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The Accident chapter 5 (rewrite)

The Accident chapter 5 (rewrite)

Posted February 16th, 2019 by chicken123

by Ava
in Michigan

I groaned. My entire body was aching. I was walking down the hallway with a walker. The doctor said for me to get some exercise. I found out his name was Bill when I woke up. My legs hadn't moved in a few days, and they were getting stiff and sore.

And yes, I was still in this boring, tan hospital. During Christmas time. There wasn’t anything happy or cheerful about this place. People are supposed to come here and feel better, and there’s nothing here to make them feel better. And I’m not talking about medicine, I’m talking about happiness. It’s been four days since I found out my mom died. I thought my heart would break completely, but only part of it did. I’ll survive though. I can feel her with me, and I didn't tell anyone what happened in my hospital room.   

This place needs a makeover, especially around the holidays. My mom taught me how to do a lot of things, and painting is one of them. All I needed was some paintbrushes and paint, and I could get started.

    I walked over to a desk, where a nurse was sitting behind a computer. “Um, excuse me,” I said to her. She never looked up. I tried again. “Excuse me!” She started, and looked up at me.

    “Yes?” She asked.

    “I was wondering if maybe since this place is so dull and boring,” the nurse raises an eyebrow at this, “that maybe I could paint something on the walls to make people feel happier.

This place has no color in it, and people come here to feel better.” The nurse looked at me intently. I couldn't read her expression, so I was hoping she would be OK with my idea. She held up a finger as a sign for me to wait a minute, and dialed a number into her cell phone. I turned around and waited patiently. I tried not to eavesdrop on her conversation, but I couldn’t help but “accidentally” hear part of their conversation. I heard he say things like, “There’s a girl here who wants to paint the hospital,” I snorted. She made it sound like a bad thing!

    “Yeah, she looks pretty determined,” Heck yeah I am! The nurse sighed. “Alright, well can you just bring some paint down here? No, I don’t care what colors. Hang on a second. Honey, what colors were you thinking?” I told her blue, pink, maybe some yellow or green. Anything really colorful really, that will make sick people smile. She nodded, then went back to talking on her phone. She finally hung up, then turned to me.

“My boyfriend is going to bring you some paint. He doesn't know what colors, but it will be bright and happy. The owner doesn't know, so we’ll just surprise him.” Man, this lady was brave. Not telling her boss, that was serious. She could get fired. But I got to paint the walls! Yay! No more boring tan. People might actually start being less grumpy. Come to think of it, even walls with unicorns on them couldn't make people seem less grumpy here. Nobody wants to be cooped up in a hospital. At least these walls would help.

I thanked the nurse, and she smiled. I like her. I could tell that during my stay here, we would become good friends. I walked down the hallway back towards my room. Pretty soon, it would be a colorful walk.

Its funny how I’m walking around fine like nothing happened, but my mom...isn’t. Well, she is, just not here. Even though I don't remember much about the accident, I can remember my mom and my dad, which is the most important thing. I have to hold these memories and remember them for as long as possible.

    I reached my room, and sat down in my bed with my harry potter book. That's when I had another great idea. What if I passed out books for people who could read, and picture books to kids? If people couldn't read, I could read to them. But then my idea deflated like a balloon losing air. Where would I get the money? How would I get the books? Oh well. The painting thing was enough. I wondered when it was going to get here.

    As if she could read my mind, the nurse from the desk walked into my room (her name tag read Basil). She told me the paint was here and I jumped up from my bed. Maybe a little too fast, because I got dizzy. Oops. Oh well, the paint was here! Time to go bring joy to the people.


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