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MetrophobiaCreppy Spoops (Hazel)10/13Poetry
in love [collection of poems]Kimber10/13Poetry
composure Briana10/13Poetry
Fictionplacecheetah10/13Action / Adventure
This isn't something to post on KP, but just look, it's crazy.Southern Latina (Sy)10/13True story
Lord of Night | Part Two: Intermezzo IV Casual Affair (Max)10/13Fantasy
to hell with all of you and to hell with the world i trusted /language/Esther10/12Poetry
Lord of Night | Part Two: Chapter 20 (Unmasked) (150,000 WORDS!)Casual Affair (Max)10/12Fantasy
Little Big Eyes*Snow* bby scarecrow10/12Song / Lyrics
Hello there my friend (please comment)Kuro Tenshi (sally)10/12Poetry
CHAPTER 6 (A Dark Morning Rising)Jean10/12Fan Fiction
Jailbreakers // Chapter Eight (New POV) (CC aprecciated :} )Izzy Dead Re 10/12Fantasy
It's a Story (might post video of me singing this fabulous song.)Southern Latina (Sy)10/12Song / Lyrics
Lord of Night | Part Two: Chapter 19 (Darren (Part 3 of 3)Casual Affair (Max)10/11Fantasy
wish I could say I loved youBriana10/10Poetry
A Pair Through All Seasons Continued*Snow* bby scarecrow8/19General Fiction
Jill's Writing MasterpostScilloidie (*Jill*)5/7True story
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