Ready To Be a Published Author?

Ready To Be a Published Author?

At KidPub Press we focus exclusively on publishing books written by kids and teens. Each book is professionally edited and formatted by our staff, and we work with you to create a full-color cover design. Your book is printed as a paperback with a glossy color cover. Each book is available for sale on Amazon.com and at the KidPub Press bookstore, and the author receives a royalty of 15% to 20% on each sale.

We help publicize your book by sending press releases to both national and your hometown media, and your book will be offered to libraries and independent bookstores. You may purchase extra copies of your book from us at any time at a discounted price. Your book will appear in Books In Print, and may be eligible to receive a Library of Congress card number.

Young authors will be published under our KidPub Press imprint, and older authors under our Teen Author imprint.

We love working with young authors and we're proud of every book that we publish. It's an incredible experience to see your book in print and on sale at Amazon! You can see examples of our books at the KidPub Press bookstore, or on Amazon.com. Our free publishing guide will tell you what to do to get started. We're looking forward to working with you!

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