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I relate to you: late-night poetic proselotus pain (ena)8/20True story
lake-eyed boy ((mild mature content warning??))Lena 8/20Poetry
end \\ day two \\ isobel *language warning still*clara8/20Story
end \\ day two \\ finn (pg-13 for language i guess)clara8/20Story
chapter 1 - untitled [language warning]theo/pluzzle8/20General Fiction
Static - Prologue (slight gore warning. CC appreciated)Misanthropy (Ruby)8/19Horror
25 ways to ruin your group presentationLila Violet8/19True story
Of The Rulers of Ei'aran*Snow* fourteen minutes' worth of dreams8/19Fantasy
Marpessa*Snow* fourteen minutes' worth of dreams8/19General Fiction
Voces (A Story Up For Adoption)*Snow* fourteen minutes' worth of dreams8/19General Fiction
A Pair Through All Seasons Continued*Snow* fourteen minutes' worth of dreams8/19General Fiction
Guardians Of The Mighty: Aurlith (so far)*Snow* fourteen minutes' worth of dreams8/19Fantasy
*POETRY CONTEST RESULTS* Good job to all! :) Hosted by Dove and SwallowtailDove8/19True story
On Sexualitylotus pain (ena)8/19True story
THE GUARDIANS Chapter 14: Death Match Part 2 (COOL POWER!)Predator-6 (Jack)8/19Action / Adventure
the story about the girl and the wolf---part eight (Comment cc appreciate)CassieShepherd8/19Story
prologue - untitled [language warning, one short mention of suicide]theo/pluzzle8/19General Fiction
Stargazer (Comeback: A Co-Write by *Jill* & Hyacinth)// Synopsis// Character EntryHyacinth8/19Fantasy
Stargazer | Co-write with Hyacinth | Prologue (Please comment and CC!)Scilloideae (*Jill*)8/19Fantasy
listen to your heart Sravani8/18Poetry
end \\ day two \\ katclara8/18Story
end \\ day one \\ noahclara8/18Story
Gothy Gloomy Sunshine, chapter seventeen (PG-13) Inkk Re 8/18Realistic Fiction
Sticks and stonesI'mPossible8/18Poetry
Your victims sisterI'mPossible8/18Poetry
A Far Cry from the Rest -Chapter 18- CC GREATLY APPRECIATED!Oikawa (Julia |-/)8/18General Fiction
[read this when you have time]Elias8/18True story
poets, places, & a blessingElias8/18Poetry
(FROM THE WORLD OF THE GUARDIANS!) GRIMOIRE Chapter 2: The Men in White Masks (MYSTERY!)Predator-6 (Jack)8/18Fantasy
(FROM THE WORLD OF THE GUARDIANS!) GRIMOIRE Chapter 1: Apocalyse Part 2 (THE PROPHECY!)Predator-6 (Jack)8/18Fantasy
Ainsley@meAbby8/18General Fiction
The Period Chronicles: First Timehigh lady panda8/18Story
September Thirty-first Chapter 1Lila Violet8/17Fantasy
Ode To Enzo*Snow* fourteen minutes' worth of dreams8/17Story
Lord of Night | Part One: Chapter 3 (The Broken Prince's POV) (Oh, the feels in this one! *cries*)Max of Prythian8/17Fantasy
The Girl Cover/ArtLelin Da Flame†8/17Action / Adventure
vent 3Briana8/17Poetry
Crystal BallPencilSword8/17Poetry
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