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Adventure Quest Worlds: The 13 Lords of Chaos (Based on the game at www.aq.com) Chapter 1

Adventure Quest Worlds: The 13 Lords of Chaos (Based on the game at www.aq.com) Chapter 1

Posted February 27th, 2009 by naterr1

by Nathan
in Idaho

Long ago, when knights still rode and kings still ruled, there was the kingdom of Lore. Lore was an enchanted place. It may seem friendly, but deep down, it's the most horrifying place that ever was built on the face of the earth! Lore was in a battle. Good against evil. But like I said, things aren't always as they seem. The evil found a way to bring back what has already fallen. The army of the Undead was reborn! But I didn't say that there was only one foe of Lore. There was also an evil dragon. One day, he flew past a little village, burning everything in his path! A young boy named Mark was walking through a near his village when he saw Katy and Charlie by a HUGE catapault with an arrow tied to the tip ready to be fired. "You have to do it! I don't know how to hold a sword!" yelled Katy at Charlie. "I don't know how to hold a sword either!" yelled Charlie. "Hi, guys!" said Mark. Katy and Charlie stopped arguing and grinned at him. "Do you know how to use a sword?" asked Katy. "Yep. I sure do," said Mark. "Get on this arrow!" commanded Charlie. Mark got on. "But why?" Katy cut the rope and the arrow went flying through the air toward the dragon. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Mark screamed. The arrow hit the dragon and Mark crawled on. "Phew. At least the dragon is taken care of," he said. He looked down. The arrow was gone! There was no hole! He heard a tiny laugh coming from the dragon't head. He crawled up to the the princess flying it! "What are you doing?!?!" cried Mark. "My daddy gave dis dwagon to me. Too bad dose dupid pesants won't pay dare taxes!" (Say outloud if you didn't understand) said the princess. Mark drew his sword. "Land this dragon before I cut you in two!" commanded Mark. "You're dist a dupid pesant. What can you do?" "This!" Mark said as he stabbed the dragon. He pushed it farther and farther until the dragon crashed into the ground. "I'll raise duh taxes even more! How do you like that?" Mark picked up the princess and slumped her over his shoulder. "Put me down! Put me down!" the princess said. She punched and kicked, but it was no use. Three months later, the village was all patched up. the dragon was burried and the princess wasn't getting any more pet dragons. All was well until... it happened.

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This sounds an awful lot

This sounds an awful lot like the random battle that me and Ice-Flame and some other Kidpubbians had...good times...good times... LOL. =)


Lieutenant Hammer: "Do I look like a complete idiot to you Sergeant?"

Specialist Willy: *in a whisper* "Don't answer it, it's a trick question."

Posted by Chelsea on Fri, 02/27/2009 - 21:15

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