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To ServicePlot, the boy who tried to live, but got roasted by Esther.hufflepuff *Sy*4/19True story
Ultimates 9: (Chapter 11)qU@Rt2M@2teR4/19Action / Adventure
Elementaltisim Incident 1: The World Turned Upside-Down (Part Three)Julia4/19Fantasy
5 Tips to Benefit your writing!QueenK4/19Non-fiction
KIDPUB HOUSES?? My idea to revive KPPredator-6 (Jack)4/18True story
THE ECLIPSE FILES (NEW ZOMBIE NOVEL) Chapter 2: The Encounter Part 1Predator-6 (Jack)4/18SciFi
The Reluctant Soldier: XXII*Snow* 4/18Poetry
Ultimates 9: (Chapter 10)qU@Rt2M@2teR4/18Action / Adventure
Elementaltisim Incident 1: The World Turned Upside-Down (Part Two)Julia4/18Fantasy
tbh (to be human)esther4/17Poetry
god vs. the creationelliot4/17Poetry
New here! Should've put this in earlier.Julia4/17True story
Øpekktur: Prologue~Lelin Da Flame†4/17Fantasy
Elementaltisim Incident 1: The World Turned Upside-Down (Part One)Julia4/17Fantasy
Ultimates 9: (Chapter 9)qU@Rt2M@2teR4/16Action / Adventure
Welcome Julia!hufflepuff *Sy*4/16Story
Please Read, Everyone!! Kind of Important! (And to Perry, too :3)hufflepuff *Sy*4/16Story
lingering troubles Briana4/16Poetry
IED (read with some caution, kinda dark)Larry Peterson4/15Story
Ancestor's Ghost hufflepuff *Sy*4/15Poetry
Ultimates 9: (Chapter 8)qU@Rt2M@2teR4/15Action / Adventure
Of love, I am the best and of love, I am the very worst – Lena 4/15Poetry
Yesterday Againhufflepuff *Sy*4/3Poetry
Ena's Writing Masterpost (2017)Red Zero4/3True story
Skaenovia | Chapter 1 | **Might publish, so there's not going to be a chapter 3 for this on KP** PREVIEWhufflepuff *Sy*2/20Fantasy
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