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You and I, Me and You by Timber

You and I, Me and You by Timber


Runner-Up, April 2012 KidPub Writing Contest

You're probably married now,

Advancing down the aisle in a lacy, taffeta gown,

With pure, glorious tears rolling down your face,

As you look at your future who is dressed in a soft, black suit.

You probably have an education now,

Studying for hours by the flickering light of a lamp,

With numerous books published,

And your name on every copy.

You probably have a house now,

With a white picket fence lining the freshly cut grass,

A master bedroom with a gorgeous walk in closet to call your own,

And a blazing hearth filled with a dancing ember, and cloudy smoke curling off the top.

You probably have some friends now,

Companions to stay with you through thick and thin,

Someone to come over with a tub of ice cream when you're sad,

Someone who would confide in you their deepest, darkest secrets.

You probably have a car now,

A vehicle to take you anywhere you wish,

A ticket to your freedom,

To go wherever you please.

You probably have more responsibilities now,

No drinking, drugs or bad decisions,

You must be a role model,

You must live up to your sins.

I wish I could be like you,

Although I know I will be soon enough,

Only fourteen more years to go,

You and I, Me and You.

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