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1000 lifetimes~Chapter 12: Come with me

1000 lifetimes~Chapter 12: Come with me

Posted August 6th, 2018 by Ninasilverrose

by Nina
in British Columbia

After Jace had awkwardly failed at comforting me, we went  back with his guidance. How come he knows the forest so well? I thought in wonder. And anyone would have been amazed ; for the forest was full of dead ends and tangled trees.

It was exactly like a maze and if anyone could even remember the way to the river (which was only a minute away) it would have been a miracle.

How he had managed to memorize every single part and path left me in utmost amazement. Jace never failed to surprise me. I glanced back once in hoped of perhaps spotting the willow tree again. But no such luck. It had disappeared as if it wasn't there at all in the first place. 

Jace noticed and an odd expression crossed his features. However, before I could quite read his expression, it had gone and was replaced by a strange smile which looked forced. I frowned, biting my lip slightly. Why the people of Moonbay were so odd was beyond me. Heaving a deep, tired sigh, I gently smiled back at him and started walking again. 

Jace glanced after me for a good few seconds, rooted to his spot. When I also stared in puzzlement, he seemed to come to his senses and began leading once more in front of me. 

I shivered violently despite there not being a breeze, and held myself tightly in comfort. We weren't a step out of the forest when footsteps rang out and Max Rose rushed forward, looking at me and Jace grumpily.

"Took you long enough" It was more directed to Jace, whom grinned despite himself. He them strided over to where Max stood and started speaking in a strange language:

"Bene est difficile ad tollendum esse werewolf. Et non posset esse mihi. EGO had ut leo et perfecta." He paused, frowning at Max's expression. I now knew the language as Latin. Aunt Silka had taught me some, and I found I understood quite a bit:

"It was hard, and not know it me. I time."  I puzzled over this for who knows how long, and Max had already begun to speak by the time I had finished.

"Oh, shut up, Jace.," He spoke in Latin. "You not know when shut mouth." Realizing how limited my vocabulary was, I flushed slightly. Jace frowned, sighing gently. He stayed silent for a while and just shook his head sadly. 

"Lyra, would you please come with us?" Jace finally broke the silence, gazing at me with that odd expression on his face again. 

My heart began pounding. I could not leave with strangers. But what choice did I have? Aunt Silka would be furious and I had no nerve left to tolerate anymore. And plus, something told me they meant no harm.

"Alright," I began, clasping my fingers nervously. "But you have to promise you will do me no harm." Max glanced at Jace sideways. As if amused, Jace chuckled. 

"Very well, princess. I promise on my home, Ziendla." My stomach suddenly dropped. But Ziendla is the country of... I trailed off, trying to hide my shocked expression. Max seemed to notice, for he frowned deeply at me. 

"Do you...maybe know where Ziendla is?" Max narrowed his eyes, and for a terrifying moment, I thought I saw his blue eyes change to crimson. But I dismissed such thing as a trick of the eye, and stared at him bitterly.

"I had heard it from my brother." It wasn't a lie; but it was also not the whole truth. Max also seemed unsatisfied and was about to speak again when Jace held out a hand.

"That is quite enough, Max. Let us be on our way." Jace had narrowed his green eyes, a deep frown etched on his lips. Max growled and spoke in Latin:

"You not higher than me. I older."  I once more felt embarrassed at my vocabulary. But it was enough to leave me gaping at them both. Wasn't Jace older? But I was quite sure of what I had heard and how correctly I had managed to translate it. Max was in highschool just like me, and Jace went to university, no doubt, for Moonbay only had one highschool. As I puzzled over this, I walked behind the duo with caution, careful not to stagger behind. 

After we walked for half an hour, we reached a black pathway in which was a small tree. Jace walked up to the tree and tapped it three times. Then we began walking again. Pondering over this mystery, I felt a rock under my feet and I lost my balance, falling quite comically to the ground. Jace and Max stopped, looking back. Jace looked at the verge of laughing. But when I glared and glanced over to Max, I froze. 

He looked pale as a sheet, and in the darkness, his eyes looked a shade darker than before. It seemed as if he was restraining himself from doing or saying something, for he held his body so tensely he was shaking gently. 

Jace took notice of this and heaved a sigh, putting a hand on Max's shoulder. 

"Sorry about that. He doesn't do well with blood, you see. A childhood phobia." I was even more puzzled, for there was no sign of blood anywh-

My leg started stinging and I hissed under my breath, looking down at it. Quite a great amount of blood gushed out, and I myself felt as if I were to get sick. Jace had an odd expression on his face, a dark aura surrounding him. It was now as if HE were restraining HIMSELF. I found that quite odd, but kept it to myself and just nodded. 

"Oh. Well in that case we had better bandage it to stop the bleeding." He nodded, with Max now turned his back on me as to not see the blood, and walked towards me and pulled out a leaf. I gave him a strange look and he just put it on my leg without cracking a smile or seeming to take notice.

He is really serious. I thought in amazement. But I felt the stinging subside suddenly, and my eyes widened greatly. It worked! I had heard of medicinal herbs, but for one to work so quickly... 

Max had started walking ahead, and Jace had his forced smile on his lips again. He gently helped me up and we began walking once more.

As we trodded along, an open gate colored the distance. A few minutes and we were passing through it. I had only just glanced ahead of me when I stopped dead. 

A large mansion closer to a castle than a house was in front of me, so high it cast a long shadow over us. I could barely see in the darkness, but now it had gotten so dark I was quite blind. However, Max and Jace walked as if it was as light as day, and I followed behind blindly, careful not to get too far behind. 

We reached the black wooden doors and Max knocked once. The door slowly and gently creaked open, and they walked in. I, however, was hesitant, for nobody was there to have opened the door. But it couldn't have just swung open by itself. Taking a deel breath and blaming it on the darkness, I glanced back one more time and passed through the doorway. A slam let me know it had swung closed behind me.

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