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My 26-Year-Old Self by Alexa10

My 26-Year-Old Self by Alexa10

Runner-Up in the April 2012 KidPub Writing Contest


My 26-year old Self
looking at the pictures
the memories
of what child I used to be.

The birthdays
everyday we cherished
it was fast
of what child I used to be.

Moving on
starting my private life
it's tough
while I talk to myself

I feel lonely
I don't have my mother
to talk to anymore
I want my life back.

My 26-year old Self
crying on the dusty pictures
thinking of all the precious memories
all washed away.

Will I ever
get my childhood life back?
Will I play with the toys?
Will I ever be a kid again?

Moving on
got to let the memories stay in my heart
I have to make it real
My 26-year old Self

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