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1000 lifetimes~Chapter 13: realization

1000 lifetimes~Chapter 13: realization

Posted August 6th, 2018 by Ninasilverrose

by Nina
in British Columbia

When I took notice of my surroundings, I was rooted to the spot for a good 30 seconds, taking it all in. A golden chandelier hung from the cieling, lighting the room in which was a red silk carpeted stairway with golden railings. The stairway went both left and right, leading to two doorways in which was probably more doors. Four doorways were beside the stairway, two on the right and two on the left.

Max walked into one in the far right, and I was about to follow when something glittering caught my eyes. A table sat beside the room and on it was a silver necklace with a butterfly charm. Black dots started dancing in my vision, and the world spun at a dizzying speed. I clung to the wall just as my vision blacked out completely and my hearing became merely a buzz in my ear. And then my knees started buckling right under me and I felt nothing more.

It felt as if it was that way for hours, and when my vision and hearing finally cleared, I found my weight being supported by something. At first I perhaps thought I was clinging to the wall; but it was softer than that. I looked up and gasped, startled. Max stood towering before me, embracing me with his broad form. Shaken from my dizzy spell, I had no such strengh left to push him away. We were so close our noses were almost touching. I could feel his haggard breath on my neck. It was a very peculiar feeling, as his breath was as cold as icy water. 

Max's sapphire eyes were dull, and looked startingly pale as a sheet. His breathing quickened, desprate to get some air into his lungs. His eyes bore deep into mine, and I found I was transfixed. I felt him lean in closer into the crook of my neck, and only did I shiver, for his breath gave me chills.

And then everything became a daze; I notices nothing and it felt as if hours-days even-had passed. And then when I had come to my senses, Jace stood intimidatingly in front of Max, whom shook violently. They conversed about something I could not quite put my finger on. I was still in a daze. Jace turned to me suddenly, pausing, and then gaping at me, eyes wide. 

"A-are you alright?" He breathed, swallowing nervously. His green eyes were brighter than ever and they stared intently nto mine.

"I-yes. of course." I answered dazedly, not quite sure what had come to pass. He seemed to heave a deep breath, then looked with rage to Max, whom still shook and I suddenly recalled the events that had come to pass. That necklace- and the house itself. They had seemed to utterly and terrifyingly fammiliar that I had gotten dizzy trying to remember. 

Then Max had-well, I wasn't quite sure what he had done, but he had caught me when I had failed to keep my balance. I glanced at him now, quite timidly, and swallowed hard. His eye wandered to me and my throat, and a strange expression crossed his features; but he averted his gaze. This all came to pass so very quickly I barely processed it. He peered into my face,  and an expression of utmost guilt crossed his features. I now knew he was at fault with something, but I was so dreadfully tired that I didnt strain my mind with such matters and asked him to show me home so I could rest. Max frowned and responded with this:

"I'm sorry. You can't leave just yet. I can show you to a spare room if you'd like." I did not argue and let him lead me upstairs. We entered a green doorway in which was a bed with silk lining and velvet sheets. I passed out on the bed without taking off my shoes.

The next morning I woke with a strange pain on my shoulder/neck. I groggily got up, but then noticed how soft the sheets felt. This isn't my room. I thought in panic. The events of last night came back to me slowly and realization hit me like cold water. Max had done something and it had to do with me. I padded barefooted to the bathroom, which was in the bedroom, and peered at myself in the mirror. A red splotch was on my throat, and I gave a loud gasp. 

ah! A mosquito bite. I thought to myself in relief. So poor Max didn't do anything? Then why did he look so guilty... Questions swirled around in my mind as I dressed into the cloths layed out for me on the windowsill. 

It was a cotton short dress, with silk lining at the bottom and flowery patterns. I gently put on the fur slippers (also under the windowsill) and padded downstairs. An intoxicating smell filled the air, and I trailed it to the kitchen, which was on the left. Jace stood there, frying something in the pan, and didn't notice as I entered the room until I pulled up a chair.

"Ah. Lyra. Good morning." Jace turned to me, smiling gently. He seemed flustered a bit as he looked at me. I narrowed my eyes and sat down. 

"Can I go home? My aunt is probably having a heart attacl by now." He laughed at me wholeheartedly.

"Don't worry. Max took care of that." I suspiciously followed him around with my eyes as he prepared breakfast. He layed down what was pancakes, freshly made, and for himself he set down a bowl of salad. Puzzled, I was about to question it when the door slammed. Max stompted into the room, seemingly in a bad mood, and sat down. Jace handed him a water-bottle in which the contents were unclear, and he drank like he hadn't for days. 

I stared at this little interaction until Jace came and sat down with us, about to discuss something. 

"Well, how did it go, Max?" He turned to Jace with a scowl on his face. 

"Freaking great. Just freaking great. The guy is a lunatic." I pondered about this, but decided to keep my mouth shut. It was better if I just watched. Max seemed in a very bad mood. I was surprised he didn't start swearing in Latin about now. 

"Now now. Carlo meant no harm I'm sure. He isn't like others you see. "

"I am done dealing with your people. You are their rul-" Jace shot him a dangerous look and Max immeadiately shut up, then just stared at me as if he had seen me for the very first time. He glanced at me up and down and red tinted his pale face. I, puzzled, gently touched my hand to his forehead to see if he had a fever. However his skin was as cold to the touch as it had ever been before, except he glowered at me as if my hand had been a knife.

"Don't touch me, human." His eyes- they were different in color?! I dazedly tries to process this when Jace shouted:

"ENOUGH." Max sprang to his feet and walked away quickly, glaring at Jace on his way out. I watched all this in wonder and confusion, having just finished eating. Just what were they hiding?

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