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The War Within Me /i'm just a girl/Eternalia {Lila Violet}2/20Poetry
Starlight Chapter 5Eternalia {Lila Violet}2/20Fantasy
Starlight UpdateEternalia {Lila Violet}2/20Fantasy
Ultimates 6: (Chapter 12)Quartz2/20Action / Adventure
Only Ash ~ Chapter Five (CC appreciated)Nephthys Re 2/20SciFi
Untitled | Chapter 1 | **It was first called Take Over the School, but I wanna change the title read AN** CC Anyone?MoonRise *Sy*2/20Fantasy
goodbye, everybody. i've got to go.madelyn scamander2/19True story
Life Boat. a story based on Minecraft Survival games. (Diary entries) - First DayMatemap Tarazet (sally)2/19Story
VENTURURS: (Prologue)Quartz2/19Action / Adventure
Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate yearaversaryDistant Hope2/19True story
Lights Out Chapter 2: Gear UpAkash2/4Mystery
Untitled Fantasy Story Chapters 1-9Orion1/19Fantasy
Ultimates: (Chapter 1)Quartz12/9Action / Adventure
25 Random Things to do When You're Bored at Schooltaxi cab (Julia |-/) 4/2Story
Lurking in the Darkness | Chapter NineLena 10/12General Fiction
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