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1000 lifetimes~Chapter 10: Them

1000 lifetimes~Chapter 10: Them

Posted July 6th, 2018 by Ninasilverrose

by Nina
in British Columbia

I sat there, in a daze, staring at the page. I couldn't believe my eyes. The book explained everything! Every single thing that was in this book came to life. Or...were they already there and the book just explained each one? My head spun with unanswered questions. 

I closely examined the cover to find the author, but the only thing I found was this on the first page:

To my son and daughter. I will always love you.

The single line left me with even more questions. It was handwritten in black ink, and something about it just seemed so disturbingly familiar-

My head suddenly started to throb, making me clutch it in pain. What on earth? The room around me had started to spin.

Anything that I had started to remember slipped from my grasp. It was as if something didn't want me to remember, to finally find out the truth...  My head gave another sharp throb and I winced. Don't try to remember. A voice whispered inside my head. Just let it be... My eyes widened. It wasn't my own. The pain will go away, then. Just let it go... I gritted my teeth and ordered the voice away.

To my surprise, it went with a menacing hiss. You will regret thisss.... And then it was gone. Taking sharp, desperate breaths, I clutched the book to my chest and lulled myself to sleep.


The next day, I woke by the alarm clock on the nightstand. Strange, I thought. Today is a Saturday. Sitting up, I shut the alarm off and began to stand when I realized the book wasn't there. I searched in the drawer, the closet, under the bed, under the covers and the mattress, under my pillow.... But the book was nowhere to be found. I was panicking now. 

Where on earth could that book be?! Realization then dawned on me like cold water: Someone had probably taken it! But the question was, who? I went through a list in my head. Max, Honey, Aunt Silka, Jace. Suddenly, I remembered the ashes on the ground. Jace had found the book before. And now he might have it. 

I quickly dressed up and kissed Aunt Silka on both cheeks. Then I opened the door in a rush and was about to close it when:

"Wait wait wait! Where do you think you're going?" Aunt Silka stood at the doorway, arms crossed. I hurriedly made up an excuse.

"Uh, my friend wanted help with her homework so I'm going to go help her." Aunt narrowed her eyes, trying to read any signs of dishonesty in my expression. When she found none, she gave up with a sigh and backed up. 

"Alright. Just be back for supper." I nodded at her and sprinted into the forest. The forest was dark even in broad daylight, and it gave me a sudden chill. I shivered violently. Something rustled not far from where I stood, and I dazedly made my way toward it. I didn't know why I wasn't afraid or anything; I just knew I had to get there. Something was drawing me in, enchanting me into obedience...

And then just as sudden as it had been there, It was gone, leaving me there in puzzlement and something else I could not quite put my finger on. Was it fear? Or maybe more confusion? I shook my head to clear it, then started walking again.

Then I yelped, for something had wrapped around my leg and was tugging violently. I was dangerously close to falling and held onto a tree to keep my balance, but the thing wrapped around my leg tugged harder, and a moment later, I found myself on the hard soil. 

The creature ( or whatever it was) didn't give me another moment to think and before I knew it, I was being pulled at a blinding speed through the forest. I hit bushes and rough soil and rocks, and in no time, I had bruises and cuts everywhere. I had lost track of time, and it felt like hours- maybe even days- had passed. 

And then the trees revealed a patch of light, and I gazed at the thing that had caught my leg in wonder. It was green, and somewhat looked like a plant, having wrapped itself around my leg like a snake. But it wasn't like any plant I had ever seen, that was for sure. As long as I knew, plants didn't move or wrap themselves around you. 

Just as I was pondering all this, the ground suddenly gave way, and I felt my stomach drop. Screaming at the top of my lungs, I felt the air rush all around me. I kept falling and falling. I knew that if I reached the end of this hole, I wouldn't survive. Today, I would die. 

Then, in the darkness, the ground became visible and I waited for an impact. There came none. Instead, I felt something cushioning my fall. However, my head hit something hard, and the world around me became distorted, spinning into a bundle of colors. And finally, there came total darkness.

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