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My Advice to You by Caleigh

My Advice to You by Caleigh

Winner, April 2012 KidPub Writing Contest


My Advice to You:

It seems like just the other day
I was thirteen years old
Pretty, kind, and athletic
Wanting to see what my life would hold

Would I be a famous artist?
Or the best doctor of them all?
I’d just have to wait and see
To see where I will fall

Now I’m the age of 26
My, how times pass
I remember when I was thirteen
Playing soccer in the grass

Now I’m out of college
In the real world, you see
An aspiring author hoping to go far
That’s what I was born to be!

So I’d like to take this time
To give you some advice
You may not always be well liked
It’s by the role of the dice!

No matter what happens
You know who you are
No one can say otherwise
You’re the best by far

When someone pushes you down
You must always get back up
Whenever someone makes you frown
Just turn it upside down!

You have so much to be thankful for
Your family and friends
Having a rooftop over your head
And God’s love will never end

He made you by choice
Your life has a purpose
So get up on your soapbox
And don’t be afraid to speak your voice

Be careful of the words you speak
You don’t want to mess up
Setting an example for your kids
Will help them to grow up

Don’t take anything for granted
Because He could take it away
Celebrate your life
Every single day

You could be gone in any instant
You could not get your way
But it doesn’t matter
If you live day by day

Be careful what you wish for
Because you’ll never know what you get
If it’s not what you were wanting
Do anything but throw a fit

Set a good example
For everyone around you
Be kind and compassionate
Like your mother showed you how to

This is my advice for you
Now that you are older
Even if we’re two-in-one
Follow those instructions

Love everyone you’ve ever known
And give a hug to someone who needs them
When you fall down and can’t get back up
They may return the favor

I’d have to say, though
Over the years
You’ve developed into a wonderful person
And I can’t wait for the world to see this show

The show that makes everyone individual
That keeps us from being the same
I have one last piece of advice for you
Try not to drive your husband insane ;)


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