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a large and hollow worldlotus pain (ena)9/17Poetry
story snippet #1 // words needed to be said fuzzy9/17General Fiction
Fight! (short like a poem, but its a song!)Sumayyah9/17Song / Lyrics
"Nothing Left" Chapter 5Emma9/16General Fiction
The Ballad Of Ozzie Schiffiano (Warning for drinking)*Snow* Aranarth9/16Song / Lyrics
Lord of Night | Part One: Intermezzo 3 (New character, has heaps to do with the story)Casual Affair (Max)9/16Fantasy
Delicate EyesMeowing (Emily)9/16Poetry
Fight ControlPencilSword9/16Poetry
Gothy Gloomy Sunshine, chapter twenty-six (PG-13) Inkk Re 9/16Realistic Fiction
DRMMegaHeart Sally9/16Song / Lyrics
Lord of Night | Part One: Intermezzo 2 (Oh blimey this is a long one) (Gore warning)Casual Affair (Max)9/16Fantasy
Red&Choco IRL Ch9 Lila Violet9/13Realistic Fiction
Seraphina Campbell's Adventures in The Land of Imagination (S.C.A.T.L.I. ) : Sovgin Kingdom and Shivers || Chapter 5 || PLZ CC!!*Lavinia*9/6Fantasy
Stargazer | Co-write with *Jill* | Chapter 3 (Please comment and CC!)Hyacinth9/2Fantasy
Stargazer | Co-write with Hyacinth | Prologue (Please comment and CC!)Scilloideae (*Jill*)8/19Fantasy
You don't understand // I sighLila Violet8/10Poetry
Ena's Writing Masterpostlotus pain (ena)6/7True story
A Tale - Ella*Lavinia*5/20Fantasy
The Streets - Chapter 14*Lavinia*5/18Action / Adventure
Tide of Atmospheric Pressureselias / silent3/14Poetry
"Nothing Left" Chapter 1Emma3/13General Fiction
For a Girl I Once Knewelias / silent2/16Poetry
Recalling Januarieselias / silent2/2Poetry
Kairoselias / silent2/2Poetry
Going to New York (brief language warning)elias / silent12/6Poetry
Romeo and Juliet. *Lavinia*11/18Poetry
Two Mistresseselias / silent11/16Poetry
Exemplumelias / silent10/30Poetry
To T.S. Eliot, With Loveelias / silent10/10Poetry
I No Longer Howl at the Moonelias / silent9/25Poetry
The Indie Kidselias / silent9/22Poetry
shades of saraelias / silent8/3Poetry
through the windowelias / silent5/30Poetry
recollections, 3/31/15elias / silent5/27Poetry
untitled #1 ('words words words')elias / silent5/14Poetry
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