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Based Off Of High School - Found Out - More Realistic yet Plotted...hope you like CC needed.A Ghost's Past7/21Realistic Fiction
THE GUARDIANS Chapter 9: Dark Memories Part 2 (FLASHBACK + NEW CHARACTER!)Predator-6 (Jack)7/21Action / Adventure
Expectation vs Reality (ep2) ShoppingLila Violet7/20Realistic Fiction
My life, my song, and my story SuperStrawberry (Sally)7/20Poetry
Thin Air (Trip)PencilSword7/20Poetry
THE GUARDIANS Chapter 9: Dark Memories Part 1 + SUBMIT A VILLAIN!Predator-6 (Jack)7/20Action / Adventure
mooneyestrash (olivia)7/20Poetry
It's our world! Song #1Fantasia ~Anna~7/19Non-fiction
Also Known as Echo :: Kats Hate Water Chapter 7 {do I need a warning??}Lila Violet7/19Fantasy
Expectation vs Reality (ep1) Birthday partiesLila Violet7/15Realistic Fiction
Our rocky roadLila Violet6/24Realistic Fiction
CHAPTER 5 (A Dark Morning Rising)Jean5/18Fan Fiction
CHAPTER 4 (A Dark Morning Rising)Jean4/15Fan Fiction
CHAPTER 3 ( A Dark Morning Rising)Jean3/18Fan Fiction
CHAPTER 2 (A Dark Morning Rising)Jean3/17Fan Fiction
CHAPTER 1 (A Dark Morning Rising)Jean3/16Fan Fiction
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