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The Accident chapter 2 (rewrite)

The Accident chapter 2 (rewrite)

Posted February 16th, 2019 by chicken123

by Ava
in Michigan

All I could hear was sirens and loud panicked voices. There were people everywhere. It was blurry. I saw somebody get lifted up out of the car. Mom. Oh no. Was she going to be ok?

“She’s awake.” I heard a voice say. It sounded so far away. Where was I? I had a social studies test. I needed to get back to school. I needed to see my mom. I needed to make sure she was going to be OK.

“She’s fine, honey.” A nurse said to me. Did I say that out loud? What else had I said out loud? I rested back down on the pillow, feeling better now that I knew my mom was going to be OK. Ouch! Somebody stuck what felt like a needle in my arm. My head was pounding. What did we crash into? So many questions. I needed to see my mom. The nurse didn't understand. What if she was hurt? I saw somebody that looked like my grandma standing next to me. She was crying. What happened? I’m fine. My mom is fine. So why is she crying?

The nurse started to move me into the ambulance. I wanted to shout at her not to take me away from my mom. Not to put another stupid needle in my arm. Not to put me in the vehicle. But I stayed silent. I couldn't muster up enough strength to speak. I opened my tired eyes and saw a white sheet get lifted over the stretcher my mom was on. No! She can't be. She was everything to me. Now I’m an orphan. A tear rolled down my weak face. The nurse noticed and looked in the direction I was. She exhaled and squeezed my hand. She then slowly put me in the ambulance. As we drove away, I kept my eyes glued to my mom through the tiny window in the ambulance. My amazing mom. Tears were now streaming down my face. I couldn't stop them.

All I could do was cry, and watch. I felt my heart break in two. My vision got blurry, and I saw the light in the world slowly turn off, like someone was flicking a giant light switch.


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