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Since Connor's poem, Blood on your hands, has gained traction...Agent 49/23Action / Adventure
A conversation in the car earlier todayDragonwolf9/23True story
A requestThe Time Lord Victorious (Connor)9/23Fantasy
Elite Beat Agents levels (not counting bonus levels and levels I know very little about)Agent 49/21Book Review
No RegretsThe Time Lord Victorious (Connor)9/21Story
For my writing debut, I'll be getting a story publishedAgent 49/20Fantasy
GuardedThe Time Lord Victorious (Connor)9/20Fantasy
Becoming princess Rose; Chapter 11Rose9/19Fantasy
Using the characters my mind thought upDragonwolf9/18SciFi
Problems, a poetry collection, poem oneThe Time Lord Victorious (Connor)9/18Poetry
Keep it togetherThe Time Lord Victorious (Connor)9/18Poetry
A Two Last Kidpubbers fanfiction (one or two swears btw)Agent 49/18Fan Fiction
Another thing my mind thought up one nightDragonwolf9/18SciFi
Remember my two old bad writing stories? here's part 3.Agent 49/18Humor
Random characters my mind thought up last nightDragonwolf9/18General Fiction
From The Outside, Looking in (my fingers ran away to the keyboard)Dragonwolf9/18Poetry
rules aren't meant to bendDustiestPaws9/18True story
Welcome to the NeighborhoodThe Time Lord Victorious (Connor)9/18Realistic Fiction
Does anyone remember my last review of my old writing? Yeah, this is a continuation.Agent 49/18Humor
i don't knowThe Time Lord Victorious (Connor)9/18Poetry
Make of this what you will, Connor.Agent 49/18Humor
PromisesThe Time Lord Victorious (Connor)9/16Poetry
Random Burst of Writing #14-untitledDragonwolf9/15Fantasy
Random Burst of Writing #13-The Age of LightDragonwolf9/14Fantasy
Temporary InsanityThe Time Lord Victorious (Connor)9/14Horror
Funny story...The Time Lord Victorious (Connor)9/13True story
random stuff that popped in my headDustiestPaws9/12Story
Just something I thought up.The Time Lord Victorious (Connor)9/11Poetry
What are you?The Time Lord Victorious (Connor)9/11General Fiction
the cycle.DustiestPaws9/11True story
ok (md oc writing)DustiestPaws9/11Fantasy
memory lane (ignore the meaning of this. Im sleepy so i don't know what im writing.)Dragonwolf9/10Poetry
Thirst (TW for blood)The Time Lord Victorious (Connor)9/8Horror
don't know what to tilte this, but its TWDragonwolf9/8Poetry
Happy third yearaversery, Elizabeth!The Time Lord Victorious (Connor)9/7True story
Happy Yearaversery Agent 4!!!!Dragonwolf9/7Poetry
One single song combined into a full bookAgent 49/6Romance
My Kidpub anniversary is tomorrow.Agent 49/6True story
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