The latest polls on KidPub

The latest polls on KidPub

(Girl's) NAMES?????????GloriedMarch 3 2015
Random Question: What would you say if someone said to go die in a hole for no reason.ScarlettMarch 3 2015
What place should my travel book take place in?GloriedMarch 3 2015
Anybody seen the anime Akame Ga Kill?Panthera Tigris Tigris (Grace)March 2 2015
Are you working ON a book to publish it?MariaMarch 1 2015
In Darkness Within, I need ideas for what type of building a large group of survivors should live on. Thanks for any ideas!Agent JackFebruary 28 2015
I just got braces, and the last 24 hours has seemed like an eternity. Is this normal?Complex [Ark]February 28 2015
Percy Jackson and the Lightning Theif- Book or movieThe Spirit of DelphiFebruary 27 2015
WHAT COLOR IS THIS DRESS? (look in comments)JesterboyFebruary 26 2015
I have no school today because it's snowing :3 What'cha think about that?Lazy BonesFebruary 24 2015
But seriously now. Anime? Tadashi(Tori)February 23 2015
WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT? Tadashi(Tori)February 23 2015
What did you think of the Oscars?JesterboyFebruary 23 2015
Who here would appreciate a 24th century star trek fanfic?Complex [Ark]February 23 2015
Between the names Virginia and Iris...uninspired (ember)February 22 2015
Would anyone be interested in a novel written entirely in poetry (otherwise known as a verse novel)Imperfect Stars February 22 2015
The New Magic School: Shipspensieve [Sam]February 22 2015
How old are you? (KP Census)LizzieFebruary 20 2015
If you could choose between hearing the words...TheFifteenthDoctor {Ian}February 19 2015
do you have a favourite literary quote? alaskaFebruary 19 2015
Have you ever watched a horror movie?ScarlettFebruary 18 2015
Have you ever read the Percy Jackson and the Olympians or the Heroes of Olympus?The Spirit of DelphiFebruary 18 2015
if you could go to any continent in the world where would you goalaskaFebruary 18 2015
do you think i should continue with what i have so far of Child of Death?slytherclaw's heirFebruary 17 2015
crossy road?slytherclaw's heirFebruary 17 2015
Story Idea Uno or Two? (^-^) Jules ^-^February 17 2015
Do you Know me?MariaFebruary 16 2015
Have you ever broken a bone?CherrybombFebruary 15 2015
I wrote something for a writing competition at school. Do any of you want to read it?Lazy BonesFebruary 14 2015
Who Is Your Favorite CreepypastaShadowhunter PrincessFebruary 13 2015

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