The latest polls on KidPub

The latest polls on KidPub

would you rather have bread or a designer outfit?Monster High Know It AllApril 21 2014
who wants to have a character of theirs in one of my stories?Monster High Know It AllApril 21 2014
Can outside people see the writer's block?starry wishes (Clara)April 20 2014
What is it that makes Nilent oh-so-special?arinApril 20 2014
What is your favorite type of music?SavannahApril 20 2014
Who's watched Divergent? *me raises hand and jumps up and down*AWESOME Author April 20 2014
Favourite Band/Singer/boyband thingy EHEHEHEHEH THERES ALOT OF CHOICES (31)RubyApril 20 2014
You know those moments when you wanna hit your head against the wall like 'WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM'?Soldier in a Time of WarApril 19 2014
Dirty "Would You Rather" KIDS DON'T CLICK PLEASE VERY MATUREMadelynApril 19 2014
Which is the most important aspect of a boy to you?Soldier in a Time of WarApril 19 2014
Who's Your Favorite SHIELD Agent?Fitz [Sam]April 19 2014
Do you have a celebrity crush?MadelynApril 18 2014
question in the commentsSour CandyApril 17 2014
p o e t r yPurple Pens (Klare)April 17 2014
What helps you write?MadelynApril 17 2014
Which Publishing Company Publishes BEST books?GavrielApril 16 2014
Hi.MadelynApril 16 2014
Do you like Fairytales?AWESOME Author April 16 2014
Lalalalala!Charioteer (Alice)April 16 2014
Uh-oh, we're all gonna die...SnowdawnApril 16 2014
Post or Publish?Stone Pen (Panda)April 15 2014
Will you be mah friend? I'll play video games with u!MewziesApril 14 2014
Would you rather be told good news before bad news, or bad news before good news? :3 (for anything, really)CherrybombApril 14 2014
Most Adorable Thing Ever?MadelynApril 14 2014
When did you start writing?MadelynApril 14 2014
Favorite Duncan member from "Good Luck Charlie"MadelynApril 14 2014
Which story should I update first?Charioteer (Alice)April 14 2014
Which story should I continue????AWESOME Author April 14 2014
Favorite One Direction song?MadelynApril 14 2014
do you have a crush? christianityApril 13 2014

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