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Worthy Conclusions [warning: implied drug use]

Worthy Conclusions [warning: implied drug use]

Posted March 17th, 2017 by arcticeli

by Elias
in the stars

Oh, chemicals infiltrate
the patterns of my thoughts.
Oh, molecules which expose
the constant motion of the earth.
The intervention of a third divine point,
which observes and discerns judicially.
The unexplored limits of human love,
which lie heavy and complicated.
The reality of hard stones without context,
which are physical and glorious.
The biblical shame, the tangented mind
and the fractured thoughts,
the comedy of complete truth,
the marriage of two halves,
which united become a third whole,
The confidence in resilience, the mischief of holy mystery,
the biology of art and the mythopoetic tradition,
creation without intention,
faith in love, faith in work,
faith in purpose and in practice.

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Loved all the word choice

Loved all the word choice here. I didn't so much pay attention to the lyrics, but they sounded beautiful. This sounds like the kind of poem that would be said powerfully with music in the background. Good job :)

Posted by Elora on Sun, 03/19/2017 - 18:16

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