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Alternate route for Chapter 7 of One Single SongElizabeth11/17Story
kidpub all endings cuz I'm boredElizabeth11/4Humor
An SML fanfic-Chapter 3 (PG-13 for minor swears)Elizabeth10/19Story
An SML fanfic-Chapter 2 (PG-13 for swears)Elizabeth10/18Story
An SML fanfic-Chapter 1 (PG-13 for minor swears)Elizabeth10/18Story
ELIZABETHAngie10/5True story
:(Elizabeth10/5True story
HEY DUST Angie10/5True story
IM NOT DEADDust10/5Non-fiction
Good NewsElizabeth9/23True story
Save MeMike9/20Poetry
Time to wake up. (a poem about war)Elizabeth9/16Poetry
Lake - A poemMike9/14Poetry
Crowds - A poemMike9/14Poetry
broElizabeth9/12True story
aaaaaah :(Elizabeth8/15True story
Chapter 1 The beginningSophia8/11Fan Fiction
Becoming a Transformer | Starscream X ElizabethSophia8/11Fan Fiction
Chapter 2 Almost takenSophia8/6Fan Fiction
Chapter 1 the seeker and Y/NSophia8/5Fan Fiction
The Rise of Starbrine/Battlescar | Transformers Prime AU Sophia8/5Fan Fiction
Insulting the original second chapter of One Single SongElizabeth8/1Humor
The Adventures of rose; Title Pending: Chapter 13Rose8/1Fan Fiction
Insulting the original chapter of One Single SongElizabeth7/30Humor
ahhMike7/25True story
The Margarita-Chapter 2 (TW: Swears)Elizabeth7/18Story
IssueElizabeth7/18True story
We're not just Robots...Sophia7/17Fan Fiction
The adventures of rose; mixup: chapter eighteen Rose3/18Fan Fiction
The Adventures of Rose: Mixup; Chapter Seventeen Rose3/11Fan Fiction
Boarding School, short storyElizabeth10/28Realistic Fiction
goodbye toBriana6/20Poetry
are you the same Briana4/29Poetry
deserve Briana1/4Poetry
She is sheBriana1/2Poetry
I'll never forgetBriana7/3Poetry

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