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1000 lifetimes~Chapter 9: Mysteries

1000 lifetimes~Chapter 9: Mysteries

Posted July 2nd, 2018 by Ninasilverrose

by Nina
in British Columbia

I sat there, in a daze, until a voice brought me back to reality. 

"Hey! Who are you? What are you doing here!" I flinched and turned sharply, facing the nurse. She stopped short when she saw me, fists clenched. I gestured to Katey, whom lay there like a broken doll. 

"I found her in the forest. Please, can't you help her?" The nurse narrowed her eyes at me, then practically kicked me out. 

"She needs rest, you see. And it is so very late..." And then the wooden door was slammed in my face. Sighing, I proceeded home. Aunt Silka waited for me on the sofa, examining a magazine. 

"Ah. Lyra." She looked up from her magazine and grinned. " Welcome, welcome! That boy came asking around for you again today, you see." I grimaced at that. Just what did Jace want?? 

"Alright, Aunt. I will go to bed now." 

"So soon? Why not have some tea with me, deliciae?" Aunt Silka pleaded, but I shook my head. 

"I'm tired, Aunt. See you later." And so I gently made my way upstairs with a grave sigh. When i got in my room, I clicked open the drawer and took out the golden book. A story would cheer me up!  I turned to the page i had marked and started reading:

The Beginning

Long ago before mankind, creatures unknown to us lived in harmony with each-other. But sadly, one frightful night, things began to change. War broke out between the creatures, and the ones who were unable to survive and adjust were completely wiped. The list of surviving creatures included: Werewolves, Vampires, Witches, merefolk, elves and faeries. There might be more creatures, still, but so far there aren't any traces whatsoever. 

After the war, humans were born. The birth of mankind was by far the most fascinating thing to us all. It was life, which all of us severely lacked. It was love, which we knew nothing of. Yes, humans were able to love and hate and care and like. We, however, could not. Humans learned about us and made a contract: To never betray us.

However, humans were also cunning creatures, greedy for power and selfish for hate. We decided once and for all, they could not be our allies no longer. We created a haven for our kind:


It was pure heaven. Humans could not enter this sacred land and we were safe. The land was divided into countries: The country of clarcton, home to elves, merfolk, faeries and gnomes. Sansoma, home to Vampires. lUNAE LUMEN, home to werewolves. And it went on and on...  However, before long, there came a rule: Humans can enter, but in one condition: They must be pure of heart and must be invited into Ziendla. But so far, there hasn't been a human pure enough to enter through the barrier and we haven't seen them for generations. Nobody dares to leave, except for a very few....

The chapter ended there, and I gazed at the golden letters in wonder. Who would have thought people could be so creative back then?  I gently replaced the book back into the drawer and sank into the sheets. Suddenly, a scream rang throughout the house and I sprang up. 

"AUNT? ARE YOU OKAY?!" Hurrying downstairs, i almost tripped on my feet. A hand clasped on my mouth and I was pulled into the doorway. 

"Shhh." It was Aunt Silka, her eyes serious. I had never seen her that way, without the gleam in them as if everything was fun and games. "There is a burglar. Just keep quite..." Aunt Silka silently pointed to the giant air vent in the ceiling. Curious, I tore out of her grasp, peeking up into the vent. I held in a scream. No wonder Aunt had screamed! This was no burglar!

It looked like a boy about my age, greasy black hair falling around him. His lips were red, as if cut, and shadowed tentacles floated around him like black fire. And his eyes glowed crimson, visible in the darkness. I suddenly remembered the story my brother had read about a creature called tenebris, Whom was described the same as this boy. God, I thought. I must be dreaming right now.

The creature leaned forward a bit, a grin visible on his face. I suddenly realized a horrible thing: He was chewing on raw, bloodied meat. Trying hard not to vomit, I pressed my mouth tightly. The creature chuckled darkly. 

"You smell delicious...I wonder what you will taste like." I flinched, thinking hard. What do i do? WHAT DO I DO?

"Um, I don't think I will be very delicious. I will give you something tastier." The creature narrowed his red eyes, taking me in. He then licked his lips. 

"You swear?" 

"I swear!" I yelped quickly, and he grinned so menacingly, his eyes hidden behind his bangs, that it felt as if a few degrees had dropped. I shivered. 

"Well, what would you like to do/have in the last ounce of your life?" I looked down, panting slightly, thinking hard. I looked up at him again.

"Get married, have some kids." It was the honest truth; I had never wanted anything else. The creature leaned his face against the vent, so that i could see his features clearly. I flinched, thinking I had given the wrong answer and that he was going to attack. But he just gave a disheartening look, so sad it made my heart leap. He had raised his eyebrows and looked at the verge of crying, almost. My heart felt as if it had gotten a crack or two. 

" I'm Jeff. I was like you, once. I thought the same pure things." He slipped out of the vent as if air, and landed beside me. He had a snake-like body, but the head and torso of a human. We talked for a while, and he was just as normal as anyone. He was just..lonely. 

"You know, I don't want you to leave." I leaned over, clasping his hands. They were ice-cold. Jeff flinched at me, narrowing his eyes painfully, as if he was in pain. He then collapsed, panting gently. I resorted to gently stroking his greasy hair. I FELT his pain. The loneliness, the sadness, the helpless feeling...

"No. No, don't..." I flinched and took my hand away. It was as if he was scared of affection, of caring, of being attached to something, someone... 

"I-I'm sorry. Here, I will show you where the girl is." I lead him outside, pointing to the house beside us. He gently pat the ground, and light emitted from his fingertips. 

"Found her. Thank you, Lyra." And then he was gone. I felt a piece of my heart go with him, then rushed back inside for rain had started to pour. Aunt Silka just stood there, dumb-founded, on the verge of passing out. 

"Aunt! Aunt, it wasn't a burglar it wasn't human at all-" She cut me off, sitting on the sofa.

" Yes, it WAS a burglar. Were you dreaming again?" It was my turn to be dumb-founded. Suddenly, strange noises started coming from the neighbors house. 

"Listen, Aunt! Don't you hear it?" 

"Lyra, just go to sleep. It was a burglar, and now he is gone." I helplessly obeyed and went up to my room, only to find the golden book sitting on my bed, open to a certain page. I went to close it, but when my hand made contact with the words, the scenery changed and I was INSIDE the book. INSIDE!

But just as I was taking in the world around me, I heard a grunt and turned around. A little raven-haired boy was being beaten up by a bunch of bullies. I rushed over to help, but my hand went right through them. What the... The boy was left alone, bruised and cut all over. He hung his backpack over his shoulder and started walking, when he was pushed from behind. 

He fell into the manhole,and i peered inside. He wasn't moving. And then a creature emitted out of the darkness. A terrifying creature with crimson eyes and sharp teeth-

The book spat me out and there I was, sitting on the ground in my room. 

"Ow!" I groaned, going to close the book when i stopped dead. The book was open to the page:

Jeff's story.

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