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Masquerade of LifeElora2/8Poetry
A Simple Prayer! By: Steven ConnellySteven2/8Realistic Fiction
Ultimataniam 8: 2nd Series of Ultimates: (Chapter 5)qU@2T$m@$t322/8Action / Adventure
Just a book talk for school, please view!/alem/2/7Story
waitinga zombie now (*Jill*)2/7Poetry
Demiblog -- André Bancroft -- Homeegocentric little scribbler2/2Fan Fiction
Ena's Writing Masterpost 2018egocentric little scribbler1/30True story
(Undertale) A Series of Serious Parodies to the Musical Hamilton*Snow* window watcher1/1Fan Fiction
Salvage and Salvation: fragment 1Schrödinger's Cat12/11Realistic Fiction
3Levels - Chapter 1 - PREMIERE~Tomato_Anxiety~11/21Fantasy
Demiblog -- Alexander Mikhailov -- Homeegocentric little scribbler4/21Fan Fiction
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