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3Levels - Chapter 1 - PREMIERE

3Levels - Chapter 1 - PREMIERE

Posted November 21st, 2017 by GingerFur

by sub2pewds
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So this is the first chapter of my new series and the first post of the day! Super lame, but enjoy! There is more climax later, but I'm not good at making my stories

 interesting. This is one of my favorite stories so far tho, and I'm really excited fo ittt!


Chapter 1


A “Normal Day”


“Today will be a very boring day.”  Alexander thought to himself as he sighed pessimistically.

He was tall and slim,  and wore a dark blue T-shirt  and charcoal gray cargo shorts. He had dark brown eyes, and black hair. Sometimes, on days like today, he moved his bangs to cover up his left eye. Because of his appearance, some kids assume he is one of those anti-social kids, which isn’t completely a lie, but he still has friends like everyone else. Alexander trudged out the door to go to his middle school, to take the TAR, Test of Academic Readiness. Or as most kids called it, RAT, because that’s TAR backwards. As Alexander walked down the street, his best friend ran up to greet him. “Hi, Noah.” Noah beamed at him. They usually walked together on the way to school. He was a very happy cheerful person, much like most protagonists in the stories Alexander read. He was a few inches shorter than Alexander and was wearing knee- length denim shorts and a plain white T-shirt. With his personality, light brown hair, sky blue eyes, and tan skin, he seemed to be the exact opposite of Alexander. “Hey Alex! I can’t believe we have to take the RAT test today!” Noah said cheerfully. “I don’t get it, why you are so excited?” Alexander said casually. Noah stared at him with a look that said “Seriously?” Noah burst out laughing. “You don’t have to do normal school work, and when you are done you get to read or take a nap!” he said gleefully. “Then why would you call it the RAT and not the TAR?” Alexander inquired. Noah shrugged and smiled.




Noah and Alexander were in the same homeroom class, which meant they went to the same classroom for the TAR test. Alexander opened the door very unenthusiastically, and held it open for Noah. The classroom was incredibly bleak. The desks were set up in four rows of five, and unfortunately Noah and Alex were assigned to sit on opposite corners of the room. They sat down and a little bit later the test began.

About halfway through the time they were given, Noah and Alexander were both done. Noah had fallen asleep with his head on his desk, and Alexander was looking around. There were two doors, and his teacher, Mrs. Lane, just exited out of one. But then, a few seconds later, she came back through the other one on the opposite side of the room, which confused Alexander. The teacher cleared her throat and said, “Noah Smith and Alexander Jett come with me.” By now, everyone in the classroom was looking up from their tests or books and Alexander even thought her heard one girl whisper, “Oooh, you’re in trouble.”

Noah was still asleep., so when the teacher called his name the kids nearest to him poked and bothered him so he would wake up. “Huh? What? Pancakes?” Noah said, startled. The room burst out laughing. Noah walked to the front of the room where Mrs. Lane and Alexander were standing and held his head low since he was embarrassed. The teacher told the class to go back to testing and the three of them walked out.into the hallway. Mrs. Lane looked around weirdly and then a sparkly, galaxy purple type of fog spread around them, and throughout the school. As the fog disappeared, the boys discovered their teacher had morphed into an eighth grade girl they had seen before in the halls, but didn’t know. She wore jeggings, a gray tanktop (she was pretty muscular), and lilac converse. Her eyes were a beautiful ivy green and her hair was reddish- brown. “Who are you? What are you?” Noah asked, who seemed excited but a little terrified. Alexander was still trying to come up with a scientific explanation in his mind. “I’ll explain once we get to the car.” was her only answer, that she gave casually. As they left the school they got, “Good luck!”s and, “Hope you have fun”s from passing teachers and students. They got into a small, plum colored car. The two friends sat in the back and the girl got into driver’s seat.

“You know how to drive?” Alexander asked.

“Duh.” she responded.

“You said you would explain.” Noah complained.

“Uhhh” Her voice cracked. “You have…  How do I say this… magic powers…kinda...”



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I see alot of potential in

I see alot of potential in this series. I hope you continue to write this series, because I am interested in seeing where it will go. I will say that more in-depth detail would improve the story.


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Posted by Lavinia M. on Tue, 11/21/2017 - 15:15
Thank you for the

Thank you for the feedback! 

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Posted by GingerFur on Tue, 11/21/2017 - 15:20
This seems like a really

This seems like a really good start to a fun story. I think it would be cool if you slowed down a little bit and gave the readers more insight into the setting, but otherwise awesome! I'm really excited to see what kind of magical powers Alexander and Noah have!

Posted by Fyter on Sun, 11/26/2017 - 17:14
thanks for your feedback!

thanks for your feedback! I'll make sure to try to incoorporate it into chapter 2! 

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