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1000 lifetimes~Chapter 23: A special moment

1000 lifetimes~Chapter 23: A special moment

Posted November 3rd, 2018 by Ninasilverrose

by Nina
in British Columbia

"Lyra!" A shout rang throughout the clearing, and the ever-too familiar voice of Cathy filled the void. "You little-! Did you think you could just run away like a petty human?" The words washed over me and bounced off as I growled, my hands tightened into fists. The seemingly lit sky now seemed to lose it's light, turning ever so grey above the gloomy field. The wind blew icy breaths, causing our pants come out as clouds of white mist. 

"I didn't run away, Cathy. I simply didn't want to stay with someone I don't like. Would you like to stay with your enemy and breath the same air as them? I sure as hell don't." That seemed to push her over the edge, for Cathy slashed across Jeff's chest, roughly throwing him aside, and transformed back into a panther with gleaming sharp teeth and bright green eyes. 

"JEFF!" I called, feeling my heart ache gently once more. His snake-like body slithered and shook, struggling to set himself upright. Jeff's crimson eyes were half-lidded, his breathing uneven and heavy. I began to step towards him when I remembered the one responsible and I turned to Cathy with fire in my eyes.

"CATHY. YOU. WON'T. HURT. ANYONE. EVER. AGAIN." And then before I knew it, we were at each-others throats, Cathy scratching and biting and me throwing punches and kicking her in places I knew would hurt; it seemed to continue for hours on end as we drowned out the voices and shouts of the others. All around us seemed to be empty and the spotlight was only on us; two girls fighting like animals ( one WAS an actual animal) and no one dared to stop them. 

Light caught our eyes and we let go of each other hastily, going blind momentarily. 

"You two." A booming voice called just as our eyes began to adjust. I glared at Cathy, rage still burning in my chest. Her hair was ruffled and pulled out in many places, her body bruised and bleeding. I knew I must have looked the same; therefore I simply looked away and turned to the source of the voice.  

A man stood before us, his golden hair shimmering in the bright sunlight which shone down. 

"I didn't know the sun could even be that bright." I heard Max mutter as he and Blaze joined my side. Jace reluctantly followed, holding his arm which was tinted with flowing rivers of red. The man seemed to glow as he strided towards us, eyes gleaming a certain silver. An odd sound filled the air, and Cathy pressed her ears in agony. 

"Cathy Rose," The booming voice came again, this time louder. " You have broken the laws of Ziendla, therefore you cannot be one of our kind any longer. Neither are you allowed anywhere near Ziendla, and your memories will be taken from you. You shall spend the rest of your life span in human society." Cathy looked as if she was ready to tear the neck off the man, but did not say a word. A single tear slid down her cheeks as she cast her eyes down and bowed her head. 

"As for you, Jace Blackrose. You have also broken many laws; however, your punishment shall not be as dire. You will be placed under supervision by one of the 7 deadly Traci. Your powers shall be stripped from you for a period of 2 years. Traci, take them away. The court shall be held soon." The man disappeared, then 5 men and 2 women stepped forward, their footsteps silent. One was slightly taller than the rest, his very long sleeved, silky jacket covering him to well below his waist and was loosely tied with string at the right side. The sleeves of his jacket were a little wide and reached down to below his hands, decorated with several thread linings from top to bottom.

The jacket had a rectangular neckline which revealed part of the majestic shirt worn below it and was worn with a big cloth belt, which was held together by an ornate pin. The cloth belt was solely decorative and a status symbol. His pants were simple and wide and reached down to his hide shoes. The shoes were made from a pretty rare hide, but were otherwise a simple design. 

A women stands by his side, her hair golden and her eyes a rare green as she glared fiercely. Her long sleeved, hide jacket covered her to her waist and was barely tied with string at the left side. The sleeves of her jacket were a loose fit and reached down to well below her hands, decorated with several thread linings from top to bottom. The jacket had a deep, rectangular neckline which reveals part of the luxurious shirt worn below it and is worn with a long cloth belt, which is held together by a small belt buckle. The cloth belt was almost entirely a functional addition. Her pants were simple and narrow and reached down to her soft leather shoes. The shoes were made from a fairly uncommon leather, but were otherwise a common design.

The women holds out a small wand, the tip holding a white crystal. Cathy and Jace seemed to cower in fear as the women took a deep breath and said loudly:

" Immuninio Arachniendo. "  A straight, indigo surge of particles shot out of the wand, striking Cathy and Jace. It instantly rendered them unconscious as they hit the compacted earth. The 7 Traci went up to them, the women and the man lifting them up as they chanted   simultaneously.

Silenendius Lighterio ." Gentle, green twirls shot into the air for a second; then the casters were gone just as fast as they had come. I stared at the very spot they had stood on, dumbfounded. Blaze put a hand on my shoulder and smiled wearily, which was surprisingly comforting as I smiled back at him. 

"Cathy..." Max breathed, his expression the very definition of pain as he stared at the spot they had been on. His eyes were glassy and lifeless, tears building up in his sapphire eyes as he reached out. Blaze rubbed his back, looking pained and disappointed himself. 

"Max, I.." Running out of words to speak out loud, I simply grasped his shaking hands and helped him walk back to the mansion. He paused at the front doors, hands running over the smooth surface of wood, then let us usher him inside and fuss over him. He looked so broken and vulnerable; with those frozen features and shaking hands which never seemed to stop. 

"What happened to the others?" I asked Blaze, attempting to lighten the mood. However, Blaze looked down and shook his head, a deep frown etched upon his face. 

"I'm sorry, Lyra. I-I couldn't...save them." My breath got caught in my throat as the suffocating pressure pressed down on my lungs. 

"Hah...you don't say..." I choked out, eyes filling with tears. I gripped the worn out table for support as I struggled to sit down. Blaze gave me a sympathetic gaze, then turned back to Max. He seemed better now; a bit of color had returned to his face as he watched me with his gleaming eyes. He reached out a shaking hand, which disturbed me to great lengths, but I still sat as still as I could as his hand traveled to my blond hair, flustered cheeks, worn out but still soft lips...

And then his face was inches from mine, his eyes searching mine hungrily. I felt soft lips crash with mine, and I hastily kissed him back. It was a heated moment, in which all our surrounding seemed to disappear into nothingness. All I could feel was his soft lips and the taste of iron as he roughly smashed his lips against mine. He pulled away, and my chest ached for his warmth; for his lips to be on mine once more and never stop. However, I simply gazed into his eyes dreamily, and he cupped my face into his giant hands.

"I love you, Lyra." He whispered in my ear sweetly. And then we were kissing again.

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