Awesome comebacks to say to bullies that try to OUTSMART you. (thinking outside the taco!)

Awesome comebacks to say to bullies that try to OUTSMART you. (thinking outside the taco!)

Posted December 31st, 2011 by SuperJ

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by AuthorMind (Justin)
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December 31st, 2011

Hello KPers. I am here on this site, today, to share and speak about bullying. Yes. Bullying. Many people don't quite think of the damage it can do than its true hurt. The subject is more important than alot think. That is why I talk of it now.

Please do not think of this as clogging. This passage is actually a guide, or short story meant to interest others. Everything of it contains lessons to seriously aid those who deal with this problem.

Without further ado, I shall begin.

Small Stages

Begun bullying would usually start off minor. Rude names being thrusted out to you, taunting you and making you annoyed. Yet, you do know that that is its roots, right? The situation can grow from there. Entering the next stage. Something small could become something big. Then bigger.

My steps to ignoring the Smalll Stage are listed as so:

Simply ignore the name calling, but do make sure you discuss the problem with a teacher or you parents in advance.

Tell the teacher immediately. Literally immediately, whether if the bully refers you as a "tattle tale" (tattle tail?) or not. I know all the silly tricks in the book when it comes to bullies because I used to be bullied long ago. Loooong ago, so I know the nonsense. Now I just deal with sarcasm instead of bullying.

Come up with comebacks. I mean, that IS what this entire guide is all about in the first place.

Awesome Comebacks That Make The Bully Feel Confused

It is definitely true for the bully to feel dumb, as what I'd call it. When they say something mean to you, but you reply with something smart back, they'll be so surprised enough not to ever mess with you again! It's a wonderful technique to use... otherwise known as "Reverse Psychology" or "Defending Sarcasm."

For example...

When a bully calls you an "idiot" lets say, what would you think of saying back? (you can answer thte question through comments at the bottom of passage, just as long as the answer is appropriate! I won't except answers going too overboard.)

Anyway, a good comeback to when a bully spits out " you're an idiot" you could say: "Maybe you should look in the mirror to see who's the idiot, [whatever name of bully.]

Though, that could trigger a bad reaction for e opponent, so that would be a negative response. If you're looking for something to say light yet also powerful, you could say: "Leave me alone! I could send you to the Principal's office in a second!"

You have to say your comeback In a way that matches the bullies IQ. They could be completely smart bullies with just the same level of IQ as you, knowing what things to say at the exact perfect time.

Like the favorite type of food on Kidpub, you have to be as Macho as a Taco. Think outside its shell to say smart responses. They work, depending on what you say! Trust me, I use that technique and it works at times. It works more than when it doesn't work. The only time it doesn't work is when you say something major. Speaking of major...

Big Stages

Major situations, as what a taco would say if they lived, could get spicy. Some people can't handle the hot sauce and get in trouble, but if you can take the heat, you'll be fine.

When it comes to the problem where bullies start to cuss, ( which I'm sure kids here on kidpub understand ), the small stage turns into a Big Stage. It becomes heavier. This is where you must tell a teacher. That's a must. You have to tell them so that way they get to the bottom of the case and talk to the bully and their parents.

When it also comes to the problem, or if it begun ever since the beginning, where there is a group of bullies bothering you, It's kind of an emergency. You shouldn't be bullied at all, thus be bullied even by groups.

Group Bullying, or even Singular Bullying, can make one embarrassed, or doubt themselves... which leads to VERY BAD THINGS. Why do you think bullying isn't aloud in most schools? I've never heard of a school accept bullying anyway, though it could be possible for a school to overlook the matter.

If you are to be bullied from a group, you have to react faster than when you would during a Singular Bullying scene, because things could spark like a firework. Bad fireworks. Contact a teacher, or the principal, or anybody responsible in a job as teaching or office work in your school.

Please keep in mind that there shouldn't be an excuse. Go. Just go and tell a teacher. Then, they will call your parents of course ( judging by what goes on or how your being bullied, it all depends on the story) and then you tell your parents. All of this must be performed fast, because bullying CAN hurt. It may not seem like it, but it sure feels like it.

