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Alex's Welcome post! Brooke8/17True story
Powerful and Dangerous Part 3PenSword (Jack)8/17Action / Adventure
M_I_R_R_O_R_S Series update! l-/ TheLastPilot (Sally)8/17True story
Ultimatanium 3: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 2)qU@2T$m@$t328/16Action / Adventure
Poetry contest!Rambouten1018/16Story
The Tree- for Alem's MWC!!!!! WARNING: upsetting langangeRambouten1018/15Poetry
THE GUARDIANS / Chapter 22: Superhumans Part 2PenSword (Jack)8/15Action / Adventure
I am a slave driverGrace8/14Poetry
Thera - For Alem's MWC!!!AuthorMind(Justin)8/14Poetry
Nine lives, chapter two: pills are not for cats!!!Jaxi *kAyLa*8/14General Fiction
SCARS OF THE SEA / book two /// chapter 55 - a new journey beginsGarrett8/13Fantasy
The Reluctant Soldier: XXXIX*Snow* Chrysostom8/12Poetry
Colors: Chapter Thirteenpalaces out of paragraphs {luna}8/12General Fiction
starlit party (for Alem's Nature Poem Contest)palaces out of paragraphs {luna}8/12Poetry
Ultimatanium 3: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 1)qU@2T$m@$t328/12Action / Adventure
The Girl Who Appeared: Chapter 8, Part 3Dolphin *Alem*8/12SciFi
Mother Earth [for Alem's Nature Poem Contest]*Snow* Chrysostom8/11Poetry
Gates | For Alem's Nature Poem Contestthere's a snake8/11Poetry
THE GUARDIANS / Chapter 21: Bomber + Chapter 22: Superhumans Part 1PenSword (Jack)8/11Action / Adventure
They See A Body Not A MindMeowing (Emily)8/10Poetry
The Reluctant Soldier: XXXVIII*Snow* Chrysostom8/10Poetry
The Reluctant Soldier: XXXVII*Snow* Chrysostom8/10Poetry
The Reluctant Soldier: XXXVI*Snow* Chrysostom8/10Poetry
Ultimates: Book 11 (Book 2 in the second series)qU@2T$m@$t328/10Action / Adventure
Ultimatanium 2: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 16)qU@2T$m@$t328/10Action / Adventure
Where Are You Know? - CC appriciated - part of BrokeNESS series. l-/ TheLastPilot (Sally)8/10Poetry
Tell Me - CC appriciated- Part of the BrokeNESS seriesl-/ TheLastPilot (Sally)8/10Poetry
Colors: Chapter Twelvepalaces out of paragraphs {luna}8/10General Fiction
Colors: Chapter Elevenpalaces out of paragraphs {luna}8/10General Fiction
Colors: Chapter Ten (I will continue this!!)palaces out of paragraphs {luna}8/10General Fiction
A Soul's Petal ~ Chapter 5 ~ Apart there's a snake8/10Fantasy
Bittersweet BirthdayBriana8/10Story
Powerful and Dangerous Part 2 (Warning: Language)PenSword (Jack)8/10Action / Adventure
What is normal? A performance debate pieceesther8/10Poetry
Thoughts Matter Chapter#2Meowing (Emily)8/9Action / Adventure
Hide and Seekthere's a snake8/9Poetry
A Vist Brooke7/27Action / Adventure
A sudden bitter surprise Brooke7/26Action / Adventure
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