The latest polls on KidPub

The latest polls on KidPub

Do you think humor makes good books?ScriptorNovember 27 2014
What Poem Topics (social justice) Should I Write About Next?JamieNovember 27 2014
*sincerely hopes i'm not the only one who is going to fail nanowrimo*sweet tartsNovember 27 2014
Umm... Does anyone want me to post more of Natural Forces: The Twilight Talisman? (see comments for details) ~Radiating Rage~ (Ena)November 26 2014
really important: could you guys please tell me what my top 4 poems are? (for a contest of sorts... tysm guys tis important thxmarauderloveNovember 26 2014
KidPud, a graveyard for comments and CC?GraystormNovember 25 2014
/thispollprobablyalreadyexists/ what's your biggest grammar/within writing pet peeve?kellicNovember 25 2014
wouldn't it be cool to have a count of how many times your post is favorited like you can see how many times it has been readkellicNovember 25 2014
Are you named Grace?OM NOM NOM x3November 24 2014
What type of poetry do you prefer?letthestarsalignNovember 24 2014
Does anyone read Here's to the Broken Kids? Or is my time wasted. T.B.S.S.November 23 2014
Look up the call of the void. Your response is:T.B.S.S.November 23 2014
i am a lame slacking losersweet tartsNovember 23 2014
whoops i'm 4,000 words behind and whoops i don't have a plot and ajdsfkl;ajrgb why did i agree to do thisvanilla spice {mabes}November 23 2014
Do you know what the Call of the Void is? T.B.S.S.November 22 2014
Should I continue with my Ben stories? (This is the link: http://www.kidpub.com/story/ben-files-incident-1-3149152068)RyanNovember 22 2014
Which one would you prefer to read?Love StruckNovember 21 2014
older or elderkellicNovember 20 2014
Who would your best friend movie character be out of these?Sarah JNovember 20 2014
Can geusts voe? I forgot, a shame.*Lauren* <3's Books!November 19 2014
Does some one you know have Ebola? (Ebola *Duh Duh Duhhh*)*Lauren* <3's Books!November 18 2014
HAVE YOU READ LAURENS NEW BOOKS? PLEASE DO THIS!!!!! :D*Lauren* <3's Books!November 16 2014
Question BY: Lauren WOULD YOU RATHER*Lauren* <3's Books!November 16 2014
i'm so stressed out bc nanowrimosweet tartsNovember 15 2014
if you could change your site username, would you?kellicNovember 15 2014
Im starting a new book about a girl that's part of a rebellion in her enslaved city, good idea?DoveNovember 15 2014
ghost townkellicNovember 14 2014
You opinion on stories with unexpected endingsnovEmberNovember 13 2014
What if I left KidPub? I'm not, so don't freak out.Agent JackNovember 12 2014
Do you prefer it when stories update on a regular, timed basis? (e.g. always on Wednesdays, or two new chapters on weekends...)frostNovember 12 2014

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