The saying Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones, But Words Can Never Hurt Me is half true, but words do hurt. It's just a fact. Because we were born with emotions, hurtful things said to us can hurt. Of course. They can hurt lightly or worse than expected.

The main idea though is to share what may bother you in the proccess of singular or group bullying. Its a necessity if you care.

Giant Stages

When the Big Stage shifts into a Giant Stage, at involve violence. Violence is not called for, obviously, and it's the most important thing to handle than the other two stages. However, each stage IS important. Its just that since violence is really horrible enough to cause major major major problems in school, home, or life, that involves importance and help from your parents and teachers and the principal.

Violence of course is obviously dangerous, extremely dangerous, and I'm not even going to get into details, but the second stage and the third (final) stage don't need comebacks. That's just silly. Comebacks may be used only for minor matters, and maybe not even if your the type that doesn'twant to be apart of any drama. Not saying that creating comebacks is drama.

Only thing is that even violence can be handled. I'm not saying you can't handle violence. There's just a way to handle it...and in order to handle it, you must tell an adult. Adults would be your parents and teachers. Nobody else.


The reason why bullies probably bully may be because they face problems themselves deep inside. So they take their anger or confusion out on others. Maybe they're bullied so they decide to bully. Maybe they face personal problems. All I'm saying I that there has to be a reason of bullying. Together, we can stop it.

Since we know how to write and we're good at it, it's not hard to outsmart a bully trying to outsmart you...but this goes back to Singular Bullying. If its easy and can be done not to harm, comebacks are fine.

Extra comebacks:

When a bully may say "What a creep!" to you and start laughing, you could reply back with "I don't think you know what 'creep' means. It means you."

When a bully may say "Nerd!" to you you, you could respond back and say "Dont you know that nerds will mean something to the world in the future, while bullies and trouble makers will be poor?" That one really gets them!

When a bully may say "Ewwww" to you and show a disgusted face, you could reply back to say "Are you talking to me? I know your not talking to me, because I'm awesomely smoking! It would be impossible if you were talking to me like that to obviously not see my looks." To add pazazz to this comeback, if you're a boy you can flex your muscles after saying the c
Remark. If you're a girl, flip your hair back and forth gracefully. This confuses your bully.

Thank you for taking the time to red this important guide. It really does matter when it comes to bullying. I hope you agree. :)

Happy New Year and don't pay any attention to bullying! The reason why you need to tell your parents or a teacher about the situation is do that way it doesn't worry you so much,or so it doesn't worry you at all. :)

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But this is the best

But this is the best comeback ever: ignore them


"They have the internet on computers now." -Homer Simpson

Posted by WaffleSoldier (Owen) on Sat, 12/31/2011 - 20:08
You're right. That's pretty

You're right. That's pretty much the only thing you can do.

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Posted by Justin on Sat, 12/31/2011 - 20:22
If I get asked mean

If I get asked mean questions, or related to something mean I give some half answer. Like these girls sent me some really mean prank calls and then they kept asking me if I heard them and I was just like.. Yes.. that was it, 

I've always wanted to put a funny quote from my life into a sig. But there are to many and frankly they won't fit in the sig box!!

Posted by Kathryn on Sat, 12/31/2011 - 20:15
Macho as a

Macho as a taco..................

. "Join the Random Club: http://www.kidpub.com/story/please-join-rc-1931113403 Maggie: Saying Epicletastic a day keepes maggie from stalking you I WAS THE ONE WHO HIT THE TITAN LORD IN THE EYE WITH A BLUE PLASTIC HAIRBRUSH!

Posted by Girl who wants ... on Sat, 12/31/2011 - 21:13
If this was two years ago,

If this was two years ago, this would be extremely useful. But NOW...


Posted by Celeste Glimorr... on Sat, 12/31/2011 - 23:06
Lol, good for you! Rock on!

Lol, good for you! Rock on! Everybody on KP is awesome!

"Who lives In a Watermelon under the sea? SoapBob Bubble Pants!" ~ me

Posted by Justin on Sat, 12/31/2011 - 23:46
I got bullied in first

I got bullied in first grade.

Posted by Rylie on Mon, 05/06/2013 - 20:24

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