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3Levels - Chapter 2

3Levels - Chapter 2

Posted January 28th, 2018 by GingerFur

by listen to hadestown
in Ireterra

SooOoo, I know the first chapter was posted months ago, and I'm only just now posting chapter 2.
I'm verryyy sorry.
After seeing that the chapter was actually read, there was feedback, and the fact that anyone payed any attention to its existance kind of stressed me out in a way because a didn't want to disappoint anyone who might've been interested in where the series was going. 
And it was already written, too, only editing and posting need to be done. (so i was bein dumm)

But, I edited it to try and slow down and add more detail, (thanks to the people who left cc!! :D) even though I don't think I did that great of a job.
Also, I don't think a broke the paragraphs apart correctly.
Also, I'm-a try to upload more. (See "Queue/Posting Schedule" on bio if you care at all, lol) lol i know i lied about posting more last time .-.

Anyways, sorry for the long note,
Feel free to leave CC and enjoy!!!

Chapter 2


Relaxation… Or Not


“Ughh… Explaining is always the hard part,” the girl muttered under her breath. She scratched her head and stretched a little before saying, “So my name is Camari, and I have finished all my magical training, so now I serve as a Finder and mentor.”. There was a millisecond of silence and then a burst of questions.

“What’s a Finder?” Alexander asked.

“What training? Will we do training?” Noah whined, a little nervous.

“That doesn’t explain what happened at school and why people seemed to think we were going on some weird field trip.” Alexander complained.

He was absolutely bewildered. It wasn’t everyday you witnessed a cloud of purple mist or were swept away into a strange person’s car. Even though he should know better, he weirdly trusted her. He wondered if Noah felt the same.

But, it still seriously felt like something out of one of Alexander’s favorite fantasy books. What was supposed to be a normal day turned out to be… not so normal. It was a cliche beginning to a cliche adventure story. The thing that surprised him the most, was that we was ready and excited to begin. He snapped back to reality, if he could even call it that, as Camari began her explanation.

“Okay… so a Finder is someone who searches for young individuals that are putting off magic energy. People that have finished their training, called Masters, can sense people with magic potential. I have that ability. In fact, I- nevermind…” She paused and took a deep breath, then continued, “The leaders of the magical community, or I guess you could call it the government, sent me to your school because they sensed magic energy. You two actually have some pretty strong magic potential. I had to stay undercover there as an eighth grader until I identified and recruited you. The purple mist you saw was me using my magic to change the memory of everyone in the building to think you were going to a gifted and talented boarding school, and I was escorting you-- was a weird story, not the most believable one I could’ve come up with.”

Odd, Alexander thought it was extremely odd and mind-twisting to think about. There was an entire magical community with rankings and leaders right under their noses. He wondered if there were others with “magic potential” at his uninteresting middle school. With his mundane life, he and his practicality never would’ve guessed that there could be more than just what he knew. Now, he wasn’t sure what he knew and what he was unaware of. Camari’s story was a lot to take in.

“Uh, okay, wow,” Noah said. “Anything else we need to know?”

“Oh yeah, I’m not thirteen, I’m fifteen.”

Startled expressions danced on both Noah and Alexander’s faces.
“What about training?” Alexander inquired.

Camari sighed. She made a face that said, “I’m done explaining.”

“Can we get on the road? We have a ways to go.”



A few hours later, they stopped at a pretty nice hotel in the middle of nowhere. It was surrounded by tall trees and there were beds of ocean-colored flowers scattered everywhere. The building looked about five floors high and kind of new, with sleek stone walls and clean, shiny windows.

As they got out of the car, Camari transformed into an older version of herself surrounded with the violet fog, maybe eighteen or nineteen years old. He supposed it was so that she would look as if she met the legal age requirement to be by herself at a hotel.

“Ok, just to make us more believable, I made myself older. I’m your older sister, and you two are brothers, okay?” The boys nodded, slightly surprised. Even if Camari looked old enough now, Alexander wasn’t sure if it was legal to have kids that were under the age limit to stay with you as well. Nevertheless, he went along with her peculiar plan.

Camari walked over to the trunk and pulled out three suitcases. “Where’d you get our stuff?” Alex inquired, remembering that when she told them they were leaving, they didn’t grab anything, they just immediately departed.

“Your parents. They packed them for you, I changed their memory and picked your luggage up before I went to get you guys today.”

Noah looked at Alexander, then they both shrugged.

Camari walked into the lobby confidently, and the boys followed. She went up to the front desk and said, “Reservation for Devlin.” The employee handed over the keys with the label 503 on it, with no further questions. Neither of them were sure what a normal transaction would be like to get a room, but this didn’t seem like what it would be. Again, they didn’t question it. They didn’t question a lot of suspicious things that happened today.

Walking through the fancy, modern-esque lobby, they halted at the elevator and Noah cheerfully asked, “Can I press the button?” Camari chuckled and nodded her head, while Alexander teasingly rolled his eyes.

They got off the elevator and entered the room. It was sort of bland, but it was cozy enough for the group of exhausted kids.  It had two queen-sized beds, a small T.V., and a cozy blue chair in the corner of the room.  As soon as they had closed the door,  Alexander said, ”First off, we want more answers. Second, why did we stop so early? It’s, like, three o’clock p.m. Didn’t you say we had a ways to go?” Camari flopped onto on of the beds and started answering,”Well, There are three major levels of magical training, raw magic, body, and mind. Those are the main ones, but there are some other tricks and skills that don’t fit under those categories, and are taught when your mentor thinks you’re ready. You will start training a couple of days after we reach our destination. As for why we arrived here early, you just found out you are capable of magic, I thought you might need some time to let it sink in, so we are staying here for the night.”

They could get down with that.

They all set their bags down and took turns in the bathroom to change and shower, and after about thirty minutes of relaxation time, Camari’s watch lit up and dinged.

“Scratch that, boys. We have to get going sooner than I thought.” They groaned.

“Why-yyy, shouldn’t we get to chill?” whined Noah.

Camari scrunched up her nose as though she had just caught wind of a bad odor. With a stern, and a bit annoyed expression on her face, she coldly stated, “They moved your test date up.”


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