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1000 lifetimes~Chapter 11: The underground

1000 lifetimes~Chapter 11: The underground

Posted August 6th, 2018 by Ninasilverrose

by Nina
in British Columbia

When my conciousness returned to me, I found myself sitting on soft soil, in almost complete darkness. Water came up to my feet, and I gently sat up. My head throbbed painfully and I clutched it to ease the pain. But suddenly, the water gave a splash and a shadow moved inside. I scrambled as far away as I could and embraced my knees to my chest. The splash came again. I prayed it wasn't a deadly creature such as a shark. 

Then a head shot out of the water, hair glittering in the water. It was a girl! Dumbfounded, I felt my eyes wander to her body. She wore a shirt a bit too big for her and her eyes were the bluest of blue. Her golden hair curled down onto the surface of the water, wet to the very core.

I gaped at her like that for god knows how long, and then her voice, which was the most beautiful thing I had heard, broke he silence. 

"salutations!" She sang, twirling in the water. "What is a child like you doing in our home?" I still could not get myself to speak, for her voice was so angelic and sing-song I did not want to disturb it with my own. But when she said nothing more I knew I had to speak and began:

"Well, I was walking in the forest, you see. But then a plant had found its way around my leg and pulled me here." The girl looked puzzled, but then seemed to understand,  for she tucked a hand under her chin and smiled. 

"Ah. You mean the willow tree." She tilted her head and gave a hearty laugh. "I see now. " And then, she suddenly came out of the water and pinched my two cheeks. I was too stunned to object or resist, for half her body was human and half fish. Gaping at her once more, I heard a voice as if far away:

"A-are you a mermaid?" It took me a moment to realize it was my own. The girl looked bemused, then smiled clumsily. 

"Haha! No, child. I am a siren. See, there is a difference." I was as confused as ever, and was about to question it when another splash rang out through the cave-like hole. Another head shot out of the water, this one male, with purple eyes and glowing black hair. He looked disturbed to see me there and looked to the girl for answers. 

A strange sound filled the silence, close to music than anything. I felt the emotion in the sound: Anger, confusion, reassurance, safety- 

And then it was gone. The two sirens stopped looking at each other and the male glanced at me, might I add disapprovingly. Then he began to speak in the same sing-song voice that probably all sirens had:

"You must leave. There is no place for you here." I was about to protest when the same musical sound filled the void. I now at once knew what it was: It was the language in which sirens communicated. The girl seemed to be telling the male something, and the tensed way he held his body loosened. He glanced at me again. 

"Very well. As it was the willow tree, you may stay until things settle. Now, then, child. What is your name?" For a moment, I seemed to have forgotten about myself but then recalled my name. 

" Lyra. Lyra panter." The two sirens gave a violent start and started shivering. I confusedly stared at the pair of them. Why was it that my name always sparked such strange reactions? I sighed and sat cross-legged, staring at them intently. " Why are you frightened?" The girl furrowed her eyebrows, as if she expected something else. 

"You...do not remember? Lyra your family are-" she was cut off by the male, whom looked furious. 

" Your family are not welcome here! Get out!" And before I knew it, water was pushing at me from under with such force I was thrown out of the hole. And when I stood up dazedly, the hole was gone. 

The moon shone overhead, and I gimpsed at my wrist-watch. It was the same time I had left the house. Did time not pass there? I thought with utmost puzzlement. I was so sure I must have at least been passed out for hours on end. But then when I was about to go on my way back home, I realized I didn't know the way. 

"Damn it." I cursed under my breath as I tried taking out my phone and calling someone. But who was the question. If I called Aunt Silka she would be worried to death. And if I called Luna it wouldnt be much help. So I decided to call Jace. There was no choice, no matter what he had done. Just as the phone had started dialling, something sprang on me with such force I was knocked backwards. It was a wolf, teeth bared in a growl. 

I screamed loudly and swore, trying to get the wolf off. But no avail. The wolf was too massive to shake off. I was about to give up fighting when the weight was lifted off me as if it was nothing. There lay the wolf, plant wrapped around it like a small prison. It was the willow tree! A branch reached towards me and I braced myself for the worst. But it had only gently stroked my head and then it was gone. And then there stood Jace, panting and sweating from running. 

"Lyra.." He gasped, rying to catch his breath. "Are you...okay?" I stifled a laugh. " Yeah. I am." I suddenly remembered my phone, which was on the ground, slightly cracked. I ran over to him and embraced him, feeling the tears stream down my cheeks. I was laughing and crying at the same time. 

Jace, startled, awkwardly rubbed my back in comfort. It was as if he hadn't really comforted anyone before. But that would be impossible, right...?

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