The latest polls on KidPub

The latest polls on KidPub

Do you like the band BastilleThe Driver {Madelyn}June 1 2015
Boy's names: What should I include in stories?WordSmithMay 31 2015
Who works on the NES??WilliamMay 31 2015
Is anyone going to any disney Parks in Florida this summer?MariaMay 30 2015
What style of writing is your favorite?EmilyMay 30 2015
Girl's Names: Which Should I Include In Stories?WordSmithMay 30 2015
Where would you rather live? (I added the one I forgot)EmilyMay 30 2015
What weird, random things do people have in common with me?EmilyMay 29 2015
would you rather be blind, or deaf?EponineMay 29 2015
How would you react if you found magicEmilyMay 28 2015
AgeMyaMay 28 2015
Which element feels like the best fit for you?EmilyMay 28 2015
Where would you rather live?EmilyMay 28 2015
Age again MyaMay 28 2015
AgeMyaMay 27 2015
Favorite ice cream topping!MyaMay 27 2015
Favorite color? I know, people have already asked this...but I'm so bored!!!ScarlettMay 27 2015
Wich?MyaMay 27 2015
What is your favorite type of cookie?MyaMay 27 2015
Who invented the clogging thing?MariaMay 26 2015
Which flavor is your favorite? (ICE CREAM POLL TIME!!!!!!!)Andúril {Sarah}May 26 2015
I was going to make a poll about what's your favorite number 0 to 100... (Continue reading in comments)MariaMay 26 2015
Too much poetry going on!MariaMay 26 2015
Even if you don't read The Illusionist, PLZ vote. I have an idea for a prequel and sequel to The Illusionist. Which one first?Just a FriendMay 26 2015
How many instruments do you play?Tumbling Rainbow (Grace)May 25 2015
Would you rather eat a live snail or a live black widow? KrystalMay 24 2015
Which character is your favorite? (These are all Pirates of the Carribean actors!)Andúril {Sarah}May 23 2015
Oops! Posted it too soon (This is the full version!)Andúril {Sarah}May 22 2015
Which out of these actors do you like? (These are all guy actors by the way, and they are all from the Hobbit/Lord of the Rings)Andúril {Sarah}May 22 2015
Writing a novel feels awesome!!!MariaMay 21 2015

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