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The Accident chapter 4 (rewrite)

The Accident chapter 4 (rewrite)

Posted February 16th, 2019 by chicken123

by Ava
in Michigan

The doctor said something to a nurse, who bustled out of the room. My grandma was still resting her hand on mine. “It’s going to be OK.” She said to me. Why does everybody keep saying that? Everything wasn't OK. My mom was gone, and I was an orphan. Oh, and I forgot to mention the memory loss thing. Haha. See what I did there?

    I had to go back to school. I had to see my friends. I had a life I needed to get back to. I moved around in the bed, trying to get up. My grandmother’s hand fell off of mine. She stood up, and the doctor came back in. He put a hand on my shoulder to keep me from getting up. But I fought. I fought like I was going to see my mom again. Like my dad was waiting for me out in the boring hallway. I fought like it was the last day on Earth, and it was my last day to enjoy the fresh air and sun outside this smelly hospital.

But then I felt a calming sensation. It started up from my toes and sent a whole sense of ease through my aching body. I smelled roses, then something sweet. I smelled my mom. It had to be her! She always smelled like her rose-scented perfume, and she was always baking so she always smelled sweet. She was the one that taught me to bake. I felt something pushing down on me. Like she was willing me to get back into that uncomfortable bed. I laid back down, and I knew she was there with me. I knew she was going to lull me to sleep just like she did every night I couldn’t.

I felt all warm inside. Like a big blanket had wrapped itself around me. I also felt something rubbing my forehead, and pushing my hair out of my tired face. My mom did this every time I couldn’t sleep. She’d stroke my hair, or sing, or just sit there. Which is what she is     doing now. I heard a noise, and listened closer. It sounded far away, but as I listened harder, it sounded closer and clearer. My mom was singing to me. She was singing our favorite lullaby. It goes like this:

When you wake, I’ll be there

When you cry, so will I

When you grow, I will too

When you laugh, everything glows. Then the next verse always made us start laughing:

When you are in a jam, I’ll bring you peanut butter

For I love you

Forever and ever.

I did laugh at the peanut butter and jam verse. And I could feel my mom was too. I never understood the full meaning of it, but I would try for my mom. My eyes slowly started to close, and I felt my mom’s breath on me. She gently kissed my forehead, then she was gone, leaving the smell of roses and cookies lingering in the air around my bed. While I was sleeping, I dreamt about angels, jam, and peanut butter, and how they all mean something. What they mean, I have no idea.


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