The latest polls on KidPub

The latest polls on KidPub

Do you have a Halloween username? (e.g. Jesterboy to JesterBOO, Perry to Scerry etc)JesterbooOctober 24 2014
Do you know how to make a single story into a chapter bookGraystormOctober 24 2014
Warriors fans, think on this (look in comments. Contains spoilers for Bluestar's prophecy and the first ark) IsabelleOctober 24 2014
I know this is totally random, BUT WHEN IS THE NEXT CHAPTER OF TANGIBLE COMING OUT???Jules ^-^October 23 2014
A shower or bath (For the record I'm really bored)GraystormOctober 23 2014
Should I write a KidPub story?SwallowtailOctober 23 2014
What should I name my NaNoWriMo novel? Summary in comments, please help!Panthera Tigris Tigris (Grace)October 21 2014
what do you know me asalahhhhskaOctober 21 2014
When exactly did "thingy" become an actual word? Synonyms include:Be-witch-ing Madelyn LOLOLOctober 19 2014
do you procrastinate a lotalahhhhskaOctober 19 2014
I need your opinion on a name for my storyGraystormOctober 19 2014
How do you survive procrastination?pumpkin munchkinOctober 18 2014
Hallows eve?GraystormOctober 16 2014
Should I post Angels High?Willy Wonka the SecondOctober 16 2014
Anyone wanna co-write?Willy Wonka the SecondOctober 16 2014
Would you be interested in a fanfic about Ed Sheeran, featuring his most popular song, "Don't"?Be-witch-ing Madelyn LOLOLOctober 15 2014
What do you think is going to happen in Monster Fighters?Jack-O-LanternOctober 15 2014
Who remembers these Disney Movies?Panthera Tigris Tigris (Grace)October 14 2014
hey i may or may not need help {look in comments}vanilla spice {mabes}October 13 2014
Would you be interested in an official KP Tumblr?Mad HatterOctober 12 2014
Dedumm ( Sings )LaurenOctober 12 2014
Isn't it so annoying when something accidentally double posts?!!LaurenOctober 12 2014
Do you like dogs ( Scaled one to ten)LaurenOctober 12 2014
Choose one.... Or two!LaurenOctober 12 2014
Choose one.... Or two!LaurenOctober 12 2014
is anyone else defensive over their music alahhhhskaOctober 11 2014
Ready for Nanowrimo?RatatoskrOctober 10 2014
Reading your old stories and poems and you're just like OIUAYLIUSYLDTKGLNIFKJK *bangs head on desk* -_-'Be-witch-ing Madelyn LOLOLOctober 8 2014
Warrior fans, this ones for you. Evilest warrior cat.GraystormOctober 7 2014
What are you guys being for Halloween? }~gem*stone~{October 7 2014

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