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Submissions for Kidpub 2016-17 yearbook. Matemap Tarazet (sally)1/16True story
The Mark of Death. Prologue. Matemap Tarazet (sally)1/16Poetry
D A R K N E S SMatemap Tarazet (sally)1/16Poetry
Blushies Chapter 2 (A WATTPAD SNIPPET!) AuthorMind(Justin)1/16Romance
Each day i came to the altar of creative thought…Elias1/16Poetry
Too Old-Too youngMatemap Tarazet (sally)1/16Poetry
Starlight Chapter 1Lila Violet1/15Fantasy
whose hands?Elliot1/15Poetry
Where The Dead Lie: (Chapter 3)Aqua Quartz1/15Mystery
Ultimates: Book 3:Aqua Quartz1/15Action / Adventure
Ultimates 3: (Chapter 17)Aqua Quartz1/15Action / Adventure
hands on the clock Briana1/15Poetry
The Reluctant Soldier: IX*Snow* Nolofinwe1/14Poetry
?don't know what to call thisMatemap Tarazet (sally)1/14Poetry
His Victory in BloodCharmian (Jonathan)1/13Poetry
Zombies in SpacelandGarebear1/13Action / Adventure
Ultimates 3: (Chapter 16)Aqua Quartz1/13Action / Adventure
THE SCARS OF THE SEA / book two /// chapter 32 Garrett1/12Fantasy
Fire and Ice: chapter sevenGrace1/12Fantasy
Ultimates: Book 1:Aqua Quartz12/20Action / Adventure
Ultimates: (Chapter 1)Aqua Quartz12/9Action / Adventure
Jailbreakers // Chapter One (CC appreciated :} )StickyNotesRe 9/30Fantasy
Not sure about a title yet...I'mPossible8/27Poetry
Also Known as Echo :: Kats Hate Water Chapter 4Lila Violet7/12Fantasy
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