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The Land of the Dragons-Book 1-IntroductionDragonwolf3/9Fantasy
I found this really sad song-seriesAgent 43/9Romance
Random Burst of Writing #4-CobraDragonwolf3/8Story
Random Burst of Writing #3-Frightened DeerDragonwolf3/8Fantasy
endless views (dedicated to tia snow)Agent 43/8Poetry
Random Burst of Writing #2-Aurora BorealisDragonwolf3/8Action / Adventure
Random Burst of Writing #1-Half-FelineDragonwolf3/8SciFi
A nostalgic vibe storyAgent 43/8Realistic Fiction
Red Sunset-Chapter oneDragonwolf3/6Fantasy
NO WAYDust3/6True story
Red Sunset-ProlougeDragonwolf3/5Action / Adventure
a meme I madeAgent 43/4Humor
a poem of humor (based on Splatoon)Agent 43/3Poetry
Open Night (excerpt)Agent 43/3Mystery
GlitterDragonwolf3/3Action / Adventure
I'm wheezing right nowAgent 43/2Humor
The Fate of Agent 4Agent 43/1Humor
someone couldn't comment this out so they just made it match the color lolQuartzMaster3/1True story
Dragonwolf coverDragonwolf2/28Story
Dark Aurora Chapter 4Dragonwolf2/28Action / Adventure
HelpDust2/28True story
Dark Aurora coverDragonwolf2/28Action / Adventure
Issue with uploading pfps on KidPubAgent 42/28True story
Clueless impo don't ask me why i did amogusDragonwolf2/28Humor
Silvertip (Chapter 1)Dragonwolf2/28Action / Adventure
another oc I madeAgent 42/28True story
not againAgent 42/28True story
Dark Aurora Chapter 3Dragonwolf2/27Action / Adventure
im hereDragonwolf2/27True story
a bunch of things I got in a quotes generatorAgent 42/27Humor
ShapeshiftDragonwolf2/27Action / Adventure
what the heck happened!?!?! i put me and Agent four in a genarator and it came out with this!Dragonwolf2/27Story
The Magic Closet-Chapter 3Agent 42/27Action / Adventure
a story prompt that i randomly thought of last nightDragonwolf2/27Action / Adventure
what would you doAgent 42/27Humor
questionDragonwolf2/27True story
my profile pic!!Agent 42/27True story
40 of the best quotes I could findDragonwolf2/27True story
Dark Aurora Chapter 2Dragonwolf2/25Action / Adventure
Dark Aurora Chapter 1Dragonwolf2/25Action / Adventure
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