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1000 lifetimes~Chapter 18: The flashback

1000 lifetimes~Chapter 18: The flashback

Posted September 13th, 2018 by Ninasilverrose

by Nina
in British Columbia

Max remained silent all the way over the bridge and into the mansion. He just dazedly tugged me along, his sapphire eyes dulled into a deep grey. I said nothing to him, just to be left alone with my scattered thoughts and also because I was afraid it would break him even more than he was. The mansion doors opened on their own as always, but my heart sank for it would take more than a few times to get used to.

Jace sat at the round table in the kitchen, his blond head the only thing visible as he held his face in his large hands. He looked up at our arrival and exhaled, standing up slowly to greet us.

"Max...Lyra." He breathed, his voice raspy and cracked. A glass of water sat on the table and Jace swooped it up and gulped it all down in one breath. Clearing his throat, his body looked as if it would collapse any minute as he shakily sat back down. The bright glow in his green eyes had subsided to leave an almost pitch black green. I pulled up a chair and sat, and Max mimicked my actions absently. 

"Lyra, I think its time we told you the truth," Jace began, a strange pained look in his eyes, " When you and your family first came to Moonbay, your brother became the most popular kid in town. The Panters were known by the whole town-" My gasp cut him off, and he stared at me, almost pitying, then continued: "But one day, Blaze didn't show up to school like he usually did. And he didn't the next day, either. Or the next. That went on for a very long time. Your family comes from a long line of hunters, Lyra. We aren't humans. We are supernatural creatures from a secret civilization called Ziendla. And your parents knew this, Lyra. They thought one of us had hurt Blaze. So they took revenge by killing Max's sister, Cathy Rose," Max said nothing, but his lip twitched slightly. I was left speechless, my mouth agape.

"But then there was you. Blaze's little sister. Everyone thought you had been killed too. But you proved us wrong when you came back to us, Lyra. It was a great surprise to the whole town when they saw that little girl in you when you were walking in the school hallways. And more than that they saw the resemblance to your brother. There were only a few who remembered that accident. A lot had forgotten, just like you had. Thats why I visited your house. Just to make sure. And I'm sorry, but..." He paused, grinning apologetically, and handed me the golden book. 

"My brothers book...you took it??" Jace nodded, his head held down. 

"I apologize. I had to make sure it was you first before I trusted you with it. This book holds valuable information, more than any other book out there. Your brother got it as a present from our leader, Yi Dengshi. He was the one that created Ziendla. He also created the book you are holding. Its called the book of Horas, meaning the book of time in Ziendalian. It holds our history inside its pages. Your brother was our most trusted ally but.. he was also our friend. Thats why we need your help to find him, Lyra. " I nodded, trying to process all this sudden information. It was a lot to take in, especially the fact that my brother might still be alive out there.

" You knew my brother?" I asked, still a bit dazed. Max and Jace exchanged brief looks, and Max sighed gently. 

"Yes. He was our best friend. We got into all sorts of trouble. Until that one night, we went into the forest and something attacked us... we didn't know what happened but all I remember is we blamed each other for Blaze's disappearance. That way we stopped being friends and went our separate ways. Jace is the elf prince Jace Blackrose, and I am the werewolf prince, Max Rose. Jace went back to Clarcton, a small town that is ruled by elfs in Ziendla. And I stayed here. Jace had trust issues with humans but Blaze changed that. Blaze made us both see that humans COULD be good. And the pain of losing that was too much for him to handle. He has lost his parents to humans, afterall."

I could see the spark of hope inside both their eyes, as if life had been brought back into them. I could not refuse this, for I too wanted to see my brother just one more time. I inhaled sharply and sighed.

"Alright. I will help you. But I have to say goodbye to my aunt first." Jace nodded, and Max smiled brightly. They both looked cheery, and that was slightly more disturbing than them being down. I shot them both brief looks and Jace chuckled, then offered to take me to my house. We walked and made small talk. He said goodbye and told me he would be back for me in an hour. When I walked inside, everything was eerily silent. Aunt Silka would always be on her way to greet me with her cheery smile and musical laugh.

Suddenly, my phone rang and I answered. Luna's voice boomed on:

"Hey Lyra... I need to tell you something." Her voice sounded grieve, and I pictured her cast down eyes and frown. 

"What happened, Lulu?" That was the childhood nickname I had given her, and it stuck to this very day. I heard her take a shaky breath and continue:

"Turns out, Ly...your aunt had passed away a week before you got to Moonbay."

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