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1000 lifetimes~Chapter 4: Love is lost

1000 lifetimes~Chapter 4: Love is lost

Posted June 12th, 2018 by Ninasilverrose

by Nina
in British Columbia

I pulled down my grey sweater for the umpteenth time, disturbed at my own behavior. It certainly isn't like me to be nervous like this, I thought. I felt exposed somehow, in the cold morning air and crowded school gates. "Just be honest with yourself when you are nervous. Don't push it down, see?" My brother had held my hand the first day of school when i was 6, kneeled down to my height. I actually DID felt better, I mused. 

A sudden shout came from my right, and before i could turn around to confront them, something hit my head from behind. Feeling dizziness wash over me, i drowsily stumbled about. A voice came, as if from far away, cold and demanding:

"Hey, you! Who hit her!" Another voice, this one weak and squeaky. I couldn't make out what they said; dots danced in front of my vision, drowning out everything like tuning down a radio. I barely felt my knees give way and the sharp pain of the cement as i hit it. Suddenly, my senses started working again for what felt like hours but must have really just been seconds.

"Oi, you a'right?" The cold voice boomed from before, a faint accent showing in his voice. My eyes fluttered open and i tried to pull myself up, but my body quivered in pain and weakness. Most of my muscles were so sore, i couldn't move them even if i wanted to. The boy grunted, and i soon learnt that was his laugh. 

"What are you laughing about.." I muttered, trying at another attempt to sit up. No avail. I decided to look up into the boys face, and almost fell over. He looked just like that boy from before, with his fair hair and blue eyes. It must have hit my head hard, whatever that thing was. I grimaced, for there was a basketball not far from where i was sprawled out.

The boy, grinning ear to ear, suddenly pried me off the ground as if i was a china doll. I struggled and scratched and bit, but god, was he was stubborn! 
"Let. Me. Down." I growled, feeling the boys chest heave up and then down in a deep sigh. I Sneered at him. "Hey, i am the victim here!" People passed by, staring, some whispering. The boy started walking to the infirmary, unfazed. I suddenly stopped struggling, clinging to him tightly. So he was trying to help me!

He put me down on the bed so gently, as if i might break right there and then. I puzzled over his actions: One day he was as rude as a bull, and the next he was treating me like china! Just what was with him..?

He scrambled around for something a few minutes, then pulled out a bandage. For the first time since i had seen him, i noticed the bags under his shining eyes. A strange feeling started in my chest, burning so badly i almost flinched. He bent down and put the bandage on my forehead, and i noticed he wasn't breathing. Was he holding his breath?? He then stood back up to admire his handy work. 

"Should be okay. Your injury ain't too serious." My hand felt for the bandage and found dried blood. Feeling touched, i smiled up at him. His eyes seemed to widen for a moment, as if he had expected more biting and scratching instead of this. I reached out and held his large hand in mine. 

"Thank you.." With eyes as wide as saucers, he nodded at me. "By the way, i'm Lyra Panter." Just like Jace had, the boy looked shocked, then flinched and pulled his hand out of mine. He was about to hurry away when i called after him:

"Wait! What's your name??" He stopped, his back to me, as if pondering what to say next, and then muttered so quietly i barely heard him:

"Max. Max Rose." And before i could say anything more, he had already turned the corner and was out of sight. 

What a strange guy, I thought absently. Seemed content on getting away from me as fast as possible. 

"Hm.." I twirled my hair, deep in thought. So many strange things had happened that this was almost nothing compared. But even so, i sat in the bed and touched the bandage on my forehead, eyes narrowed into slits.

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You've got me so curious!

You've got me so curious!

Posted by Cherith on Wed, 06/13/2018 - 11:08
I am glad you like the story

I am glad you like the story so far!

Posted by Nina on Wed, 06/13/2018 - 14:53

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