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1000 lifetimes~Chapter 21: The world makes sense

1000 lifetimes~Chapter 21: The world makes sense

Posted October 5th, 2018 by Ninasilverrose

by Nina
in British Columbia

When Blaze pulled me over the edge, for a moment all I felt was the lack of ground and the rush of icy air as it stung my face. Then I noticed the fact that we were suspended in midair, and I stared at the ground below me in utmost shock as it got closer and closer.

"BLAZE!" I screamed, making him turn to me, grinning ear to ear. But his expression changed as he saw my face, and the grin enfolded back into a frown. His lips parted as if about to speak, but he reached out and held me close to his chest instead. 

"Shhh," He whispered into my ear, and it was lost into the wind. With that in mind, he still began to silently sing the song he sang to me when we were kids:

"Don't you know, We let you go. So you could forever flow. The eternity, It's killing me. Too late to turn away, no matter where we sway we come here, always. Back to the tasteful music and the lonely cubic flowers. They stopped their dancing rhythm, forever still and withered. And I know, sometimes it differs. Once you say your prayers. Before the corrupt statues, you weep and scream, "It's painful". No wisdom comes without pain; the statues sing forever. And when the clouds turn away, like the moon did to the stars; You'll see eternal darkness. In its silent form comes chaos," He paused, stroking my hair gently. That always calmed me down, and I began to feel drowsy as Blaze continued, his angelic voice piercing the chilly air:

"This day, like any other, is dark, cold and slight. Then you run away forever; Like the rest of mankind. They never knew the treasures, Or the lonely cubic flowers and the tasteful tasteful music or the stories told by sunlight or when the starts first appeared, shining bright on earth's field. The things they at first admired; Now mere cold decorations. It's now or never ever, when you bring death together; With the dark tall lights and lonely nights. And the big black box that runs on big black tears. Although everyone fears, one day, they'll become killers, running around on wheels with the big black tears." 

Just as I was drifting off into sleep, the song ended, and I looked up at Blaze, whom was smiling widely. 

"we're here!" He sang, and before I could protest or utter a single word, we hit something gentle like water. I opened my eyes and found that they didn't sting, and that the liquid glittered all around us like sunlight. Blaze let go of me, and I panicked and tried to speak. Water rushed into my mouth, and sweetness filled my taste buds.

However, the coughing and spitting I waited anxiously for never came. Instead, I found I was breathing normally. He grabbed my hand and we swam to a small shady opening into the surface. We came out onto solid ground and I wobbled, trying to regain my balance. The liquid disappeared back into the ground as if there never was a massive lake of it a second ago. I gaped at the ground until Blaze dragged me into the familiar trees of the Moonbay forest. 

"B-but the water-" He shushed me and shook his head, his head cast down as if he couldn't look me in the eyes. I remained silent after that. 

After what felt like hours, but must really have been only about half an hour, we reached an open field. Blaze leaned against a rock and inhaled a great amount of air, then let it out in a deep sigh. 

"Lets rest here for a while, shall we? I can't wait to eat!" He exclaimed, reaching into a bag that he had snatched out of thin air. I sure as hell hadn't seen him carrying it all the way through the water and to here. I was about to remark if he had stolen it, but I was interrupted for what felt like the fifteenth time. Loud, familiar voices echoed through the trees, and Blaze rushed towards me and stood beside me in a fighting stance. 

"You called her, Jace! You did! I heard you tell her about-" The arguing duo paused and stared at us, and for once all seemed silent and quiet. 

"Lyra..." Max whispered, and took a step towards me with this longing look in his sapphire eyes that glittered brighter than ever. And then his eyes fell on Blaze and all the color went out of his face. Max stared at Blaze, then me, then back to Blaze several times, confusion and doubt clouding his face. Jace also seemed to have realized, and frowned deeply, casting down his eyes as if it was unbearable to look at Blaze. When he looked back up, something has changed in his eyes; and I knew right away what: They were no longer a bright, foresty green. All I saw now was a muddy swamp instead of a clear pond, and it dulled the light that once sparkled and shimmered in his eyes. 

"Blaze, it's good to see you, I must admit," Jace breathed, his surprise transforming into a cold, distant look. Then he added with an icy voice that sent chills up your spine: 

"It's finally time to do what I've had wanted to do for a very long time." He sneered, and then without leaving time for any of us to react to the situation, Jace had Blaze wrapped in wooden branches, which were slowly piercing through him. I could see his soul and life being sucked right out of him right there and then. That was the loudest I had screamed in my life. 

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