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September Thirty-first Chapter 6 Part 2Lila Violet10/23Fantasy
Jailbreakers // Chapter Twelve, (Claira's POV) (CC appreciated) Izzy Dead Re 10/23Fantasy
Control of the NoosePencilSword10/23Poetry
Lord of Night | Part Three: Chapter 23 (Marnyll's POV) (His last POV for Book Two!)Casual Affair (Max)10/23Fantasy
Lord of Night | Part Three: Chapter 22 (Fravado's POV)Casual Affair (Max)10/23Fantasy
three words, eight letters // chapter onebean10/22Realistic Fiction
i know the reason (why she lost her mind)Oikawa (Julia |-/) 10/22Poetry
birthday party expansion storyBriana10/22Story
A Little NoseyZachary10/22Story
IT'S MY 2ND YEARAVERSARY (and four weeks)johnny boy10/22True story
The only time I was genuinely creeped out [Horror/True Story]Scilloidie (*Jill*)10/21True story
What would happen if i died?Kuro Tenshi (sally)10/21Song / Lyrics
Who Agrees?Erin10/21True story
21 Funny Things To Do When You're Bored To Scare/Confuse/Entertain/Etc. PeopleNew Jammer (Sy)10/21Humor
emma; chapter 1greerie10/21Realistic Fiction
Here's to the Broken Kid's, Chapter Fourteen: Humpty Dumpty Sat On A Wall, pt.1 (oh, would you look)Izzy Dead Re 10/21Fantasy
Google Search Poetry (at that, it's)Izzy Dead Re 10/21Poetry
Jailbreakers // Chapter Twelve (Kyra's POV) (CC is appreciated :] ) (more NSP spam) Izzy Dead Re 10/21Fantasy
Prinalum-- I found internet pictures to discribe what the characters look likeKuro Tenshi (sally)10/20Story
Lord of Night | Part Three: Chapter 21 (Fravado's POV)Casual Affair (Max)10/20Fantasy
The Rings of Saturn Part#2 of 3Meowing (Emily)10/19Poetry
The Rings of Saturn Part#1 of 3Meowing (Emily)10/19Poetry
School isn't Cool (to the spoiled character in this story ;))New Jammer (Sy)10/19Story
Jailbreakers // Chapter Eleven, (any CC would be appreciated)Izzy Dead Re 10/19Fantasy
Prinalum Kuro Tenshi (sally)10/19Story
THE SCARS OF THE SEA / book two /// chapter 15 -- Eileen's chapter really :)(Garrett)10/18Fantasy
his shadowsBriana10/18Poetry
September Thirty-first Chapter 6 Part 1Lila Violet10/18Fantasy
Altered Song _ fight song by rachel platten Kuro Tenshi (sally)10/17Song / Lyrics
Only Ash~ Chapter One (this could also use CC :3) (Didn't I warn you) Izzy Dead Re 10/17SciFi
the missing millions #1 chapter#1 crunch crunchIz10/17Mystery
random poem from last year (that this would happen)Izzy Dead Re 10/17Poetry
Here's to the Broken Kids , Chapter Thirteen (This is) Izzy Dead Re 10/17General Fiction
Black Hole Sun, chapter six (PG-13) (the part where) Izzy Dead Re 10/17General Fiction
Jailbreakers // Chapter Ten (Onyx's POV) (CC aprecciated) (I spam the NSP) Izzy Dead Re 10/17Fantasy
I Keel You, Friend, I Keel you. (random stuff...I'm just bored)New Jammer (Sy)10/17Poetry
A Pair Through All Seasons (edited repost) (also added a little more) *Snow* bby scarecrow10/17Fantasy
but you know, my dreams, they were never real like yours wereScilloidie (*Jill*)10/16Poetry
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