {Sarah}November 5 2015
Do you wish we could turn back time to the good old days where our moms sang us to sleep?CrystalWaters{Renee}November 4 2015
Ok so what do you guys think about starting our own little mini never ending story where we each write one chapter and etc.NorahNovember 3 2015
Which title do you like best for a poem that's kind of about life's treasure/moments/memories?NorahNovember 2 2015
What do you think about minecraft?NorahNovember 2 2015
What Fabled Creature Would You Most Want To Be?NorahNovember 2 2015
are you doing nanowrimo this year?sweater kidNovember 2 2015
What are your favorite names (for your characters)? (comment pls)CherrybombNovember 1 2015
Hey guys I need help.. What do you think I should name my new story?KrystalOctober 25 2015
Would you rather make a cake or buy a cakeKrystalOctober 24 2015
Will you read my new story called Dream?KrystalOctober 23 2015
Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend?The Murderer (Lydia)October 21 2015
How Do You Make a Character's Personality?JuliaOctober 20 2015
Who else is super-excited for Jurassic World coming out?Glorfindel (Imagine Baggins)October 19 2015
What do you think we should stop on kidpubThe Murderer (Lydia)October 15 2015
What's your favourite part of writing a book?AliciaOctober 10 2015
Heyo KP!!! So, you know I finished my latest collection of poetry? I need your help naming the next one!!!! (CLICK PLEASE!!!!!)Pip {Sarah}October 9 2015
What is the strangest food you've ever eaten?CherrybombOctober 6 2015
Do ppl say no duh or na dib? Or am I cra-Z?CrystalWaters{Renee}September 29 2015
Who is reading my chapter book, Ultimate Fan Fiction?WilliamSeptember 28 2015

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