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The Accident Blurb

The Accident Blurb

Posted July 7th, 2019 by chicken123

by Ava #1
in Michigan

Kara has a normal life. Or so she thought. When her dad died when she was younger, she took a while to heal. Now with just her mom taking care of her, she had to figure out how to move on. One day when she missed her bus, her mom had to drive her to school. On the way to school, they got into a tragic accident, one that would change Kara's life in many different ways. She spent a few days in a hospital, then had to live in a different house. She wonders how she will ever adapt to her new life, and whether the people in it will too. Through "The Accident," a tragic tale of a little girl with a big problem, you will be shown how heartbreaking life can be at one point, and amazing the next. Read "The Accident," to find out if Kara accomplishes her biggest obstacles, and her threatening situation.

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