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3Levels - Chapter 3

3Levels - Chapter 3

Posted February 17th, 2018 by GingerFur

by epic gamer
in Ireterra

Here's Chapter 3 (finally)
I know my chapters aren't the longest...

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Chapter 3


Mocha Latte


”What test? Like written? Is it about magic or like math and science? Shouldn’t it be after training?” Noah worried.

He looked like a nervous puppy. Although he felt bad for thinking this, Alexander found it adorable. To be honest, he didn’t witness Noah get nervous a lot. He got A’s and school came easy to him, so tests like the RAT didn’t scare him. But now, as their world had been turned upside down, the simple idea of a test worried Noah.

Alex wasn’t sure what to think about that.

Camari chuckled nervously. “Umm... I forget to tell you about the test, didn’t I?” She replied.

Alexander and Noah both glared at her.

“OKAY, okay… So before you start training you take a test that evaluates where you are and how much training you need. What are your magic’s strong points? Do you have the potential to become a Master? Things like that. And you get a small bit of training before the test, because they don’t want the test to be the first time you ever use your magic. I’m not allowed to teach you anything too complicated before you take it, though. That’s all I can tell you.”

They both groaned. The secrecy was like an itch that would only get worse if you scratched it. Getting more answers and getting deeper into this adventure just uncovered more questions and mystery. That wasn’t always bad, but with having everything in his life change so quickly and drastically, Alexander just wanted to understand everything. He wanted it all to be clear to him.

“I don’t remember agreeing to all this… “ Alexander muttered.

But how could I not take an opportunity for something I’d never even dream would happen? He thought to himself. He sighed wistfully.

“Okay, how much time do we get before we leave?” Alexander asked.

Camari looked at her watch, which looked like some sort of massively upgraded Apple Watch. When Alexander glanced over her shoulder, he saw all-kinds of apps. He wasn’t sure what they were exactly; but they seemed more complicated than the typical software. There were buttons and things along the sides, and the sleek gray-ish silver metal looked futuristic. Both of the boys were deeply impressed. That watch would be very helpful.

“I guess that’s what you get when you’ve lived with magical powers,” Alexander whispered to Noah, who had a look of awe on his face.

“You guys should take a short nap, then we will get some food to-go from the cafe downstairs and head out.” She sat on the blue chair in the corner and motioned with her head towards the beds for the pair to sleep, then pulled out a book.

Noah did a video game character-like starfish jump onto the bed and fell asleep crazily quick, but Alexander tossed and turned while thinking about his insane day. Still, eventually, he was out cold.



“Alright, you two, time to get up!” Camari yelled and honked a blow horn. This got Alexander tumbling off the bed and onto the floor, but in a flash he stood up and saluted Camari like he was in a military boot camp.

“Oww..,” Alexander said softly while rubbing the back of his head. Camari chuckled and honked the blow horn again.


Alexander cringed and covered his ears, cowering backwards like a vampire who went out into the sunlight, yet Noah didn’t seem to hear a thing. They tried poking him, jumping on him, having a pillow fight with his sleeping body (they won), and more, but he wouldn’t wake up.

“Alexander, could you get out whatever you think he would want on the drive, and whatever you need to entertain yourself from your bags? We won’t be able to get them from the trunk unless we pull over and I don’t want you guys to be bored to death.” Camari asked politely.

Alexander nodded and opened their suitcases, which were over in a corner of the dull hotel room. He pulled out a fluffy patterned blanket, a shiny red D.S. and the small pouch of games that went with it, all from Noah’s suitcase. He knew when Noah woke up he could be entertained by it for hours.

From his own bag he saw that his mom packed some of his favorite books, so he pulled out a few of those to reread, and his phone so he could play games on it, too.

Alexander set out the stuff on the bed Noah wasn’t sleeping on, then helped Camari bring the bags down to the car. When they came back up, Noah was still sound asleep.

“Alexander, I can grab the stuff, you carry Noah.” Alex nodded, picked up Noah up, and princess-carried him all the way to the car.

“He looks so peaceful sleeping, “ Alexander thought, almost jealous. He sighed…

After dropping off Noah and all their stuff in the car and locking it, they headed back inside the building.

Alexander was surrounded by purple fog again as Camari transformed into her older self again. He had no recollection of her de-transforming, but he guessed that it would be hard to change your body like that for long periods of time.

They told the front desk they were checking out early and headed over to the hotel cafe. Their menu was a mix of coffee shop type foods and a deli. They had pastries and bagels, but also had sandwiches and salads. They served coffee-type beverages, soft drinks, and protein shakes. With such a large selection, Alexander wasn’t sure what to choose.

Older Camari  walked up to the counter with him trailing behind and she said, “I want a mocha latte and a BLT, please. Alexander, what do you want, and what do you think your “brother” wants?” When she said “brother”, she made a motion with her hand under the counter where the cashier couldn’t see, so Alex would remember he and Noah were pretending to be her little brothers while residing here. Alexander didn’t think that the whole brother cover-up-thing was necessary here, but he figured that it was so that he would remember if it did become an important.

“I will take a water and a plain bagel, and I think Noah would like a lemonade and a blueberry bagel, with some cream cheese, please.”

Once the employee nodded and walked away, Alexander whispered, “You’re only fifteen and you are getting coffee?”

They took their brown paper bags of food from the employee when they came back, and walked out the large front doors towards the car.

“Hey,” she teased, “I’ve had to deal with you two all day.”


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